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Jayne Pierce

2 years ago

Nothing lower than a one star? For 2 years every refill time we fight with roadrunner. It takes 10 days to make the medicine and 5-10 to mail it. We are on auto-refill, they have our card… buy a tv with it for all I care but make my dogs …

Sarah Monje

2 years ago

Cliff’s notes versioin: Their packaging and shipping take so long your pet may not make it until you get the Rx, they aren’t transparent about how long it will take, and they won’t allow anyone to pick it up. If you want to pick up near Phoenix, try civic center or avrio in Scottsdale. They allow pick-up. I’ve been with RR for maybe 2 years, and shipping was always pretty prompt until December 2021. My cat needs to try an appetite stimulant because she stopped eating and has almost disappeared. I ordered it as soon as I received their email on Wednesday before New Years. I honestly wanted to drive there and pick it up, but they said they don’t allow that since the pandemic. When animals and their family need a medicine right away, they need it right away. There are so many complaints about the shipping on here, but I tried to bypass that and make it easier (and save $20 and 2 days). The next business day, Thursday, they did not put it in the mail. Obviously, they didn’t do it on NYE, New Year’s Day, or Sunday. They didn’t do it Monday, either, so each day I looked for the delivery and was disappointed. Finally, Tuesday morning I got a notification that they shipped it. I wish I had known this before I ordered. PLEASE, find a way to let customers drive up to your pharmacy and pick up their paid-for medicines. It has been 2 years, and if the Olive Garden can do it, so can you. Cats can’t starve for 6 days. :(

diane peterson

2 years ago

I am so appreciative of compounding pharmacies pharmacies I'm not sure everyone realizes that every pet medicine practically can be made into any flavor any form chewy ball, liquid Something that you apply to the ear flap. just makes life so much easier

Isthian Lyon

2 years ago

This company has been a rollercoaster of service. The first shipment was delivered in only 3 days, amazing! First time I call in for a refill they assure me it's always 2 day shipping so I can call same week and expect to be refilled. 2nd time I call in the person very coldly explains it's 7-10 business days before shipping and that's all they'll quote me on, 2 day shipping is usual but not guaranteed. 3rd person says oh it is 7-10 business days but it's always 2 day shipping. This all would rate 3 stars at worst, but now I've been waiting over 3 weeks since my vet first sent in approval to renew the prescription and on day 7 since they finally approved and still no shipment. Called into customer service and no cares given this has been on their side for close to a month. Now I'm stuck bothering my vet for other options when I should have had my refill weeks ago.

Danya Good

2 years ago

Excellent service and fast shipping.

Sharon Dzuranin

2 years ago

This is the nicest company. So easy to work with and my cat always receives a gift I her delivery

Blaine Guymon

2 years ago

I used to really like Roadrunner...but not anymore. I have to write this to get it off my chest because I'm really bothered by my most recent interaction with this company. Last week I wanted to order a refill for 2x fluoxetine click-pens, initially I couldn't find the Rx number for the latest prescription so I typed in a Rx number from earlier this year that only included 1x click-pen, online said it still had one refill, my order processed, received confirmation email, so I thought I should be good to go. Flash forward to today, up to this point I've received the order confirmation but nothing else, so I decided to call. The lady I spoke with, besides being obstinate, informed me that the prescription was in limbo because it in fact did not have any refills (she wrongly claimed that online doesn't even show refill counts) and they would have attempted to contact my vet to get it approved but my vet office doesn't have a fax machine so there's nothing they can do. This lady then had the audacity to point out all of the things I did "wrong". "You should have known your vet doesn't have a fax machine and that's required to get authorization for new refills, online doesn't show refills and you didn't have any, why did you use an old prescription our system old Rx's are archived as soon as a new one comes through and can't be used anymore despite allowing you to check out with them, you should have known this." She seemed thoroughly floored that I suggested there's no way I could be expected to know any of those things and that maybe they should add some simple disclaimers on their website. Above everything else, I think what upsets me the most is that with this sequence of events my prescription would have been in perpetual limbo and they didn't contact me about it and had no intention to. How can I put my trust in an operation like this? I've been willing to look past some other infractions in the past, such as inconsistent refill reminders and an event late last year when their pharmacy was running a month behind without any sort of notice before or after ordering. But combined with this most recent interaction, I've come to the conclusion that finding another vet pharmacy to fill my needs is the only solution. I can't depend on Roadrunner Pharmacy anymore and my pets lives are too important.

