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Tony Vargas

2 years ago

Friendly staff, great dogs. I had a visit with my new dog, friendly.

Jaslin Jimenez

2 years ago

had an appointment but was running late understandable but poor dogs never get adopted and they didn’t even let us look at the animals this is why they don’t get adopted sadly

Delmy Bonilla

2 years ago

The staff are extremely rude, cold, unhelpful, Giving a attitude just because I brought in a bunny that my family and I found when we got off the freeway, because of people like her, people are apathetic towards animals. She should have No part of Any animal’s well being or Life.

Deva Hymen

2 years ago

Wonderful staff and volunteers obviously care about the animals. We found our perfect companion and took her home the same day. A truly life affirming experience! Attractive, clean, appealing facility as well.

Martha Wallis

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Helped us choose the right pet for us.

Geoff Walsh

2 years ago

Great service and great people!

Suzanne Spray

3 years ago

I recently visited the Agoura Animal Shelter hoping to adopt a cat. Craig was the officer that I had been dealing with over the phone. My mom and I arrived and Craig was super helpful and full of information. You can tell he really loves what he does. I ended up adopting 2 cats that day. They are so sweet. The facility was clean and well maintained and everyone I interacted with was super nice!!!!!!


3 years ago

Nice staff, dogs appear well taken care of and healthy. Facility is small and clean. I was told it a no kill shelter. Office staff could be friendly.

Eduardo Garcia

3 years ago

Today was the second time my outdoor living cats end up in this shelter due to one of my neighbors that took them here the first time i paid 185.00 dollars to get them back this time happened again my cats here in this shelter and when i saw they were there i got happy for a moment well it didn't last much bc they were trying to charge me 485.00 dollars to get them back how on earth did that happen to get my cats back asking me to pay them 485.00 dollars is insane beyond words i felt a lot of frustration of this like you have no idea i have here in the house two acre property for them to be free and do whatever the f they want. Government institutions are bad they suppose to help us but not they are all about getting money and they are no caring about us. So just to get an idea for me the owner of the two female cats was being charged 485.00 dollars for an stranger's who wants to adopt them is around 130.00 each one.. What is the point of helping them with a donation if when your Animales end up here they try to rip you off no caring the you lost you pet and you should get back i thought this places were for the help of us and our pets but nop they care more about their money and is our money been stolen by them telling they are the law and with the law they are stolen our money hidden behind the law the supposed to be there to help us 485.00 dollars to get my cats back that is very wrong i had no choice that to leave them there for someone else to come and adopt them which the person is not going have to pay no even half of what the owner was being charged but the good thing is they are promoting the they are doing there best to find home for the animals the don't have one??????

David Gering

3 years ago

Craig took an hour with us as we cisited with a dog, answered many questions and clear cared about the shelter animals.

James Hunter

4 years ago

adopted the most adorable little pup for my family.


4 years ago

Adopted a cat here. Very easy process and the workers were friendly.

Nicole Klein

5 years ago

This shelter is fantastic. We adopted our pup here a month ago and I’ve been too busy with him to write a review but they deserve one. At first they seem a little daunting. There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out to even play with a dog and they are very honest about the reason dogs are at the shelter. This is all important to know before adopting though. The volunteers are sweet and loving with the animals and very eager to see them go to the right home. We worked directly with Canaday, Craig and Jackie who were wonderful, animal loving humans. Mr Guzman in the office is an amazing man and a wonderful help and addition to the Agoura team. Couldn’t be happier to visit this shelter and know that the animals are being treated with loving care, kept in clean facilities and adopted into the right homes.

Alexander Santos

5 years ago

Its a very big place with multiple animals. My only thing would be there wasn't much stuff attention to the guests instead they seemed to be busy putting stuff away or walking around talking to each other. Again I've only been here once so no idea how the staff will be on a different day.


5 years ago

Volunteers were very caring and thoughtful introducing us and my present dog to our new terrier. The officers in charge of the paperwork were friendly and very efficient and made our adoption process a very joyful experience! Thank you so much for our new family member!

Darren Vadnais

5 years ago

Dropping off a donation, checking out the felines for adoption. Great place to go.

