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Polly Cameron

2 years ago

I started with this vet service upon a friend's recommendation about two years ago. The people and vets are nice. When you can get in! Granted, covid has thrown everything off, and we all have learned to live with that. However, recently I called and they only had a voice mail service, saying that they were extremely short-staffed, but leave a message and they would return my call by the end of the day. Nothing. Called again, left a message, nothing. Granted, what I wanted wasn't an emergency, just information, but don't say you will call back by the end of the day and then not even bother to call. Since I can go closer to home for a vet, I have now done so, because I need a vet who will return calls and/or answer the phone.


2 years ago

This place is fantastic, they all care about animals and their prices are fair!

Brenda Sasso

2 years ago

Our dog was in immense pain and after a trip to an emergency pet hospital in the middle of the night we found out she needed major surgery. We called Dr. Lorna Lanman’s emergency after hour number and she answered. We told her our situation. She immediately arranged her team and saved our girl. I might add this was on a Sunday. The love and care of this practice goes beyond just basics care of animals. We highly recommend them for all your pets needs! Thank you from the Sasso’s

Patrick Musante

2 years ago

Best vet in the valley. Saved my cat more than a few times from death. Thanks Lorna. Pmusante

Michele Castaneda

2 years ago

My co worker recommended this vet and I cannot speak highly enough of them! I have 2 Chi's, 1 who has had horrible allergies and a yeast issue most of his life, the other is a teacup. I've tried multiple but everything has been a Band-Aid instead of an actual solution. Dr. Dorto and the tech who assisted recommended I switch the protein in his diet to a cool meat for the summer months and hot for the winter. They suggested catfish, whitefish, kangaroo, rabbit, or a neutral beef or buffalo. Well, my teacup Chi would not even touch the fish so I went with some Zignature kangaroo and the PureVita beef and red lentils. The boys absolutely love both! They also recommended Chinese herbs for him, Wind Toxin specifically, due to his Heat. I've only been giving it to him for a few days and already his skin feels much cooler! Oscar is living his best life

B o b B rooks

2 years ago

I have had dogs all of my life and this is the best vet that I've ever met

Sam Cheever

2 years ago

Great service & diagnostic testing.Just found out my dog has Guardia parasites growing rapidly in his gut! ????

Hannah Pace

2 years ago

The staff was so wonderful to me and my boy Kyojin and worked with our financial issues with no question. Definitely our new permanent vet clinic.

tiffany farino

2 years ago

The main vet Dr Lorna is a very good vet...if you are lucky enough to see HER. We have had multiple bad experiences with another vet at the location. I honestly wish I had never taken my dog in for her procedures. She was better off before them. The communication on their cost is also very inconsistent. A follow up after procedure is said to not include an office visit charge however it depends on which vet you see. They also take it upon themselves to increase your cost where they can. I dropped in for a med refill for one of my pets and they informed me the cost has gone up. Okay, that stinks but alright. Then I find it's not just that the cost went up. They took it upon themselves to max out my cost and increase the quantities of my meds and told me I will need to specify quantity in the future. The many times I have filled the same script and the quantity has been the same, but now it's my responsibility to specify that I do not want them maxing out the cost. I was offered a credit to my account there, not a refund for the transaction I did 10 minutes prior-a credit. This office needs to understand your patient may be the animal, but the paying customer is the owner and we deserve to be treated decently as well.

Deb Leef

2 years ago

When they heard what was going on, they fit my kitty in in 2 days, and we weren’t even existing clients! We will be now! Dr. Lanman saw him Saturday, 5/15/2021, for a growth he suddenly started licking at and got opened and bleeding. She’s going to be removing it Saturday. The care at PetsVet and particularly from Dr. Lanman is like the care I used to get from my vet back in PA. I have not found that in AZ until now! Thank you

