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Jane Chu

2 years ago

I had a terrible experience with Kats Only. Even writing this review is making my heart palpitate from the traumatic experience I was put through by this establishment. I brought Poe in on August 1st, Saturday morning at 9:30 am. I was told over yelp messaging that appointments typically take 4 hours and I thought it was awfully suspicious when I called in around 1 pm and was told that Poe was anxious and will be needing more time. I found that really surprising considering Poe is a very out-going cat, I take him hiking and he loves being around people. I received a text that Poe would be ready to be picked up at 4:30 pm. We picked him up, my husband was not informed of anything unusual about the appointment. Poe seemed very exhausted by the whole ordeal and spent a few hours sleeping. We checked up on him around 8 pm and noticed what looked like a fairly fresh laceration on his lower abdomen. We were furious that we were not informed of what had happened. We immediately texted them photos and Carlos denied having anything to do with it. He wrote: "he saw a flat pink sore that was not in any way a bleeding open soar. " and that his wife said it was probably the cat and from prior surgery. "It was under the coat, and now that he has no fur he is licking it and opened a wound." "Any professional groomer will tell you that our clipper could not have done that, our clippers if they cut it is typically a cut the cut and a joint and it is a scrape and not a round wound like that. " They proceeded to tell me their "diagnoses" for the laceration that it was either from a prior surgery (which Poe had none of) or "Hot spots". We googled hot spots and didn't think they looked similar except being round in shape and Poe did not excessively pick at this one area before or after his appointment. But I'm not a professional veterinarian so I told them we would be relying on a professional diagnosis. There were already a few business errors made by Kats Only. 1. If what they said was true about a pink sore being present underneath the coat, it would have been very easy to document it or to call me and ask if I wanted them to proceed with the close shaving. 2. If they thought it was a hot spot, why on earth would they continue shaving over irritated skin? 3. This should have been brought to my attention during the pick-up. I was lucky enough to make a vet appointment the following Monday and the vet had confirmed it was not hot spots and that the underlying skin tissue was HEALTHY. She said it was a laceration that started as a small but deep cut that stretched open through Poe moving around. She also agreed that the laceration was consistent with a razor cut. I have also reached out to friends who regularly shave their cats and they have confirmed that this was in line with a grooming accident. Again, we contacted Kats Only only to be met again with FULL DENIAL, he said he swears on his grave that it wasn't them. You don't have to be a genius to connect the injury is from a shaving tool. Which, seems like a very possible accident that could occur. Nicks happen all the time and it is absurd for him to think it was IMPOSSIBLE; he could have had an accident and didn't notice since it started out as a small cut, especially when the evidence is stacked against him. At the very least, they could have offered a heartfelt apology and some acknowledgment.

John Livoni

2 years ago

What an amazing business. Direct text contact with owner and caretaker. Medication is administered to cat if necessary. Personalized care. It's simply the best cat hotel ever.

Malak Abdul

2 years ago

I took my long-haired domestic cat here and asked for a lion cut. The staff handled my cat with care from the moment I arrived. I dropped her off and was called to come take her home only a few hours later (previous groomers I have worked with take 7-8 hours - which is very stressful for my cat). She came home calm and she looked great. She's loving her cut in this summer heat. I definitely will make this my new place for all my cat grooming needs.

Martin Dolan

2 years ago

Brought my cat in two separate times. Once for grooming and once for boarding for a day while I moved. I couldn’t be happier the pricing is affordable and the quality is terrific. Use them if you have the chance.

Sandy Jones

2 years ago

I boarded my kitty for 3 nights and it was her first time. She was happily lounging in a chair when I came to pick her up and was completely calm. I would definitely recommend Kats Only as a safe and loving place to take care of your kitty!

Barbara Weeks

3 years ago

Hello to all my fellow Cat People, Meet my girls Misty and Sadie.. Both Misty and Sadie have stayed twice at the Kats Only Catio. It was a mini vacation for them while I was traveling. Bree and Carlos are awesome with the cats. I am thrilled I found Kats only. I have always boarded by cats with my vet, and that was fine but it's not the same as what I consider a luxury spa for Misty and Sadie. When I travel I am confident they are well taken care of and I am sure they are having as much fun as I am on vacation. I can't say enough about Kats Only except, I don't stress when I leave them there and even more important my kittys don't stress either. Thank you Bree, Carlos and Staff

Cynthia Richardson

3 years ago

My husband's mom's cat boarded here for a few days and we couldn't have had a better experience. The caregivers went the extra mile to brush him and make sure he had exercise and they were also very free in sharing helpful information that we could use going forward. We'll board again here in a second, if the need arises.

Katy Hyde

3 years ago

We had to get our home sprayed for ants so I took my cats to Kats Only and they had the best time. I felt so comfortable leaving them because I knew they were in great hands and well lived while I was gone. Thank you!

Kim Gonzales

3 years ago

I left my 2 kitties in the care of Kats Only while I was out of town. They got to stay in one of the upgraded catios that has ramps and a kitty condo built-in enabling them to climb and explore. The manager Bree was very attentive and caring to them, she sent me pictures and videos of them getting pets and playtime. They looked super relaxed and happy. When I picked them up they were freshly bathed and cheerful. Previous boarding experiences left my kitties stressed for a couple days after bringing them home but with Kats Only there was no adjustment period needed, that’s how I know they definitely got the love and attention they deserved. I will definitely use Kats Only again and highly recommend them, it’s like a home away from home type boarding experience just for your cats.

Michelle Villasenor

3 years ago

Love this place!! Needed to board my cat for 12 days, very nervous since I hadn't tried this place. Bree put me at ease right away. The place is adorable, clean and all new. She clearly is obsessed with cats, which is what you want! She is also very professional, thorough and organized. Bree took amazing care of my cat Morris. She sent me texts of videos of her playing with him. He looked so happy I was a little worried he might not wanna come home. She really connected with him enough to figure out what he likes and put him at ease quickly too. So happy to know there is a place my cat can have a good vacation too now!

Miranda Carlson

3 years ago

1st time I was able to take a stress free vacation & not worry about my little Monkey man. Knew he was in such loving caring hands. The daily pics were great! I will be bringing him back to stay again for sure!

Natalya R.

3 years ago

I worried for the first time when I boarded my kitty at Kats Only Cat Boarding. She is an elder cat and never left home before. Now I have a peace of mind when I need to leave my cat in this place. Bree, Carlos, and Jami love cats very much and always can find approach to each of them. I am so grateful to this team of cats' lovers.

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