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John Anglin

2 years ago

Not real happy. They were more interested in up selling me . Than they were in my Dogs Health. Hopefully it's just the vet we saw and not System Wide. Or I'll be getting a New Veterinarian office. Fast

Jan Halsey

2 years ago

Very welcoming staff with knowledgeable veterinarians, all who take the time to listen, explain procedures and follow up after all visits.

Jake Epley

2 years ago

First off I just want to say Thank You & Merry Christmas. On Christmas Eve our 8 week old puppy was in need of help. We were desperate to get a sutor removed. We are so grateful, it helped us relax & be able to enjoy a good christmas with family! Our puppy is already doing night & day better! Amazing how much better is doing now. Thank you so much for all you do and always taking good care of our babies. We have now had a total of 6 dogs visit you guys over the years. Thank you. *5 ???????????????????? 100%

Tara Mucciarone

2 years ago

I used to love taking my animals here and was a loyal customer for many many years. In the past when issues would arise with my pups I could call and get them in same day to be seen. Within the last year I’ve had a couple of times where my dogs have needed to be seen immediately with issues and they never have availability the day of. They’re always completely booked with no availability. I’m always told to call back the next day to see if they have cancellations or take my pet to the er vet. Unless it’s a routine visit for your animal don’t expect to be seen or helped.


2 years ago

Very happy with help I received from Dr and staff. From first call to checkout, everyone was friendly courteous and showed concern for my Sophie. I couldn't get in to see my regular vet, they are now closed on Fridays. I called White Tanks and after explaining Sophie's condition, they fitted me in the same day. I will be switching vets now, thank you White Tanks.

Nicole Garcia

2 years ago

Willing to help even when the staff is already booked! Goes above to help your 4 legged babies. Your team is so much appreciated by our family..

Kim Phillips

2 years ago

As you can imagine it’s hard to find a vet that will take a pet skunk. Our original vet is always booked out and can never get our skunk in if there’s an emergency. This vet fit her in on a Sunday, did not charge emergency fees, and I’ve never seen anyone love my pet skunk more, The entire staff loved her. I actually have made them my permanent vet for all of my animals now and the groomer for my skunk. If you want to take your pets somewhere that will love them and be patient with them to give them the care they need and they are not just a number. They will love them as you love them, I highly recommend to take them here.

Kerrie Palermo

2 years ago

So appreciate them fitting us in in our time of need. Professional, caring staff gave thorough information and outlined options. Follow-up has been very good.

Kyra Matthews

2 years ago

I called and was put on hold for 10 minutes, then they hong up on me. I called back, I advised her I was previously on hold and was disconnected. She advised : " I am doing the best I can ", then hung up on me again !!!

Sarah Kath

2 years ago

We’ve been coming to White Tanks for years for veterinary care and would never go anywhere else. All the Drs and staff are awesome. We recently started bringing our dog for grooming. Jen is a fabulous groomer, she does great job. We highly recommend White Tanks for any and all services!

Shelly Anderson

2 years ago

I can't say enough about the kindness and compassion I experienced during my very first visit to White Tanks Animal Hospital. My 15 yr old Chihuahua needed a cardiologist. The wonderful gals on the front desk worked with me to get her seen and treated quickly. The doctors at White Tank accommodated a follow up visit for x-rays and lab work even though they were booked solid before the holiday. These vets coordinate and work with the visiting cardiologist to provide care and follow up for my pup. This is definitely my forever animal hospital.

Zionn A

2 years ago

They either don’t answer calls or put you on hold for several minutes then hang up on you. Cannot count on them to provide care if your pet is ill. They have No availability for weeks. Unless it’s a routine check up don’t bother calling them!

Becky Stevens

2 years ago

White Tanks has taken care of my kitties for years and they are hands down the best in the West Valley. They truly care about my cats and they feel safe there. They are very helpful and accomodating to make sure that we get the best care needed.r helpful been going there for years and will continue!

Whitney Mull

2 years ago

I am very disappointed in the way the front office girl named Bailey treated my family. We go to vets because our fur babies need our help and the last thing we need is to be treated rude. It's unfortunate because we have spent over $1000 in the last several weeks and the doctors have been ok. BUT... I will NEVER bring my animals back to this place because of how I was treated by Bailey. I do not trust that she has the animals best interest at heart, a little empathy goes a long way when you have a sick animal. With this being her job, she should act like she cares a little more. Side note - Hailey was a doll, so caring and empathic to my situation.


