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Hannah Duke

2 years ago

Unprofessional, rude staff. Expressed interest in a dog, only for him to be transferred to a different shelter. When I asked for information about the transfer/new location, the woman on the phone said “I don’t have that.” I asked a few more questions, and she said “Well it’s not like he’s your dog” and then basically hung up on me. Go to a different shelter. This one has no compassion and is not helpful.

Leah Tyler (The Colorful Minimalist)

2 years ago

Adopted a cat from there recently. They take great care of the animals and have a streamlined adoption process. Adoption fees are waived currently due to covid.

Dee Elkins

2 years ago

The staff could be a little friendlier. All jobs are hard and hectic at times, all times, but you've got a job, be thankful. Try smiling and be kind, it spreads.

Don Curdie

2 years ago

I appreciate Animal Village. I found a little kitten in my front yard. I couldnt find the mom or the owner. Animal Village was so nice and I brought it out and they took it to find a good home. Really nice people !!

jacob stamper

2 years ago

Can’t take my cat where I’m going, and they informed me they don’t take owned animals, only strays. Imagine if people were treated like that. Sorry sir, you can’t come to our homeless shelter because you haven’t actually been on the street yet lol.

Rachel Horton

2 years ago

The Little Rock animal village is very nice. Three large outdoor fenced in dog park areas with agility courses and toys. Very friendly staff that was sweet with the dogs. Clean and helpful and the perfect place to find your new forever friend. Plus all adoption fees are waved right now! Please adopt!

Natalie Rivera

2 years ago

I had found 3 stray cats and I wanted to take them to shelter for them to be safe, and the lady that came out that worked there gave us a very bad attitude and sounded like she didn’t care at all, but she said she was getting someone to get them and no one came out, we were waiting for hours seeing if anyone was actually going to come out until we came across this guy telling him when the people were going to come for them and unfortunately he said no one was gonna come out so he took them instead and he was very nice. That lady does not know how to work a job correctly. If you’re not gonna care then leave the job like it’s not that hard. Go work in McDonald’s or something cause that’s where you belong.

Rachel Smith

2 years ago

Wish I could give this place ZERO stars. Most unprofessional people I have ever met in my entire LIFE!!!!! Desiree needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY. You guys will be hearing from me soon, don’t you worry.

Savannah Stell

2 years ago

Nice staff. Plus, anyone who helps animals will always be more than 5 stars. Animals are pretty much the only things worth helping.

Sonya Wiggins

2 years ago

we adopted a dog a few months back she had a few hiccups an infection from being spayed then later she was sick again and had to be taken to the animal hospital.! She is such a good girl we love her !amber and Symone were very helpful! we recommend this place!

Tamara Howard

2 years ago

Imagine having your heart set on having another fur baby added to your family and the people agree to let you adopt one. They tell you just wait until the dog is spayed and you’ll get a callback. Imagine getting a callback but missing it by like 5 minutes and then a lady name AMBER, picks up the phone and catches an attitude on every inquiry you have for the future pup you want. You remain calm and follow her instructions on filling out an application 3 times for the same dog! You wait some more you wait 2 weeks and she has the same attitude and this time decides to hang up in your face!!! I wait a day or two later and it says the dog you’ve waited almost a month for is adopted by someone else…. I was so heart broken and upset because AMBER didn’t want to do her job. It discouraged me a little but I’ll just search for another fur baby elsewhere .????

John Gregg

2 years ago

Careless and heartless people. They scheduled my dog for killing on the day I was to pick him up and they weren't even open!!

Laura Thomas

2 years ago

I tried to call to see if a certain dog was there because I had a friend who was interested and the person at the desk was disgustingly rude because she was too LAZY to check to see if the dog was there. She shouldn’t work at a place where she clearly doesn’t care if dogs get adopted.

Rachel “Nikki” Dorssom

2 years ago

Staff is very disrespectful, hung up on us while we were trying to ask info about a dog. Lazy, they don't care about their animals. If I could give less stars I would.

David Jones

2 years ago

Dog park open to public. Don't know hours but it may not close. Just make sure your dog will play well w others. Water available in park.

Jennefer Hodges

2 years ago

Got him a muzzle and an obedience training collar.

DeVon Fowler

2 years ago

Update: initial experience was great. In the end, long on commitment and failed to deliver. Internal politics. Skip them and try a different group. Prior review... Great experience. Neighbor needed a new 4 legged companion. Team was lots of help. Special thanks to Desiree.

