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Alexandra Mulhearn

2 years ago

Definitely expensive... xrays $190 + vet exam $115 + any extra meds/care given... however, definitely WORTH the money. If you have a pet, you should try your best to give it the best care. Our 8m old Mini Aussiedoodle was playing with our …

Richie Nomey

2 years ago

NEVER BRING YOUR PET HERE! There’s no way I would ever suggest anyone to bring any animal this place. This is a bandaid shop. I brought my dog in for vomiting and I was told she had parvovirus despite having her parvo shot. Not only was the bill outrageous but the staff and Dr. we’re about the rudest most unprofessional people I’ve ever seen. Due to COVID they’re only doing curbside pickup, which is good except as I’m pulling up there were two different people being brought their pets in a bag to go home to bury. They showed no sympathy for the owners either. Just handed it off and walked away. My in home dog smells like she’s been rolling around in fecal matter even though I was told they just cleaned her up. She’s covered in fleas she didn’t have when she was dropped off. This place is a joke!!! Ive never written a review in my life until now. Drive anywhere other than here.

Antaine Parler

2 years ago

We have a little Yorkie puppy that has contracted whipworms and instead of doing anything to help and get her healthy again all we were told was 150$ had to be paid up front. When they were asked if a check would be ok we were told no and that the money had to be paid up front and we won't have that until Monday. Keep in mind that this puppy is rapidly losing weight, is dehydrated, constantly throwing up, and has watery diarrhea. All the lady that answered the phone said was,"That's just how it is.". So in a nutshell, this place should and will be reported for this and I hope they all lose theur jobs.

A Edwards

2 years ago

My dog started limping badly. We were worried enough that we didn’t want to wait another day, and we were relieved to find out this ‘vet’ was open. They didn’t let us come in, said they looked at my dog’s paw and that he had cut it on something. They said there was nothing they could do since it was on his foot. They said it would take a long time to heal since it was on his foot, gave us antibiotics and charged us a lot of money. Two weeks later, he was no better, so we went to see our regular vet. They immediately said it was a mass that needed to come off and scheduled surgery. It turned out to be melanoma and the vet had to amputate a toe. I regret the time we wasted listening to the emergency vet. Just wanted to warn others before taking your baby here.

Michelle Griffin

2 years ago

I’m from Arkansas so I’m drove an hour down here because my dog has been snakebitten, I just called to see what their address is and the lady tells me they’re not excepting any patients right now!!! WHAT???? You might want to call and make sure they can see your pup because it’s not really an emergency room I don’t guess now I’ve got to drive to Shreveport or somewhere to get my dog some attention, hopefully he will make it

Michelle Jones

2 years ago

Dr. Stokes and staff were amazing! They took great care of my sick baby. She was unable to walk and they came to my car and got her out and treated her and me so well! I have nothing but great things to say about them. Thanks so much for caring for our babies when we feel helpless!


2 years ago

We took our puppy here Sunday because he wasn't moving around like he suppose to and he was cold and falling over. Well they said nothing was wrong he was just dehydrated and they gave him some medicine and sent him home for 4 days I've been giving him water through a syringe but that didn't help him he died through the night. This place doesn't care about ur pets they just want ur money. Please say ur babies and find somewhere else to go

Melody Stanfield

2 years ago

Wish I could give this place zero stars. This place is a TOTAL joke. I brought my pet here 2 weeks ago for possible seizure or poising. They were convinced she had eaten drugs even though I said that is ABSOLUTELY not the case. Fast forward 2 weeks later and my dog has another episode. It turns out that she has Pancreatitis and possible Epilepsy. If this fine establishment had done their job and listened to me instead of just assuming, my dog could have started on the right treatment sooner. If you love your animals like I do, I would suggest finding somewhere else to go!!

