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Sherri Jennings

2 years ago

Very friendly and is great with our fur babies.

Tamirra May

2 years ago

Great, helpful and caring staff and doctor!

David Beasley

2 years ago

Best Animal care facility I have found in my 72 years of life. Dr. Shively diagnosed my dogs problem ACCURATELY within the first 3 minutes of examination. He prescribed the perfect medicine, and it was not expensive. We Also boarded our pet for 10 days when we had to go to California. The only reason I have given him 5 stars is because I can't give him TEN!

Micah Hyatt

2 years ago

My family recently had a house fire. We made an appointment at SAH to kennel our six dogs over the weekend so we could look at new houses out of state. We had appointments for house showings lined up with a realtor, and although we were still in shock (and our 4 children were traumatized), we had a hopeful weekend planned. Saturday morning we showed up at the kennel, checked in, and weighed all the dogs in the lobby. Then a lady came out and said she was sorry, and although we had an appointment, their doctor/vet had just left on vacation, and since our dogs had never been seen there before they couldn't keep our appointment. We said that our dogs were seen at the vet in Atlanta TX, we had paperwork, we had an appointment, and that it was VERY VERY important that we make the realtor meetings we had scheduled later that day. The kennel didn't care. I asked if I could speak to the person refusing our appointment...they said it was their "business manager", but wouldn't tell me who that was, and the manager was too (lazy? Incompetent?) to speak with us in person. If we would have known that they wouldn't keep their appointment we could have made other arrangements. They didn't call and inform us that their only vet was leaving town, etc. They waited until we drove 45 minutes to their building and were half-way through check-in. This place is a joke, and in retrospect I'm glad I didn't leave my pets there. The place stank and we could hear dogs screaming from the metal building in the back. Sammy's, Ark, and Eddy's in Atlanta, TX all took our dogs...they all care about pets. Snuggle with them, and give them lots of playtime. I would NEVER recommend sending a pet to Stateline Animal Hospital unless you want to send them to a hot animal jail with staff who view your pet as nothing more than a paycheck.

Kimberly Mcvay

2 years ago

DR. Shively is great and would highly recommend but the girls at front desk are terribly rude and I hate to go and have to deal with them. He needs to fire every one of the girls at the front desk and start over. But he is a awesome vet.

Kim Peek

2 years ago

We used another vet when we moved to Texarkana with not so good results. Dr Shively is always friendly and very good with our (not so we'll behaved at the Dr) cat and dog. We highly recommend Stateline Animal Hospital.

Alfred Penniworth

2 years ago

I had to have my Labrador Retriever's leg operated on for a tumor that had grown slightly smaller than a tennis ball and was in a very bad spot as it was on the joint of his leg. A bad slip of the scalpel could of severed an artery or caused his leg to be useless. Because of the size of the tumor there could of been even more complications cause the price of surgery to go even higher. Dr. Shively realized I was worried about this as I simply could not afford any complications arising. He took the time to counsel me explaining all the options. The importance of the surgery outweighed everything else. I had walked into his office with the minimal amount and he informed me that "if" needed, anything outside that amount could be dealt with in another week or so. But my dog needed this surgery. Dr. Shively is only vet, my dog has ever known. For over 12 years. I compliment and commend Dr. Shively for not only running a well established and respected veterinarian business, but for building a connection with each and everyone of his furry/feathered/scaly clients, as well as their humans, whom love them so much. No unforeseen complications happened during or after surgery and my boy came home untraumatized and in great health. This man and his dedicated staff goes out of their way to be of service to anyone that comes thru their doors. I highly recommend him! ~ Respectfully

Matt Whisenhunt

3 years ago

We called the after hours number due to an emergency several times and once we received a call back we were told to go to Shreveport that the on-call vet wasn’t going to have time. We had to drive 2 hours to get to an emergency clinic. If you aren’t going to see pets after hours, don’t advertise it!


3 years ago

hey cat got attacked by two big pit bulls and we took her there they sent her home two days later with drain tubes still in her and she died four hours later i don’t recommend this place and they also didn’t refund the $330 dollars they charged

susan carson

3 years ago

Love Dr Shivley and his staff!

SandyKay Williams

3 years ago

Refused to supply copies of badly needed medical records for another vet's use in giving a 2nd opinion. They said they only did that by fax. They said they tried to fax them 3 or 4 times, but other vet never received them. They said their fax was working properly and the receiving vet's fax was working properly, where did they go?They would not give them to me if I came by in person. They emailed shot records, but not medical records.