Doreen Angel

5 years ago

I went with my parents in January of this year to look for a dog since I was moving out with my husband. We originally went to the Camarillo animal shelter and had a very negative experience there. We immediately went to Agoura animal shelter and found Tommy, an Austrialian Shepard/ Boarder Collie Mix. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. We got to walk with him and went inside to see how he would react indoors as well. It was a bit worrying to adopt a one year old dog and not know his past or temperament at the time but we adopted him anyway. The adoption fees were really inexpensive and we were also given a leash, collar, bed, and food to get us started. At first Tommy was shy and had some problems with other dogs and anxiety on walks. But with time and patience he became the most amazing dog ever! My parents love him dearly and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Agoura Animal Shelter.

Maureen Marquez

5 years ago

This is a great shelter! Mr. Gonzalez helped with our rescue. He greeted everyone who walked in with a smile and obviously loves the work he does. He had our paperwork ready immediately and answered every question I threw at him with a smile. He was so professional and helpful and I’m glad he’s representing the animals there. They have a great advocate in him. While I was there, at least four other AC officers were in the office greeting everyone with a smile. I hope we get to rescue more animals from Agoura! Thank you for making my Friday and 110-mile drive so pleasant.

Scott Tavolieri

5 years ago

I've ready some of these reviews and have not had this bad experience at all! I've been going here since I was a kid and only have had friendly people help me.

sheryl chen

6 years ago

They didn't do anything to help any animals!

d lo

6 years ago

Workers were rude. No one cared to help you, you had to hunt them down. Then they gave me attitude when I asked to meet one of the dogs. I was laughed at and then was told "we don't do play time" and "unless you plan on adopting them, then you cannot meet them". How would I know if I want to adopt them if I cannot meet them? Don't worry, we will never go back. Poor pups.

Gale Saul

6 years ago

Very helpful. Answered all my questions with no problems. Both on the phone and in person. The staff is very friendly and helpful

Lu Sgr

6 years ago

This is the a Worst Place! They are a kill shelter. Do Not Believe Otherwise! Dogs stand a better chance, All other animals last possibly a week, then euthanized. The staff are extremely rude, cold, unhelpful, Un knowledgeable & should have No part of Any animal’s well being or Life. Nothing has improved or changed for years. Period.

Rich Almack

6 years ago

I've been there. I've spoken on the phone with staff. Admittedly, it's only one of two shelters I have ever seen, but I thought it deluxe. I intend to adopt soon. My purebred GSD will want a companion, after my adopted kitty, age 20.5, is just a fond memory.

Vivian Lee

6 years ago

There was an EXTREMELY rude person that works there that would not even let us say hi to the animals. So rude. Like we came there for those reasons. She is probably preventing many adoptions because she will not let you get to know the personality of the animals. Get more kid friendly and people friendly workers that will actually allow you to socialize with the animals and pet them. When we were in the cat room she was purposely distracting the cats I was playing with so that we couldn't play with them. And then I went to the cat/rabbit room and there was NO sign that said do not stick fingers in cage. And my hand was far from the cage and she says" don't pet the animals" uh first no sign and second my hand was no where near the cages. we drove about 45 mins to have fun and maybe consider adopting, not to be told to not touch the animals or have the cat you were playing with to be taken away. Her actions have made me very reluctant to ever go back to the shelter any time soon. She wears a military hat and has blackish hair. Please again hire people that are kid friendly, people friendly, and animal friendly.

Mike Holland

7 years ago

I've tried calling this shelter five times, each time they hang up on me, after a prerecorded messages. Absolutely ridiculous.

john garcia

7 years ago

Horrible horrible service. This place sucks.

Jason Scott

7 years ago

We were given until 5pm on Saturday to retrieve our dog. When we arrived at 12:05pm that day, we were told our dog had already been adopted. Shameful, insensitive, and we are distraught and now forced to seek counsel. BTW, impossible to reach them by phone.


7 years ago

This place is impossible to contact. Literally cannot call without reaching the county automated machine which hangs up on you after making you hear a long list of information that isn't useful. Drive an hour to go to find out if they can answer a simple question about the shelter? I think not. This place can f*** right off

Sebastian Barbalace

8 years ago

My friend volunteer for a few days and I came to visit. I love this place. The people seem to enjoy what they do and the animals... well, they are priceless.

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