Alicia Berrios

2 years ago

I have a dog that is on an eye drop for life. For awhile I had a good experience. Refills were easy. Quick. Got my meds without waiting. Has something changed with this business recently? Now medications are always out. I cannot place an order. Online. Over the phone. Nothing. Luckily her medication is not life threatening. But if you have a pet that has a serious medical condition, I would not use this pharmacy. They’re not reliable. Update: I now use 1800 pet meds and have learned the price is nearly half the cost. Didn’t know this until I switched companies. Roadrunner is also overpriced.

Jena Becnel

2 years ago

I had a few refills left on my dogs prescription before it was to expire. I decided to place a refill order but was told the prescription had already expired which it wasn't. I'm looking for a new pharmacy!

Cristine Cline

2 years ago

I got a shipping email the same day as I placed my order and it arrived within the reported time frame, which was great! The amount I was told on the phone was a few dollars less than what I was actually charged, which I did not like, but I still feel the price is reasonable. The gentleman I spoke to to place my order was very pleasant and answered questions. I was a little disappointed (after reading several reviews saying their cats received toys) when my cat did not receive a toy :( Overall, good experience so far.


2 years ago

GREATLY increased the already steep pricing of my cats medication, used to flavor my cat’s medication for free (as it is in liquid form) but stopped offering that after the second refill. A bummer!

Allison Mattioli

2 years ago

Honestly never thought I’d be reviewing a veterinary pharmacy…but here I am. Not only is this just about the only pharmacy that compounds the unusual dosage my kitty requires, but they have exceptional customer service on top of it, which is *such* a rarity these days. Whoever decided to toss in a cat toy in each shipment - give them a raise! My cat has LOVED each one far more than any of the ones I’ve bought her at the store, especially this fluffy little sheep. Thank you!

Cynthia Speck

2 years ago

I tried this several times but evidently you got to leave at least one star. I can't even give them one star they sent the wrong medication and my dog died because of it. Everybody makes mistakes but they were less than friendly when I called and asked them to please please overnight the medication and they refused. I can't even give one star my dog died.

Rowan Orloff

2 years ago

Absolutely horrible service. Made my best friend cry over the phone because of her disgusting attitude and customer service while she was trying to get medication for her sick puppies. WOULD NOT RECCOMEND IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR PETS.

To A Tsvcs

2 years ago

I was told prescription for my cat would arrive 8/28 then was called because of Labor day would be Tues, and on it goes until now I STILL have not received it. I have spoken to several reps all with different answers. apparently they ran out of the medication? How does any responsible pharmacy let that happen? You don't wait until it's out of stock to prepare another, especially when it takes so long. Poor planning. Plus the tool they use to dispense the medication is faulty.

Carol Joyce Mountain

2 years ago

Paid $20.00 extra to have my 13 year old cat with lymphoma to get his meds sooner. Day 3 and it still has not even shipped yet. And they will not refund my $20.00. They were great when I used them 6 years ago. Now I cannot recommend. I would remove this bad review if they would refund my $20.00.


2 years ago

Roadrunner pharmacy is great. I have senior pets who take a lot of expensive medicines and roadrunner makes it so much more affordable to get their meds. Their customer service is great, the products always get to me faster than promised, and they send a toy with every box.

Helarne Hunter

2 years ago

Six months ago I would have given them a five star review. Now? Something has changed at the company and not for the better. They used to have a same day turn around most of the time, next morning at worst. Now? The fill time has steadily gotten longer. At the moment it seems to be at least three days. The price that I am paying for the medication has jumped by half. Worse customer service and massive price increases, sounds like big pharma to me.