Taylor Fletcher

2 years ago

NEVERRRRRRRR TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE! It doesn’t matter how sickly or injured your pet is, they would be far better off waiting through the night to see a real veterinarian. I woke up at 3am to my 6 month old Great Dane puppy’s back leg paralyzed. His left eye dropped. He could not stand. I was very scared and shooken up. I immediately called this clinic to bring him in and could tell by the way the veterinarian answered the phone he had been sleeping. That’s not a problem. I get you’re working a graveyard shift and it’s hard, but without even seeing my dog he told me this wasn’t an emergency and I didn’t need to come in. I decided against his words as I was extremely worried for my dog. I arrive to the clinic with a completely empty parking lot. I told the tech over the phone I was worried my dog was having some sort of stroke. She literally laughed at me. Told me I was wrong and that my pet will be seen. They are still only doing curbside so I could only bring him to the front door and not enter the building. Not a problem. But my dog is well over 80lbs and not able to walk at this point so you could imagine how much I struggled to get him out my car by myself. I hand him over to the tech and watched her literally DRAG MY DOG by his collar and a towel tied to his waist. About 15minutes passes by and the vet calls me. He says it’s nothing. He said he wanted to give him a shot of rimadyl and wait to see his regular vet. I suggested X-rays or anything to figure out a diagnosis, but the vet clearly just wanted to go back to sleep. He said neither was necessary which should cost him his license. I gave the okay to give the steroids for the night and bring my dog to my regular vet as soon as they opened. I paid $123 for the “veterinarian” to literally do nothing. Might I add, on his chart for this clinic it said he weighed 65lbs. When I brought him to my regular vet the next morning, they weighed him again and it said he weighed 89lbs..... he definitely didn’t gain 25lbs in a few hours. Which means the vet just took an estimate on his weight and gave the wrong dosage of rimadyl. Had this been any other medication, this could have been a death sentence to my dog. As a veterinarian, you should NEVER guess on weights as it measures what dosage to administer. Fast forward to this morning. I bring him to my vet and they find all new symptoms before even beginning the exam. His prognosis is not good. Had we seen a more compassionate veterinarian sooner, he might have a better chance. Whoever owns this place knows they are the only emergency clinic in town and knows they can give whatever attitude they want because the demand is there. I don’t care if my dog is literally dying. We will never visit this place again.

Sarah Hoyle

2 years ago

Dr. Franklin and his team were able to suture up my cat at 11:00pm after he lacerated his tail. Knowing our regular vet was closed, I was so grateful that this clinic was open and able to help my baby boy at this hour. The price was reasonable, especially considering that this is an after hours clinic. They also worked very fast and had him in and out quickly. The team was friendly enough and most importantly gave my cat a high level of professional medical care. Thank you Dr. Franklin and team!

Dustin Stanfield

2 years ago

They accused me of giving my dogs drugs but couldnt tell me anything $400 dollars later.

Debra Turnage

3 years ago

My dog ate a lethal amount of rymadyl last week and was hospitalized for three days. After doing good for a week she has become very lethargic and won’t eat. My vet is closed so I called this emergency clinic and was giving the medical advise from a tech who refused to let me talk to the doctor! So as of this moment I want to DR JJ if anything happens to my dog I HOLD YOU PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE! Debra Turnage

Chad Galligan

3 years ago

Extremely caring vet tech. Made me feel better about leaving him.

Jana Laurent

3 years ago

My dogs were in a fight and one got their ear ripped. Nobody was open accept this vet and we had the best service. Great facility!! Thanks so much for being there when needed!

l Kelly

3 years ago

Brought my baby there because he had been attack by a dog and while there, the vet allowed his cat to attack my baby, not once but twice. And had audacity to talk to me nasty because I got upset about the situation. Told me I could leave and good luck finding another emergency vet that’s opened in the area.

Lynn Gibson

3 years ago

I had a issue with something and they worked hard to address it. The Vet on duty is highly trusted and I always trusted her with my fur babies.. Dr Ratcliff is one of the best Vets I’ve had.

Carol Arendt

3 years ago

This is a great place to take your pet for treatment when all the veterans offices are closed. So thankful there is this service and they were very nice and professional. Due to COVID-19 they are receiving pets at curbside and calling you on your cell to communicate.

Alana Goodall

3 years ago

Kind and caring staff had our pup taken care of quickly. Very thankful.

Rebecca Mixon

3 years ago

Exceptionally caring patient team who helped our dog cross the Rainbow Bridge in such a compassionate way after she was run over. We could not have asked for better.

Roger Vickers

3 years ago

Dog ate a lethal amount of xylitol. The vet tech talked us through how to induce vomiting. Brought dog to the vet who looked at him and decided since he threw up and could not see anything wrong that it was ok to leave. He didnt even charge us. Great place.

Susan Wit

3 years ago

A great place! Took great care of my granddaughters dog ???? Would certainly go back in the need arises!