2 years ago

I always feel safe, welcome, and am treated with kindness and respect when I arrive at White Tanks with my dog. In the 3 years plus we have lived here, bringing either one of my elderly German Shepherds in was always a good experience. When our old male was suffering seizures 3 or 4 times a day and we knew we had to say goodbye to him, your entire staff was kind, thoughtful, and caring, That helped us so much get through that very difficult time. Thank you all.

Eden Ullrich

2 years ago

I've taken all our three dogs here since we moved to the area in 2020. Service during COVID was much more organized than it is now. I called this morning as one of our dogs has a bleeding paw and a possible cyst - by 1PM I still didn't get a call back. When I finally got through to a live person after being on hold twice and then being disconnected both times, I was told they were short-staffed with both doctors and employees (not good on a Monday morning) so they wouldn't be able to squeeze in an appointment. I was then told to call back tomorrow at 7:30AM to see if there were any cancellations - I asked why she couldn't just squeeze me in for an appointment tomorrow, but was told my chances of getting an appointment were better if I did that. Poor system, poor business practice. I've lost trust in an office that I put the care of my family in and this isn't acceptable.

Carol Newman

2 years ago

Riley was there for a grooming appointment. His groomer was Jennifer. I would like for her and the office to know this was the best haircut he has received since Jax left. We loved Jax and I hope Jennifer will continue to be his groomer and contine to do great jobs.

Tim Johnson

2 years ago

I use to take all my dogs to white tank animal hospital iam no longer able to do that do to they just are not very reliable when it comes to taking your dog to the vet well all as i can say is try and make an appointment and see how fast you are able to get in they do more relocation to a new vet than they see patients thats sad they were awesome at one point but they lost 10 vets so there very understaffed

jordyn dyke

2 years ago

Our puppy Rambo ate something he shouldn’t have yesterday and had a reaction! White tanks was amazing, the receptionist was so accommodating over the phone and genuinely concerned with his symptoms. The doctor had us come in immediately. On arrival the entire staff was professional, having a tech do triage as soon as we got there. He spent the day on iv and had some X-rays done and was alert and feeling more like himself that evening and he could come home! They even kept me updated throughout the day with texts while he was there. I highly recommend going to see them for any pet needs!

Joseph Turchany

2 years ago

Took excellent care of our family member and her new puppies.

April Swartz

2 years ago

Very compassionate and knowledgeable, I had to take my best friend of 14 years there. They made the process as easy as they possibly could. Kyle was amazing, Thank you

William Esquivel

2 years ago

Dr. Melissa Berthiaume and the team at White Tanks Animal Hospital were extremely kind and understanding during a really tough decision to put our dog to sleep. They allowed us to have the time to grieve and really took care of our loved one. I will always recommend this Vet practice to every pet owner that I know. Thank you.

Shay A

2 years ago

I called this location today and was able to get into an appointment for an emergency visit. The ladies up front were very knowledgeable and friendly. I came in was helped right away. I was told that the wait maybe long. But it wasn’t I sat there for maybe 7 mins. Then when in the room maybe another 7 mins. My dog was nervous and the vet showed nothing but kindness. Made the examination quick but efficient. She explained things very well and let me know what to expect for wait time on results. Also let me know if anything happens in the time between to call. Great place. You don’t find places like this often. The plus here is that they have a grooming salon as well.

Patricia Van Every

2 years ago

I am so happy they have been there for us in emergency situations. I have been on the shots for life program. Now I have aging pets with health issues and they are always been there to help. They are very caring and knowledgeable I thank all their staff.

Mollanda Mazzo

2 years ago

The vets and the entire staff are very friendly, helpful, and great with our dogs and cat. They’re patient with answering questions and never pushy when it comes to coming up with a mutually agreeable treatment plan. We’ve been with White Tanks since we moved here 8 years ago and I wouldn’t want to take my animals anywhere else! I would highly recommend them to anyone!


2 years ago

The staff at White Tanks are so precessional and nice every time we visit. You can tell they care about our pets and that they love animals. I am so glad we found this place to take care of our fur babies.

