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allison pritchard

2 years ago

I have been a client and an aquanitence of Dr Treat for almost 20 years. I first met Dr Treat when one of my patients said that Dr Treat was wanting to adopt out 2 companion horses to a good home. I did adopt these horses back in 2005 and I enjoyed them until the both past away. I took Dale Carnege courses , and Dr Treat was also a participant. I was shocked and surprised with a recent encouter with Greenway pet clinic until I read some of these reveiews. I have to say that some of them validated my experience at Greenway pet clinic just about 2 weeks ago, reagrding the decline in the attitude of the staff, and similar experiences with Haley. I took my dog for her yearly appointment and her rabies shot. I always had recieved a card when her scheduled time was approaching, however this year the card came days before she was due. As has been mentioned it can be weeks to get in. When trying to get an appointment I could not easily naviage my schedule as a busy Dr before the due date. I schedued for a date 6 days past the due date.I was told on the phone that as long as the animal was vaccinated within the same month they were due then the vaccine would be considered on time the animal could wait the 3 YEARS to get revaccinated. HOWEVER, when I was in with the technician she told me that this was NOT ACCUARTE and that because the appointment had gone over by 6 days that I would need to bring the dog back in 1 year, not 3. As a physician, I could not believe that professional staff would give out false information to a client .As I was checking out I asked to leave a message for Dr Treat to call me because I felt this was a breach in professionalism that she should know about. Haley felt that she would handle this and did not want to involve Dr Treat. She insisted that Dr Treat was a busy Dr, too busy to return a phone call to a client who was upset. It appeared to me that she didn't want Dr Treat to know about this event, and was trying to protect herself and perhaps other employees from having their unprofessionalism exposed to Dr Treat. In addition, I asked for an estimated to have a dog spade, and she gave me an estimate for a fullmouth extraction of my dogs teeth! The rudeness and unprofessioanlism that I experienced here, and it appears others are experiencing is in MY PROSESSIONAL OPINION COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. It is no surprise that I have not heard from Dr Treat, and i am assuming she was never given the message, because she has always called me back in the past whenever I have requested a call from her. I am planning on finding a new veternary clinic to take my animals to because I won't tolerate being treated in this manner by Dr Treats staff.

Sandra Clark

2 years ago

Love the staff! Helped us out of a jam with their boarding facilities! So grateful!

Mickey Crute

2 years ago

They have been taking care of our Schnauzer since we arrive in Tucson. They do a fantastic job. Staff are great, but I guess as all vet clinics are not cheap!

Bob Howell

2 years ago

Doctor Treat and her staff are great. It's sometimes hard to get in, there usually a couple weeks out. So if you need a quick appt have a plan B.

Debi Baker

2 years ago

Greenway misdiagnosis my beloved pet. Haley is unprofessional and uncaring. She needs to go to work where professional and caring employees are needed. My beloved pet passed because of their lack of fully understanding my pets diagnosis.

Teresa Dunahay

2 years ago

The staff and the vet are knowledgeable and caring with my cats and dog. Been going there for years. And I love the location, it's like being out in the country

Daniel Reed

3 years ago

Have had good experiences here. Taking care off all 3 of my dogs.

Beth Grimes

3 years ago

I moved here in October and have been seeking help for my older/ailing boy. Very kind and compassionate team that truly cares for my dog. Ultrasound and fine needle aspirate done fast and key communication and service from the veterinarian. Moving forward on testing and I am very pleased with the service and help that was given. I feel like I am finally getting answers, but it is all done with such care. I really can't say enough about how impressed I am.

Kristina Lee

3 years ago

Absolutely one of the best pet clinics I've ever used. The staff are absolutely lovely and patient. Everyone is very caring and nice and most of them know my dogs name and are nothing but sweet to her. I would highly recommend this vet to anyone!

Melody Bertolozzi

3 years ago

We love love love Greenway! The doctor and all the staff are phenomenal. Friendly, caring, professional, compassionate and reasonably priced. We've been patients for years and will as long as we have pets.

Julie Brignac

3 years ago

Excellent care for our dogs. Highly recommend.

Jay Dee Berryman

3 years ago

Great people, really care about you and your pet!

heather adams

3 years ago

I've had two instances where Greenway has been a lifesaver. The first occured years ago while boarding my dogs and they figured out one of my dogs had a disease that affected her nails. She eas immediately medicated and years later is stable. The second being recently when we could not get our other dog into any vets or ER's due to covid and 2020. They fit our boy in and took excellent care of him. So thankful for this clinic! He's not completely out of the woods yet but will be looked at again tomorrow.