Joshua C

3 years ago

What other vet office has after-hours answering service where you can speak to a qualified person to discuss your pet's health? I was shocked at the level of customer service I experienced when I called the office at 10:30pm and actually spoke with someone. The following morning, I was at the office first thing with my very pregnant and past-due dog who was having delivery issues. Within mins of walking in the door, the staff was quick to access and medicate and within hours, we were sent home with eight healthy puppies and a proud momma. Thank you to Ashley, JJ and the rest of the team for all you did to calm our nerves and help. You created a life-long customer and we will insist our puppies owners utilize your office for all their Vet needs. :)

Save Animals

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about this hospital. They took a dying Foster dog of mine that belonged to a homeless man who loves his dog more than anything in the world. I offered to help cover the costs. Unfortunately, they had to remove a kidney due to infection that she came into their hospital with. The dog was not doing well at all, and they gave a dog to dog blood transfusion from an Irish setter... they almost had to euthanize Josie. But this hospital refused to give up. NOT MANY VETERINARIANS THAT I KNOW OF WOULD OF GONE THIS ABOVE AND BEYOND LIKE PETSVET. They stayed with this dog around-the-clock for 19 days and I'm happy to report that she is alive although she is still fighting with an infection she was finally released from critical care to stable. This is not the 1st time this doctor has actually saved a dog that was dying that I brought in. I take extremely hard case dogs in, and Foster them. The last dog they said was thrown in the trash can on his head locked in a cage at only 8wks old . His name was trooper. I can also tell you that their prices are worth the drive. They are so unselfish at this clinic. Everybody should have a Dr LANMAN!! Trisha is an extraordinary vet tech!! I don't know what we would do if they hadn't saved Josie's life♡ Thanks Chunk for donating your Irish setter blood Thank you from Passionate People 4 Paws ♡

Elodia Fernandez

3 years ago

Took one of my babies in for acl surgery. I was so worried that they went out of their way to schedule him asap. They are so busy but treat everyone like they're the only patient. I love that they practice holistic medicine too. Highly recommend!!! Everyone truly cares about our fur babies. Great staff. Bruno is doing amazing!!!

Dewey Jurgens

3 years ago

They are just awesome

Reeve Hutchens

3 years ago

I found a kitten in my yard and they slipped us in right away. Extremely friendly and so kind. The only place I will take my pets!

Suzy Lillywhite

3 years ago

Edit: we have taken 4 of our dogs to Dr. Lanman over the years. One was a minpin with a uterine infection that required surgery. Another was a 6lb chihuahua with parvo that she helped us treat at home. Another was a 9lb chihuahua that was attacked by a coyote and most recently was our pitbull Lucy that literally ate a baseball and required surgery to remove the inner cork that created a bowel obstruction. Every time we come to this vet office, the staff is wonderful and Dr. Lanman is the best. They are reasonably priced and Dr Lanman really cares about the animals. We will always come here. Thank you to everyone at the office as well!

Sueann Bishop

3 years ago

I have been going to Petsvet for over 15 years! Dr. Lorna Lanman is awesome!! She is the only one my family , friends and I take our little loved ones too!

Nicole Spickerman

3 years ago

My oldest corgi, Kiba, (on the table) is 9 and we've been to a wide variety of vet's over his life time. Petsvet is seriously the BEST one ever!! I've very particular about what I give to my corgis to eat and other vets have given me dirty looks for feeding them high quality foods and sometimes raw. I'm also a fan of Western medicine and the other vets would be amazed at how quickly I could get my dogs to heal between visits. Then when they asked me how, I would tell them what I did, and they would just be annoyed with me. Here though, they embrace it all!! Though Western medicine should be used more as a back up to modern medicine and they know that here too! I just absolutely love Dr. Lorena, Dr. Dorto, and all the rest of the staff here!!! Always super friendly, actually listen to my concerns and gut feelings, and always have my corgis best interest in mind! I recommend Petsvet to everyone I know!!!