Salena Ford

3 years ago

Vets are great, front desk staff is rude and unfriendly. I had my dog in for 2 visits, at which time (first time) I gave them her old vet information.I dropped her off for a grooming and they hassled me about her shots while I was trying to rush to work. Why not ask when I was there before? The they called me at work hassling me about her shots while I was very busy.

Michelle Sanford

3 years ago

Rude staff lady that works right front counter computer. Has short reddish brown hair. They were not informative about heartworm injection that did not repel fleas. Thats what I specifically asked for. Had an information/contact issue and the woman at the front rolled her eyes at me. Told me it would be $20 for a grooming then turned around and changed the price to $35. Ill be taking my business elsewhere!!!!

Donna Burns

3 years ago

Dr.Shriver is great with our Original Mountain Cur Bella.


3 years ago

I work until 7:00 which makes it difficult when a problem arises. Frustration is not a strong enough word for my experience trying to find someone to treat my Maincoon after hours. Apparently my longtime vet no longer does call, and because that was who I used no one else would see him. Dr. Shivley was willing to me us and evaluate his injuries and make him comfortable for the night. I can't say thank you enough to him for the care he gave my sweet boy. Needless to say I will be finding a new vet and the ones that refused to help are not on the list. A suffering animal shouldn't be left to suffer because of petty differences. Thank you again Dr. Shivley.

vickie redall

4 years ago

The staff are great!!! My cat is not exactly a fan of the whole Vet experience, however they are always kind and gentle with him!

Pity The Raven

4 years ago

I took my dog to get spayed. When they gave her back to me they didn’t say anything, just gave me two types of medicine (they did not tell me what they were for or when to give them to her). What really bothers me, however, is that the stitches they gave her are not the kind that dissolve naturally and they didn’t even tell me, let alone give me a general idea of when to get them removed. She has sores developing along the stitches and I’m going to have to take her somewhere else to get it checked out. (The place was very dirty so I worry about infection.) I have never had this problem with Oubre or The Vet.

Kristy Smith

4 years ago

Wonderful place to bring your pets for the best care!

Janet Vaughn

4 years ago

If you care about cleanliness, this is not where you want to take your dog. I have never experienced such a filthy place in my entire life. The smell set me back at first. Then before I left my dogs to be groomed, I asked to see the facility where they would be groomed. Glad I did. Filthy floor, rusty dirty sinks. While waiting our turn to check in, a woman’s dog had an accident on the floor. When it finally was discovered, someone quickly picked it up, but did not return and clean the entry floor with any disinfectant. It was clear to me there was no care or pride at this Veterinary Hospital.

Adam P

4 years ago

We Have been taking all of our dogs here for years, from vaccines to puppy wellness checks, neutering and flea prevention. The ladies always are happy to see you. I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes to see someone and the waiting rooms and exam rooms are clean and comfortable, when we go on vacation for more than a couple of days at a time we always board our dogs here and they love it. Costs are typical for vets in the area, but the service it top notch and welcoming.

Pam Woolery

5 years ago

I’ve taken my animals to Dr. Shivley for years. Always have the best experiences with him and his staff. They take excellent care of my four dogs.

Ocean Bytez

5 years ago

Extraordinary service with my dog Mickey who had congestive heart failure. He helped me and my dog get through this tough time. He is very knowledgeable and he breaks down everything so that i could understand what was going on with both the condition and the treatment. Overall the staff are very friendly and supportive and the price is surprisingly low too enabling me, a broke college student, to pay for the care of the dog i grew up with. If you need help definitely use this vet because they really care about animals and will try and help in every way.

Lynn Meadows

5 years ago

The staff was great, the doctors were very friendly, they gave me & my pet a great experience and bit of knowledge! Also, the prices are very reasonable. Would definitely recommend!

katherine macool

5 years ago

Very caring staff. Dr.Shively really cares about all animals very personal.

Devin Carroll

5 years ago

He and his staff takes great care of our furry family members!

Heather Tomlin

6 years ago

Excellent. All my pets go here.

Zemaria Frank

6 years ago

My big boy loves going to the vet. He isn't around a lot of people but loves everyone here. He was very shy at first but every time we go he gets more comfortable. The first time I went my dog was sick and wouldn't eat. Turns out he had a type of worm and I was scared out of my mind to take him. I never feel judged here. Thank you for taking great care of my baby.

Brianna Moody

7 years ago

Wonderful! Always saving my animals lives. Such a blessing.

Crystal Hooten

7 years ago

Dr Shively has been our vet for 13 years now. He does such a great job with our beagles! And everyone there is so nice!

Suzy springfield

7 years ago

I always know our Ody is getting the best care when we bring him in. I wouldn't take him anywhere else.

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