David Caudill

2 years ago

I had 2 stray cats have kittens in my garage. Animal village would not take them because we had compassion and fed them so they wouldnt die. The lady on the phone was rude and totally disrespectful

Thad Wells

2 years ago

I’ve tried all week to get some information about a dog that I would like to adopt for my family. The lady that answers the phone is very rude and wants you off the phone ASAP. (She’s the only person I’ve talked to and I hope for the sake of these poor animals that the rest of the staff is more professional and caring). I was told by a friend to ask for Desiree. I’ve left a message for her to call me back with the receptionist every day this week. With no call back. The way the lady is acting that answers the phone I doubt she’s even passing my messages along to Desiree. I’m not one to leave a google review at all but if this somehow helps those animals find there forever home, then so be it. I am and I will continue to pray for the staff and the animals at this facility.

Paulette Baig

2 years ago

Im not sure how many times ive come here to let my dogs out in park but the shelter has many unattended dogs in there. Ive waited gor over 4p mins gor them to come get them. If i left my dog oug and ran to the dtore im sure id hear about. Breaking their own rules.

Philip & Karen Thomas

2 years ago

Nice shelter. Great place for kids birthday party. Got a wonderful kitten.

ava spindler

2 years ago

2 dellwood dr has 3 German Shepards. The male is very aggressive and fights the other 2 dogs. The younger of the 3 gets out and terrorizes the people out in nieghbor hood walking. These dogz were left outside during snow storm.

Kathy taylor

2 years ago

You should drop by and care see these little animals their priceless and sweet

Nancy Bailey

2 years ago

Really nice dog park adjacent. The staff very nice. The dog is even better

Rhonda Burkett

3 years ago

I have respect for the work that is done at this shelter. I got my dog penny there and have been so happy with her. Thank you for your care! Having been to other shelters I think this place is top notch.

Joshua De La Rosa

3 years ago

I called to have a pregnant stray dog to be picked up and I’ve waited a little more than an hour out here in the cold with the dog since it’s not allowed in the house

Kelly Anderson

3 years ago

I spent a day on the phone. The front desk staff is beyond rude. More than once I received attitude when trying to figure out the best way to make things work out, as I was going to make an 8-hour drive for a dog. “First come first serve” pressure is enforced HARD. And then you either adopt before ever meeting the dog, since meet and greets aren’t until 10, or risk someone else adopting out from under you. Worst of it was they discovered, after three phone calls, a week and a day of holding the dog, and two hours AFTER I’D SIGNED ADOPTION PAPERS, that the dog I was actively ready to take home was not a male but a female. Disorganized, the place smells like cat piss, rude staff, poor communication, ridiculous scheduling. Never experienced such a poorly run shelter.

Michael McKay

3 years ago

Very kind and considerate. Thank you Tracy for helping me help my friend Gary with his fur baby. Well maintained and clean. You guys are the best.

Mj Grube

3 years ago

We first visited in mid-November on a Saturday looking for a cat. The staff/volunteers were friendly and helpful... We picked out a cat but couldn't bring her home because she needed to be spayed. Before pick up day we received a call that she had already been spayed and they found her microchip during surgery. The director offered for us to come back in and not have to pay any additional adoption fees since they were running a special the weekend before. We arrived the next Saturday during their posted business hours (starting at 8am) but were told they didn't open to the public until 10... Since we drove an hour to get there we waited in the parking lot. Eventually another volunteer let us look and we were able to adopt that day... Staff on this day wasn't even cordial and we had to pay additional adoption fees since she was considered a kitten. We received no information on after care for her spay or information on vet services performed or going forward. Actually the lady at the front desk probably didn't say two words to us and wouldn't even look up from her computer or phone. We noticed walking thru the facilities that there seemed to be a lot of respiratory issues with the animals. I also overheard a foster volunteer talking about trying to get several of her cats over respiratory issues and asking the other volunteer if we would be a good home for one of hers. Obviously there are a lot of animals, a lot of work for volunteers and just over all hard to keep everything clean... Some of the animals looked like they maybe even needed to be quarantined for different reasons? I would encourage anyone considering a cat adoption from this facility to do research on FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). We'd never heard of this until taking our cat in to the vet after less than two months of being home... She was unfortunately a textbook case of this and we had to put her down because she could not eat or stay hydrated due to the FIP. FIP is fatal and your fur baby will waste away within a month. I would certainly not adopt a kitten or any cat that had not been at the facility long enough to become symptomatic.

Ryan Chvala

3 years ago

Smelly, but duh... but great care of animals

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