Gloria Oddo

3 years ago

Always a pleasant experience for an anxious dog and its owner.

dawn houghton

3 years ago

Greenway was where I took my pets to for about 20 years. It had been a good clinic until the last couple years. This year my Buddy started seriously declining in health. The appointments started taking longer to get into. In September, as Buddy was in serious health trouble, it was 2 weeks to get him in. I was told it was dental month and I would just have to wait. Haley, the person I would speak to, was uncaring, and extremely unhelpful. I was left to find another vet as my dog was dying. My bitterness to Dr. Treat, Haley, and the whole situation will NEVER go away. I DO NOT recommend this vet clinic.


3 years ago

I know this from an inside source, but the people who have been working there for a while now are very awful to any new employees that start working there. There is a lot of negative talk about 1 worker who just started out in the field after going to school for that specific job, and now is being treated like they have no idea what they’re doing and should not be working there. Instead of being helpful or helping someone who only had experience from what they learned in school and should be giving them free on the job learning experience, instead they bring this new employee down by saying they are working incompetent, useless and should go back to school. This is not professional and apparently the doctor there knows about it and hasn’t said a word to any their employees. Another worker there currently, (both the new people there have been there a month and still currently there) has been doing this type of work for 4 years and has plenty of experience and many recommendation letters from doctors who have said proudly how well they work and perform for their customers and animals. The people who work there now for some reason might feel threatened by that and have been giving the new employee a very hard time and have made up lies about this employee and have brought it up to their doctor to council them. The new employee is shocked that they are being put in a made up position now, and now looks like someone who doesn’t give a damn about their job and is causing them to unfortunately move on to another clinic. They aren’t being fired, but that employee knows in their heart that they are a good worker and a valued employee and will not stay in a place that is very toxic from the inside. It may look like a nice place to bring your animals, and it may be, but the people who work there put on a fake smile, and harass one another there. That alone should help tell you that they may not be who they all seem. I know I’m some random person saying this, but this is all true unfortunately and I wish instead I could be writing something positive on somebody’s business that they worked hard on to build up, but unfortunately from myself and in the case of 2 other current employees, nothing nice can be said. Thanks for reading.

Ben Brewer

3 years ago

Best vet clinic in Tucson!

Pete W.Dodgie

3 years ago

Over the last 12 years the staff and Doctors have treated my three dogs with the care and tenderness they would give their own pets. They are upfront about costs and offer cash discounts for all payments.

Rena Betts

3 years ago

Everyone was very nice and seemed very professional and reasonable

J Louis

4 years ago

Took my older dog there for ultrasound and X-rays over a few visits. Staff very nice, helped take dog out to car after treatment. The Vet was excellent. Very caring, asked a lot of questions and listened to answers. Dog is doing much better thanks to Greenway. Parking and entryway to business not very handicapped friendly.

Jennifer P.

4 years ago

For a vacation, made a boarding reservation several weeks in advance and confirmed. I was contacted by front office staff less than 24 hours prior to scheduled start of boarding and told the space was needed and reservation cancelled. I asked if it was for an emergency and was told no and coldly told I should call around to find someplace else. My family has been customers at this location since the late 1990’s and this lack of dependability and care was extremely disappointing.

Sharon Kutok

4 years ago

Excellent, compassionate staff for our girls. Even our lhasas are content when we are there. We totally trust these vets.

susan knight

4 years ago

Very professional friendly clean. They doctor spent all the time that was needed to help us understand our dogs health issues. I feel that we are in highly capable professional hands. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good Veterinary practice

Joel Ketchum

5 years ago

Our vet was awesome and her blue hair was kinda cool. Our 2 great Danes love going there.

Sabrina Smith

5 years ago

2 very sick puppies and they handled us well. I liked the vet and loved the tech. But they did not have the best ability to handle the puppies illnesses. The tech was very honest with me about this and we did chose to go else where. Their price for care was alittle on the high side also.

James Dean Creations

6 years ago

Have taken great care of our extended family

Ali Anderson

6 years ago

We always board our dog here and she's been fine . We picked her up today after being out of town for a week and when we got home I noticed that she had been limping, I told my dad and he looked at her paw and there is a small cut across her back paw. Mind you , before we boarded her she was fine but now she's limping everywhere and not as energetic as usual. Even though when I called 4 days earlier they said she was fine . I don't know what happened but I'm honestly upset.

Brittany Everett

6 years ago

Been going here for 12 years but not until recently became a frequent visiter. I have an older cat that had some medical issues and they know we'll never give up on him until it's really time. A couple of vets recommended euthanasia with a failing colon disease Tobey had. Dr. Treat has helped us manage the disease and treat everything since. Even when there was a discrepancy in billing, they made it right and it meant a lot.

EJ Millstone

6 years ago

They're really great to our pets here and we've had bad experiences with other vets and Greenway is totally cool.

Elaine Ball

6 years ago

All 5 of my pets have been cared for here. My 2 dogs are boarded here when we travel.

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