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Bradley West

a year ago

Wanted to charge $1,100 for an x-ray, blood work, and urine analysis. Went to a different place and they charged me $475 for the exact same thing, this place is a total scam.


a year ago

I normally don’t leave bad reviews like this but I feel like people should know what their about to walk into. I went to this vet for my dog since it’s really the only one open decent amount of hours over the weekend. In conversation with a few other people in the waiting room and outside I learned their bills were $1200-$1500, they’re way over priced. But that’s not the worst thing, my dog got a few tests done and I was told I would be hearing from the doctor the next day and I hadn’t heard from him so I called four different times to speak with him to get an update because I had a feeling it was something serious. I was brushed off by multiple women saying that the doctor is too busy and he will get back to you that he’s already got the results but he’s too busy. Then I wait all day, He calls me after hours I missed the call so he tells me by voicemail my dog is diagnosed with diabetes ketoacidosis and it’s a life threatening decease and he could collapse at any moment but that their closed now and he’s not working the next day but to call in and see if they can fit him in the next day mind you I called back not even five minutes later because I had questions this seems unprofessional and actually very cold to leave a voicemail about a critical case and not even recommending to go to the ER I went to the ER and I had them listen to the voicemail and both professionals who did listen to this voicemail shook their heads and understood how WRONG he was to leave it to the very last thing he did and not even care to be there to answer any questions I had and not even secure a spot for the next day but to say “if we have room”. They should be more attentive or not wait till the very last minute to call about a case like this. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. They are there for the money not the pet! Beware! He is now at VCA doing really well responding to treatment and going to have a great outcome & VCA I couldn’t recommend enough this place is incredible the staff is so understanding and knowledgeable! & actually cheaper then what I would have been charged at this vet! & ALOT nicer and cleaner of a space.

Little B

a year ago

I had taken my little 8 lb. Love to Sunnycrest and they were a total rip off! By the time she was taken to Cottage she was itchy so bad she was shaking. Her ears were bleeding and she was obviously lithargic. They got me right in the same day and the doctor gave her excellent care! Thank God for Doctor Gonzalez!

isabelle nguyen

a year ago

The girls at the front desk were extremely nice and helpful, and were very thorough. When we went in, Doctor Hsu was attentive and knowledgeable about our issues. He seemed to know exactly what to do. It was really pricy for everything we had to do, but they told us what we could cut off the price to make it cheaper. They seemed to care more about the pet than the money. Thank you!


a year ago

Poor service. I had to wait an hour past our scheduled appointment time for them to attend to my pet. When a woman finally came in to talk to us, she was very visibly agitated and judgmental when I didn’t know some of the answers to her questions. Also, they tell you a check-up is a little over $40 and then they’ll try to bill you more than double that price for any possible service they can bill for. I came to have my dog get a check-up and they tried to charge me over $150 with a bunch of different services they wanted to add to the bill. For example, I noticed they had added nail clipping to the bill. I had never asked for a nail clipping. I was just there for a check-up, it was ridiculous. They allowed me to take it off the bill because they show you the bill before they do anything. I do not recommend this place to anyone. The visit was very disappointing and I will not be returning.


2 years ago

My review is a bit late but would give -10 stars if possible. The girls are sweet but they lack communication and look way understaffed. Happens when the owner is cheap and money hungry ! 1. They're unorganized 2. You take your pet for a normal check up and vaccines they say everything is great then you get back a dog with KENNEL COUGH AND FLEAS! 3. Say goodbye to your dogs belongings! 4. Get ready to never hear from the doctor. 5. I was at the back door at the surgery equipment looks rusted i wanted to throw up the workers looked like deer in headlights seeing how disgusted I was they ran to shut the door! This is all around bad quality, rushed, and over priced location! Glad I found out during a non emergency so I never go again ! My friends told me it wasn't the best place but its the closest place to my home i see now a little trip is worth it, Save your pet take them somewhere anywhere else !!!

Abby Chavez

2 years ago

Aside from waiting for an hour after arriving to pick my pet up (called first too), they gave us empty packets of medicine for my kitties. Thanks

martha gonzalez

2 years ago

Caution: If you love your dog, do not bring him here. Brought my English bulldog pup here because he was bleeding excessively from his private area. Cottage evaluated him, charged me for Exam, uranalysis and meds and sent me home with my puppy still bleeding saying he had a hematoma and would have to heal on its own. 5 days later with lots of bleeding I called cottage and was told that the analysis results can take up to 10 days and that possibly x rays or other costly nonsense exams might be needed. Bunch of BS, took my dog to Anchor animal hospital because I no longer trusted cottage. The Doctor at Anchor took one look and said my dog actually had Urethral prolapse and was anemic due to the tremendous blood loss he had been going through. He was shocked that cottage did not diagnose him correctly and the lack of support I got from them. The doctor performed emergency surgery on Sunday morning {his day off} and actually saved my dogs life. I honestly believe had I continue to follow the directions given by Cottage and their Doctors, I would not only be out hundreds of dollars for costly unnecessary exams but that I would have lost my pet as well. Please be careful if you do use Cottage and read what you sign carefully. It seems Cottage is more about business than about caring for your pet.