3 years ago

My rabbit Fritz, was showing signs of gi stasis and pneumonia. Before I came here with my dad I had no idea what was wrong with him. Sadly my rabbit didn't make it and had to be put down. The people at Petsvet are some of the most wholesome people I have ever met. They showed that they cared about me and my rabbit. They gave us discounts and let me be with Fritz before his euthanasia. They did not rush me or show any sign of rudeness. Everyone there said they were sorry for my loss and I'm so happy that my little guy isn't suffering anymore. Farewell little guy, you will be missed and I will never forget the sweet times we had together. In memory of my beloved Fritz????

Kevin Douglas

3 years ago

I've been taking my animals to Petsvet for over a year now. I purchased a puppy this year and despite the efforts of staff he passed from a kennel disease. All of my cats are clients here and I couldn't be happier with them. The staff are wonderful and the docs are excellent. My pet sitter recommended this office to me and I am furr-ever grateful!

Julie Barnhill

3 years ago

Dr. Lanman and her staff are the very best. Have been going here for years. They are so kind and compassionate. I honestly don't know what we would do without them in the good times and not so good times with our dogs.

John Johnson

3 years ago

Very honest and helpful, made sure our pets are well taken care of and didn’t try the car salesman tactics that other vets do. They genuinely care about animals.

Janell Mitchell

3 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this place! They’re always so great to work with, easy to get into and so reasonable on price. We drive past other vets on the way there that are closer, but PetsVet is so worth the drive. Our dogs aren’t afraid to go and the staff is so caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to find a great quality vet and modest prices.

Diana Greene

3 years ago

The best vet ever! So compassionate and they go above and beyond to help my fur kids.

Cassandra Hilton

3 years ago

I highly recommend this veterinarian office for your beloved pet. The staff is courteous, caring, excellent listeners and very detailed oriented. Dr. Vicki Harris is patient, nurturing and highly skilled while assessing your pets' needs. Thank you for the exceptional service!! Thank you for going above and beyond for Zoe and all others!! ???? Krysta, Heather, Bree, and Christy, I hold in high regard - Thank you so much for understanding. ????

Hobby Dancer

4 years ago

I was very impressed with their service and how last minute they took us in for our dog was vomiting and had diarrhea with blood in the stool. The price was great too! Love that they have holistic care as well! This will be my dogs vet from now on and will pass it along to anyone who else may need care. Thank you so much!!

Katy P

4 years ago

I have had my pets cared for by Dr. Lanman for over 10 years and cannot imagine going elsewhere... My dogs actually get excited to go see Dr. Lanman. Not just traditional medicine either, chiropractic services, acupuncture and they even stock food and treats.

Joanne Maillet

4 years ago

Thank you Dr Lanman & staff for the compassion you all have. Ive been coming here for the last 10 yrs with my sanctuary dogs and they have received the best vet care. Now they are at the end of their lives and having to deal with losing one after another has been heartbreaking but you all have made it easier for me with how much you care. 10 STARS if i could!

Kevin Mendenhall

4 years ago

I love this place. Our pets are the most important thing to us and we feel completely at ease having PetsVet care for our dogs. They seem to focus on holistic treatments and good diet, and so far this has worked wonders for us. I took one of our dogs off of the food that we had been getting through them and not long after, she started acting like she was anxious. She was pacing back and forth, breathing heavily, etc. They do this test (I believe it's Chinese medicine) where they test the dog for different foods then give you samples of the ones that are good for them to see if the dog likes it. Not to mention that they do acupuncture as well. This helped with some hip issues that one of our dogs was having. I can't say enough good about these guys. Good, friendly, caring people!

Georgia SW

4 years ago

We have 3 dogs who have been going to Petsvet for years. Dr. Lanman and team have treated our dogs so well for each and every visit. We are always seen on time, given great treatment and the prices are very reasonable. Yesterday was the 2nd emergency visit for our 10.5 yr old Pomeranian. This was the second time I called in a panic for my girl and I was immediately consoled and taken care of. They went out of their way to see her and take care of her they make sure we know not to hesitate to contact them if we need anything. From the reception to the techs to the vets we have always received awesome service. Thank you Petsvet!

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