Jill Weekley

2 years ago

I have recieved 2 months so far from roadrunner pharmacy of Gabapentin for my old lady kimshi. I have so far enjoyed there services. Fast and reliable. I was pleasantly surprised with the kitty toy for kimshi included. Thought what a great welcome. But lil toy mice came with her next refill. I think that is super sweet. Very happy and will continue with their service.

Phil Shuster

2 years ago

Literally IMPOSSIBLE to order a refill prescription on the weekend either by phone or on their website. Will not take any of my personal information or prescription number. Very poor service for a much needed prescription refill!

silver slammer

2 years ago

They send your pet toys with your prescription too!

Donna Delver

2 years ago

Best place to get compound medicine. Very helpful and the woman I talked to had great sense of humor.

Matt Dolch

2 years ago

Good pharmacy and service but is passing along huge price increases at the moment, some of 50-100%. So shop around...

sarah holland

2 years ago

My puppies medication arrived within the time frame given, and was exactly as prescribed. They took time to explain their process and explore flavors my dog might enjoy. I will continue to procure my dogs medication from them. Murray (dog) says thanks for the new toy.

Sheppard Lake

2 years ago

I have used Roadrunner for years and until recently, they have been great. They were efficient and always included a cat toy in the delivery. (Otherwise it would be one star.) The past few times, they have been late and their customer service has been suffering. This time was the worst. My prescription was called in and I spoke to them about delivery as I was going to run out of the medication my cat needed if it did not arrive within the time period they provided. I called a day before the delivery date they promised to ensure it was coming. The woman on the phone said she would have never promised me a date for delivery - they are understaffed. She then went through the protocols they have. I said I understood and someone else had promised me that. She said it would ship out today but it would likely be Monday before I received it. (It was promised by Friday at the latest.) When I asked if it could be sent overnight to arrive tomorrow (Friday), she said, "Oh I didn't think of that," and put me on hold. She said she made the request and I would get an email when it shipped. I could track it then. I received the email and it had been shipped USPS (not overnight or two-day). They had never shipped USPS before so they only had my physical address...which doesn't receive mail. (I know - it's weird but they don't deliver to houses where I live - you have to have a PO Box.) I immediately called and explained the situation. Instead of offering to help, the woman I spoke with said she would send it to the escalation team and I should get a call later today or tomorrow - when the script is needed. I told her I really needed to speak with someone today so that we could get it overnighted for Friday delivery. She repeated their protocols. I asked if I could be transferred. No, that's not their protocol. It seems they care more about protocols than the needs of their patients. Thanks goodness for Carefree Compounding who went above and beyond to ensure I had my cat's prescription the next day. So, I won't be using Roadrunner again. If you do, be sure you have plenty of time. Or, have your vet call Carefree Compounding - they are WONDERFUL!

Al Adams

2 years ago

I have been using Roadrunner for four months now and having nothing but good things to say about them. Their staff is always friendly and helpful and they get my cats meds to me very quickly. Great place!

JoMarie Anton

2 years ago

I’ve been a roadrunner customer for over 6 yrs. staff is always friendly and helpful. I called to refill our script and was given the price ???? it was raised $40 for the exact same med I’ve gotten for over two years. When the new company bought them out they RAISED the prices....I’m beyond disgusted. The drug did not go up anywhere else just here. So sadly I will now be looking for a different compounding pharmacy that doesn’t price gouge it’s customers. And NO it isn’t the med cost that went up I checked. So buyer beware and check your prices with other non covetus owned pharmacies.

Casey Hauschild

2 years ago

Every other compounding pharmacy and really any pharmacy will give you a quote before having your doc send in the prescription but not this place. I would like a quote to know what I’m paying before signing up and getting stuck. Guess my business will be going elsewhere.

Diane Nicoletti

2 years ago

Very professional atmosphere. Mr Rochefort is a great pharmacist. His advice has helped me many times. Thank you!

Ariane Frappier

2 years ago

Medicine arrived so quickly, very polite staff and love the cute toy they sent with it! Also good price!

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