Leyley Mota

2 years ago

They have lazy, incompetent people working here. Do not bring your pets here. They have awful customer service and don't care for your pets.

Jason S

2 years ago

Amazing personalized service The best veterinarians in town.

You smell X

2 years ago

Dr. Gallo and staff are amazing.

Leanne Taylor

2 years ago

They are currently holding my dog's medication hostage for a blood test I can't afford, that they sprung on me last minute days before my last prescription ran out. I've been trying to contact them to get it figured out for 3 days, and never get calls back. I can't afford the blood test, and my dog's life is in jeopardy without the medication. I was never told when we started him on the meds that regular blood tests would be required, and during his checkup 2 weeks ago, I was specifically told it was optional and not to worry if I can't afford it. The front office staff has been no help. They've messed up my quotes multiple times. They've been rude. They've misdiagnosed my dog's after insisting information I gave them was wrong (I watched my dog vomit blood, but they insisted the pictures I took were of his stool regardless of how much I explained I watched it come out of his mouth.) I am fed up with cottage and frustrated at the poor service They've given to my animals. Holding my dog's medication hostage is the last straw for me, and as soon as I get this handled, I'm finding a new vet. Avoid this place, if you can. There are cheaper places with better staff who want what's best for you and your pets. I'm only here because it was the closest vet to me, and they were the only place open on a Sunday during an emergency.

Catherine Dunlavy

2 years ago

They pay for their reviews. I've heard nothing but awful things, including someone LITERALLY NEVER SEEING THEIR CAT AGAIN after bringing them here, another of an epileptic dog being refused their medication LITERALLY TWO DAYS before running out. Other people were refused service for writing poor reviews. Extremely unprofessional staff with extremely unorganized and awfully trained women at the desk. They will literally pick a fight with you over WHAT YOU SAW happening to YOUR ANIMAL. They will literally ATTACK YOU for your animal being sick and call you a bad pet parent. If you love your pets at all, DO. NOT. GO. HERE.

Michelle Krane

2 years ago

Our Furgirl was distraught and had fever. The Vet Tech Kayla, stayed with her, gave her water and swabbed her paws until ready for Vaxx. Furgirl, loves Cottage Pet too.

Kevin Hoagland

2 years ago

I made an appointment at 2:00 went to my appointment and was told my appointment was at 3:15. OK I made the appointment that day just a few hours before I went to the appointment so there’s no way it was at three ,the receptionist lied. They charge way too much most likely Because of the remodeling.

sally haggin

2 years ago

Read the negative reviews. It will save your baby's life. This vet has lost his passion. He does not care for his patients. If he no longer cares he should just stop practicing. His staff is a reflection of him. Just like him, they don't care about your fur babies. Please find another vet that will treat you and your best friends with the dignity and respect you both deserve. My last few visits to this place have been a nightmare. He doesn't show his face to acknowledge his mistakes. He will send his staff that show no emotion towards your pain. Avoid this place at all costs, It is a matter of life and death. Show your fur babies you love them by taking to them somewhere that cares!

Cheri Juhl

2 years ago

Best place around . Amazing care for ur fur babies

duyen tong

2 years ago

This is the worse vet I’ve ever been to. I made an appointment to just simply pick up flea medication. I showed up and had to wait for over 50 minutes! The receptionist was rude and unaccommodating. She said they take patients as they come in, then what’s the point of making an appointment? Besides, I was just picking up flea medication! They said they would need to weigh my dogs, which they didn’t. So I had my dogs outside in the scorching heat during the heat wave and we had to get back in my car to turn on the AC for them after waiting for 30 minutes outside. I will NEVER return here and I do not recommend this place to anyone. They seem unorganized, unprofessional, and not interested in helping.

Francesca Catizone

2 years ago

My friend lost her dog because this company refused to help her when she urgently needed it. They stood by while the dog had a seizure and stopped breathing and did nothing while her husband tried to resuscitate her. Then even charged for oxygen after it was too late. If you love your pet please don’t go here. No animal or person should ever be treated with such blatant disrespect.

Iris Q

2 years ago

I think they charge too much and the assistants are very friendly and helpful. I didn't like the fact that it takes forever to get a doctor to call back with test results. I'm going to be taking my pet elsewhere for better service and pricing.

Isabell Tabares

2 years ago

On Friday 11/13 they gave my cat to a stranger, to a different client/pet owner than me and they did not even realize it until I asked where my cat was. Once again they gave my cat to the wrong person and that person drove away to their house with my cat. I got there at 4PM after waiting outside for 2 hours I asked where my cat was since they had said they would bring him out about 30 mins prior. It took until 7:30PM for them to return my cat to me because they had sent one of their techs to go pick it up from someone else's house... They lied to me about 5 different times, around 6:30PM I started calling asking them what was going on, they first told me there was an emergency, then that they were really busy, etc. I don't understand how they made such a huge mistake but the worse is that they tried to shove this under the rug, they told me the owner would call me the next day. This person never reached out, talked to their lead vet Dr. Sahai a week ago and never got a call back. It is disappointing to know that they don't care about their patients or their customers at all.