Lisa Pritchard

2 years ago

Whenever I need to take any of my pets into the White Tanks Animal Hospital, I always have a great experience! All the staff is kind and caring to my pets and myself when I am there. They also respond/call back when they say they are going to and when you are waiting for a result on a test or need to make an appointment, that meanings a lot when you are worried about your pets. I highly recommend them to all those who are looking for a great place to bring your pets!

Tabhata Mongrut

2 years ago

I can't put into words how deeply I miss my little boy. He meant everything to me and he was my best friend. He kept me company and helped ease the loneliness while my wife was away for work and I had to stay stationed here. Thank you so much for not only being available on the weekend, but for also making time to get rid of Marston's pain on such short notice. We just couldn't make it one more day watching him deteriorate. All of you were so kind and understanding. The letter I received in the mail, meant so much to me. Thank you for showing me that other's cared for my baby as much as I cared for him. Your love for animals has not gone unnoticed in our family.

Shawn Kemp

2 years ago

If I could give a zero as a review I would but I can’t so this will have to do. I will keep my review of White Tanks Animal Hospital & Grooming strictly to facts. I have been living in Surprise since 2008, and, when asked about Vets and who was the best, I had always heard from everyone I had ever met that White Tanks were the premier vet service in town. Apparently, things have changed. Short version is this……I took my dog into White Tank in January because he had some type of cyst/growth on his lower back paw. At the time of the visit, I paid the Exam Fee and was talked into bringing my other 3 dogs to them on a regular basis. The initial visit went well, and I agreed to the lifetime vaccinations for all 4 dogs and made appointments. 1. No one at the time explained to me that there would be additional fees every time we walked through the door, even though we asked before the other dogs visits how much it would be so that we could pay everything all at once. 2. I was told that my dogs’ cyst/growth was something normal that dogs in AZ sometimes get and that the lab results came back non-cancerous (there was a fee for that) 3. I was given 2 antibiotics for my dog to take, and he was given them as directed, the cyst/growth went down but never went completely away. 4. When the vet called, approximately 1 or 2 later, to check up on my dogs’ condition, it was said at that time that it has went down significantly but not fully gone. Was told there was nothing worry about that the full cycle of the antibiotics had not had the full amount of time to take effect. 5. 2 weeks later when my wife returned home (approx. 1st week of March), the cyst/growth had grown again. 6. When I called and asked if he could be seen again and after explaining that there was a significant change in the wrong direction, we were told to bring him back. Imagine my surprise (no pun intended) when my wife calls me from the vet telling me that there was another fee associated with the visit and diagnosis. 7. I asked at that time why should there be when obviously the out-of-pocket antibiotics didn’t work. So, we paid for the visit again and paid for another round of medicine for him. 8. I’ll give everyone reading this one good guess as to what happens next. Yup, the cyst/growth is back the size of a golf ball at the point. 9. Called again to see if they could see him to finally figure out what this is and was told that 10. They do not have enough staff to see him until next month in July. 11. It was mentioned/asked what would happen if I just brought my dog there as a walk in (which is advertised) what would happen then? 12. Was told that he (my dog) as well as other dogs, would be turned away. Are they serious right now? I do not know about anyone else’s experience with White Tanks but me and my family are feeling like our dogs do not matter to them. The only thing that matters is “money”. Some of the girls who answer the phone are pleasant and I genuinely feel sorry for them that these “vets” (animal lovers, at least they say) throw them under the bus to deal with upset, hurt, and angry customers like me. Between January and April, we paid a couple of thousand dollars to this group and my dog still is not fine. And the best they can do is next month in July? And get this, you guessed it, there will be an additional Exam Fee and charges for anything additional to that. People like me and my family, we love our dogs and treat them as they are our kids. We are good hard-working people and only want/asked for some common courtesy, compassion, and some love for my dog. Covid 19 took a lot out of and away from people this past year, and, as things move forward like this situation, I fear that Covid took some hearts and souls with it. I will never again take my dogs there nor will I ever suggest anyone I know to take their dogs there. It’s a shame how a group can go from being number 1 to falling this low. Smk & Mck We will be sending this to the BBB as well because we truly feel like we paid for nothing

Ivy Richards

2 years ago

Great Vet! Very knowledgeable and understanding of our baby, and answered all of my questions. Never once felt like we were a bother or that they didn’t have the time. Will be bringing our pet family here moving forward!

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