Wendy Brewster

3 years ago

Every time I bring one of my pets to the Animal Emergency Clinic of NELA, I experience rudeness of the highest degree from both the staff and doctors. They are dismissive and act like they can’t be bothered. I wish there was another emergency clinic in the area. We are not allowed in because of the covid situation, but they can come get my dog from me without wearing a mask. They then bring my dog back to me without a mask on. If this is the case, why aren’t we allowed inside with our pets?

Abigail Mosley

4 years ago

My father’s dog, Cinnamon, began to have seizures on Labor Day afternoon. Understandably, I was terrified and upset. I brought her to the Animal Emergency Clinic, and while the news was not good, I cannot express how appreciative I am for the respect and kindness shown to Cinnamon as well as me. The doctor and staff were very patient and understanding. My family got to say goodbye in our own time. The price was very reasonable, and the care they gave to Cinnamon after her passing is beyond appreciated. The pain of the situation was immensely eased by the knowledgeable vet and caring staff. I can’t say enough good things about this facility.

Andrew Randolph

4 years ago

They have taken great care of my dogs, either when they ate chocolate or had their ear cut, and their vet’s office was closed.

Emory Cooper Leggett

4 years ago

This place saved my dogs life! She’s 16 years old, which is super old, but this morning my mom let her outside and then she collapsed and we thought she was chocking so we ran around town and couldn’t find a vet clinic open but this one was and they took her back, but the lady up front was rude, and they said she only had a heart murmur! We are so thankful for this!

Jamison Harvey

4 years ago

My cat had a urethral blockage and this was the only place that was open whenever we realized he was in a serious state. as you can expect, we knew nothing about it and had to rely on what the vet told us. 24 hours and $500 later, my cat is doing fine and says she believes he is okay to go home.I asked her every question I could think of to make sure that my cat would be fine or if any other complications arose what I would need to do in those particular cases and I was basically told just to keep an eye on him and if he is urinating then everything should be fine. His urine was red for a few days as was expected, then over the following few days we notice that he's having difficulty going again so we take him to our regular vet yesterday. Keep in mind it's been just over a week since he went to the emergency vet and our regular vet says that he is blocked yet again and actually goes into an explanation as to what could cause it and all the manners in which it can be resolved. The other vet had told us that no one knows what causes it. My vet told me that he has a very severe infection that was probably never taken care of at the first vet visit and that cats with these conditions should be kept for at least 3 days to ensure that they are urinating properly on their own. We learned so much from our everyday vet that the emergency vet either neglected to tell us, claimed she did not know, or couldn't bother to explain. The biggest issue I'm having here is that my cat was not okay to go home, everything was not going to be fine just so long as he is urinating, and she never bothered to inform us that he had an infection of any sort, nor gave us antibiotics or any other form of prescription for his aftercare, or for that matter informed us that he would even need aftercare. So, I would like to know where the hell my money went because as far as I can tell I could have flushed it down the damn toilet and got the same results. In my opinion,this sounds as if it could most definitely be a malpractice and\or negligence suit, so if anyone who manages or owns this business would like to offer a partial or complete refund on this poor care that I received, it would be greatly appreciated before I've had time to stew on this even longer and decide to carry this further. For anyone reading this, if you have other options I would take your loved animal to that vet instead of this one

Jason Mccurdy

4 years ago

Worst ever. Brought our puppy in and they said it would be 400 to give fluids and stay overnight. 2 hour laters puppy is dead and still gets charged. Extra charges on bill and woman gets attitude with wife then throws dead puppy at her. I hate this place. Should be shut down.

Keri Gross

4 years ago

The most non-compassionate people ever, but I guess if this place is the only choice you have to take your pet after hours they don’t really feel they have to be kind, gentle or caring towards your pet.... I pray I never have to use them again.

Madelyn Snead

4 years ago

Our after hours service for wound care was great - timely, comprehensive, explained well, costs estimated up front, and no issues at all. (To be fair, my pup was the only “patient” in at the time, I believe). Also, it is good to remember that there seem to be different vets working at different times (other reviews mention females, our vet was male, etc), so some reviews may pertain to particular vets or circumstances.

Michael Graham

4 years ago

Great experience regarding the care of our dog. I’ll admit to having concern about being away from our regular vet but I was impressed with this after hours clinic. Dr and techs were excellent. Highly recommend if you have an after hour emergency with your pet.

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