Katty Haller

2 years ago

i cant thank the staff enough for the dignity they showed to my babygirl that passed away during an accident. no judging but so patince and showed cared.. they even sent our family a card and went out of their way to stamp my girls paw for me... will continue to return

Laura Jeskey-Legan

2 years ago

My Dog Barney was in good hand. He went in looking like he was dying and would have if he didn't get the necessary fluids and care that Cottage gave him. He is jumping around like a puppy again a day after he came home. What I liked most about the whole experience was how they were so open to my questions and emotions. They called me often with updates on his condition and let me in on all procedures as they went along. I wasn’t worried for long and I didn’t have to wait until they called me to pick him up to know who he was doing. I felt like I made the right choice and trusted them to do what was needed in his condition. Thank you Cottage and to all your staff. I saw the operations your are running during this Pandemic full of impossibilities and you still made everyone feel like their precious pet mattered to you. I saw others worried about their pets and witnessed how quickly everyone handled the crowd of cars pulling up in which your methods of taking their pets for them to return later for pick up was done in the utmost care, order and without incident. Five stars Cottage Pet Hospital, you will be the first one I call from now on. Sincerely, Laura (and Barney) Legan

Mary Jane Barthelette

2 years ago

I dropped my pet off in the morning and was told to call at 3. I did so and told them I would be heading over. When I got there I called again to let them know I was there and the person who answered asked for my name, etc. After waiting 40 minutes I called again and someone else answered, took my info again and said they would have them out soon. Then it took another 30 minutes. There was zero communication and each person I spoke to acted like they would have the pet right out. It was a complete waste of time because if I call at 3 why would it take until 5 to release them? Why didn't any staff mention that, for whatever reason, it would be quite a wait? All interactions I had with the staff in the afternoon were terse, bordering on rude. I talked to at least 3 different people and their vibes felt like I was a total inconvenience that I wanted my pet back. And to top this experience off they shorted us on the pet's pain medicine. In my opinion, don't bother with this place they will literally waste your time.

Sabrina M

2 years ago

This is a wonderful veterinary office! The staff are all pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were able to work with me in regards to price while still ensuring that my cat received the best possible care. Nancy was kind, pleasant, and highly accommodating, and our veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Gallo, was absolutely wonderful. Her expertise was only rivaled by her kindness. I would 100% recommend this business to my friends and family, and will be taking my pets here for any other veterinary services in the future.

Katelyn Sinclair

2 years ago

I love this place!! I brought my cat here with an upper respiratory infection and they were so thorough and so helpful. After diagnosing her with asthma, Dr. Gallo was (and continues to be) so patient with my hundreds of questions. We don’t have pet insurance so the x-rays were pricey, but the prescription medications we were given are relatively affordable. I can’t recommend this practice enough, they are excellent!

Genevieve Escobosa

3 years ago

If they had 0 stars I’d klick on that. Way to expensive!!! My cat could get the care or treatment he needs. I recommend affordable animal hospital on state college blv.

Harbor Chevron

3 years ago

Best pet hospital in town. Fully recommended if you think your pet is part of your family. Big thanks to Dr Sahai who has been taking care of my pets from last 18 years. I have been taking 3 generations of my dogs to cottage pet hospital. Dr Sahai is very professional. He will never suggest any extra medication or treatment if ur pet doesn’t need it. He treats ur pets as his pet. And for his whole team there is only one word:- AWESOME.

khalid Ibrahim

3 years ago

This place is a RIP wife took our cat a while ago cuz he had diarrhea, and despite having an appointment, she waited abt an hour before the dr come to examine our cat...they told my wife over the phone that the charge for the service, will be $45,but she end up pay little over $100????,also they asked her for her ss#???????? very weird and suspicious since she was going to pay cash. Today my wife called em to check abt mail trimming for our dog,she was told it cost $15,but when we went there,they told her that she had to pay an extra $45 to examine the dog,which was never mentioned over the phone when she called!!! This place is a big RIP off!! I don't recommend it to anyone!!

Maribel Gudino

3 years ago

This has been an overdue review of our overall experience at The Cottage Pet Hospital. Which has been a pleasant experience from the moment I picked up my phone to call and investigate pricings and booking an appointment. I was greeted by Liz , she took her time in answering all of my questions over the phone. She seemed calmed and pleasant and very informative. My chihuahua had some type of paw allergies/rash. Being that we were first time customers they had to evaluate her. It turned out to be a common grass allergic reaction . She was given an injection that lasted a month and since then it has cleared. She is due to come back in soon, for the same reason. The cost of the consultation was reasonable. Over all our experience was great. We arrrived and was finally able to meet Liz the girl I spoke with over the phone . And was greeted the same with the utmost respect and she was a pleasure. She took care of my Roxy! The staff in general seemed very nice with the office having a general great atmosphere/ vibe! I will be recommending this place to my friends and family . For all of their pet needs!

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