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Amber Marino

2 years ago

Dr. Taylor is the absolute best! She is calm, patient, and loving even with our very afraid pup. Service is always handled in a timely fashion and appointments are easy to make. The staff are all very nice and the building is always clean. Prices are reasonable as well.

زمزمه بهشتی

2 years ago

Dr. Taylor is great, not very talkative but a good wholesome veterinarian. The staff is attentive but customers and patients having to hang out in the parking lot like a bunch of hobos and having to talk to the vet in the parking lot is a little strange and annoying, Covid scare or not. Other vet offices have their lobby open and no one has reported catching covid there. Overall this is a good practice and do quality work at a reasonable cost.

Megan Janssen

2 years ago

Dr. Seratt is a fantastic veterinarian. She has been seeing my dogs for close to 10 years. When she left Memphis Animal Clinic to work at Wolfchase, I changed locations because I trust her care. It's worth the extra mileage to know my fur babies are in good hands.

Jay Ha'o

2 years ago

The staff are great and the veterinarians are awesome.

Chris Salabor

2 years ago

Dr Taylor and her staff are excellent and very caring.

Chris L

2 years ago

Amazing staff and Veterinarians! We've been trusting them with our pets for over 7 years. So friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient!

starlight kwasnik

2 years ago

Friendly, Fast and very gentle!

Teleesa Payne

2 years ago

I have been a client at WAH for 20 years with 2 pets. I was horrified by the terrible service I received on yesterday. I dropped my 6 year old pet off and never received an update. I called 3 hours before closing to check on my pet. I was told the doctor would call me back he didn't . I called at 5 to ask do I need to come and pick up my pet or what is next. The response, "oh the doctor hasn't called you yet" well hold on. Then just come here and the doctor will talk to you when you arrive. Upon arrival I was given my dog and talk to the doctor (incoherent conversation) and then was given a bill for $406. I was floored. I was told my dog has allergies . I am happy to pay my bill, my issue was that I was kept in the dark about what happened and then not told the total cost after the diagnosis was made and before anything was administered.

Tresa Crutchfield

2 years ago

Our furkids "ruff" going to Wolfchase Animal Hospital. They take good care of them. Woo Woooooo

Paul Jones

2 years ago

While it can be a little pricey, especially for certain services. The team are top notch and truly care for your animals.

Bee Ros (HaOsLsE)

2 years ago

Very friendly and professional. Loves their animals they take care of. All the way til the end for one of ours sadly. They tried their best and made it easier for us

derry reed

2 years ago

I've used them for years and have always been happy with the way they take care of my pets.

D Lyles

2 years ago

They are always polite and takes good care of my guinea pigs. Wouldn't take them anywhere else.

Sue Rhodes

2 years ago

The doctors and staff are compassionate and very sweet people.

M Hobbs

2 years ago

I assumed their curbside service meant stay in your car until your turn and then YOU and your pet would be brought in to talk with the vet. At Wolfchase Animal Hospital, only the pet is allowed inside. With a previous pet, I have had dealings with two other vet locations when Covid 19 was at its peak and both allowed the pet parent to come inside. Wolfchase Animal Hospital takes their Covid response to an extreme which would have seriously disadvantaged my pet's care. Because of that, I canceled my appointment after arriving and finding out about the "pet only" details (which I wasn't told about when I made the appointment). I have a 10 week old rescue puppy. I had a ton of questions for the vet and was also concerned about her vet experience (only the 2nd vet visit in her life) so I wanted to be with her. I also wanted to see if this new vet would be a good fit for my puppy. Wolfchase said my part in this had to be done over the phone so I left. I understand taking precautions during this pandemic but Wolfchase's mix of precautions and proper vet care seem to be way out of whack to me. My puppy deserved and NEEDED more than they were willing to provide.

Therese Gibson

2 years ago

They always take great care of my cat!

David Serio

2 years ago

Very courteous staff and great vets.

Rachel Nelson

3 years ago

Do not recommend. A vet here managed our juvenile diabetic pet for three years and a few weeks ago we faced difficulty getting insulin over the counter. I called and asked for a prescription of insulin to be sent, as the vet has managed his diabetes since 2018. She said no, she would not call in a prescription as she did not diagnose it. Our dog received his diagnosis before we even adopted him, as he is a type 1 diabetic, so we have no idea who that vet is. I have never come across this attitude towards providing a vital medication in my years in healthcare. After being denied insulin by the vet who monitors his glucose levels and fructosamine levels, we made the decision to go elsewhere. They had one of our dogs listed as being 80 pounds, when they were in fact 35 pounds. We noticed this error and called them to correct it, and they tried to tell me that my dog was actually 35 pounds. I vehemently objected, and stated this was a serious error that could have egregious downstream implications in dosing. I was transferred to another worker who looked through previous records to confirm that our dog has, in fact, always been in the 30-40 pound range. We have had numerous issues with this office not responding to requests for prescriptions from online pharmacies (eg. for Heartgard and Nexgard). My husband and I have a recorded phone call in which we got screamed at by a desk attendant as she was angrily interrupting us and I asked her to let us explain the situation. She repeatedly talked over us and talked down to us, and claimed that no request was sent, when in fact we had already verified the receipt of that paperwork with another worker. Dr. Serrat has always been very kind, but we can’t overlook these incidents from a healthcare facility.


3 years ago

Friendly staff and professional services


3 years ago

Always top notch health care for our two dogs. We have been taking our pets there for over 21 years.

sherrie hopper

3 years ago

This place was affordable and the staff was incredible.

Salomon Rodriguez

3 years ago

They have always be awesome with all my pets ( 2 dogs and 1 cat) and have being super nice and knowledgeable with all my questions

Roger Rhodes

3 years ago

I like the drs and staff and the way they handle our pets and their prices are reasonable. The facilities are nice and clean. Appointments are required, but the covid-19 procedures are a real pain. You have to wait in the parking lot while they pickup and deliver your pets and you have to fill out a form telling them what you need.

Laura E

3 years ago

These are the best people who truly care about your fur babies. They have helped us tremendously with multiple dogs and cats.

Cathy Mathis

3 years ago

My Vet is actually in Olive Branch but i live in Bartlett and they are ALWAYS glad to help me whenever I need their help

Gator Brown

3 years ago

This is a GREAT PLACE. All of the folks there, 100%

K Scott

3 years ago

They always take good care of my fur babies!

Ashley Earl

3 years ago

We have been going to Wolfchase Animal Hospital for several years and have never had a problem until our most recent experience. My dog is 11 and has been healthy until recently. He had a mass growing on his stomach and needed to have surgery. He had surgery last Wednesday and we paid the extra to have it sent to the lab to find out what the mass was. We were told we would receive a call the following Monday with the results form the lab. Never got the call. I called the next day (Tuesday) and was told they had the results and the doctor would call me the next day which should have been Wednesday. We never got a call on Wednesday. I called Thursday and was told the doctor only works Wednesdays and Saturdays and would not be giving us a call until Saturday. I tried explaining to Dana (the person that answered the phone) what we were previously told and was met with attitude and unprofessionalism. When I asked to speak to someone else I was told there was no-one else. The communication has been terrible.


3 years ago

Wolfchase Animal Hospital is amazing. My pets have been going there for 30+ years. A wonderful and amazing group of people who care for your pets ❤ ♥

Paula Denbow

3 years ago

I have used wolfechase animal hospital for almost 20 years. They treat my furbabies like family. :)

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