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2 years ago

Love this place. My dog is a rescue puppy and they show him an incredible amount of love and attention. The staff here are devoted animal lovers. They know just how to handle him despite his imposing physical strength and size. Going here daily is part of his routine, and I would not change it.

Kristin Moore

2 years ago

Our girl loves this place! We've tried other options for her while traveling, but this has been her favorite. After her first visit, our nervous girl was excited to return!

Lori Entwistle

2 years ago

Christine the groomer is fantastic! Kind to pet and family. My pup is a handful, she does a wonderful job and is positive and encouraging. All other staff is great too!!

Rory O'Neill

2 years ago

After our usual place was booked solid, we reached out to Boulder Falls to board our dog for a week. Our dog can sometimes be a handful (high energy) and unfortunately he doesn't always get along with other dogs, so when we board him we request that he doesn't have group playtime or activities. Because of this, we were concerned about finding a new boarding facility that would accommodate him and how he would behave in a new setting for a whole week. Not only did Boulder Falls accommodate us, they were extremely helpful and communicative at every step as we set things up (vaccination documentation, etc.) for a first-time boarder. And Hobie seemed to love his time there! Plus, we ended up adding a bath and nail trim with Nikki, and my wife and I are marveling at how handsome he looks! Very thankful for the entire Boulder Falls team for making sure he was comfortable for an entire week and accommodating our requests. We would HIGHLY recommend Boulder Falls for both boarding and grooming, particularly if you are like us and looking for some place that does well with reactive dogs, or dogs that may just prefer more personal space. Thank you Boulder Falls!

Garrett Lopez

2 years ago

Always friendly! They truly do love your pets like you do. Grooming is the best around.

Guilherme Blumenthal

2 years ago

Great service!! Christine is a star!!!

Sandra Roosna

3 years ago

They did a great job taking care of our foster dog while we were traveling for a week. She came home so much happier and more confident than she was when we dropped her off. Thank you!!

Vee Swan

3 years ago

LOVE everything about Boulder Falls and Ava (my precious little nugget) especially LOVES to go! Melissa (the owner) and her team members go above and beyond and are absolutely amazing in their services! Need a place for your fur baby to go for playtime, kenneling, grooming? Look no further! They truly are AMAZING!!!

R Lavender

3 years ago

Christine is the absolute best dog groomer.

Michael Molloy

3 years ago

They were able to accommodate my wife and I as our day care stay turned into two nights. They were understanding and more than helpful. Great care for both the yellow lab and chihuahua. Definitely would recommend.

Maurice Viscuso

3 years ago

Kristine the Groomer did a FANTASTIC JOB grooming my dog. Helooks GREAT.


3 years ago

Best place. My dogs live it there. People are super nice. Great facility. You can tell they all care about dogs. Highly recommend.

Jessica Shuster

3 years ago

I have two dogs that we rescued from abusive homes. They're a little quirky and scared and can sometimes be aggressive. Boulder falls pet resort has taken my dogs and have worked with them to help me in the process of getting them to trust people and other animals.

Claudia Burke

3 years ago

Boulder Falls pet resort is an excellent place to bring dogs. They care about your pets and staff does a great job caring for them.

Barbara Aldieri

3 years ago

We take our dog their for grooming! They do a great job!!!

Diane Kohl

4 years ago

Wonderful staff. My dog actually lives this place. She is always happy when I take her and pick her up.

Steve Austin

4 years ago

They treat your pet as if it was their own

Carrie Dumont

4 years ago

Great place, I bring my son's baby (Luna the pitbull, who really has no clue she's a dog lol) there on the days gramma can't babysit, she is 9 months old. They welcome her with open arms, has great play time with the other dogs and comes home tired. Thank you for accepting all breeds and not judging because of breed his makes you a step above the rest!! Here is a snap of her all tuckered out after a day at boulder falls day care :)

Greg Thielen

4 years ago

They take great care of our dog Cruz! When we drop him off his tail is waging and he is excited to be there. Makes us feel great knowing he is in caring hands!

Lisa Krieger

4 years ago

Imagine placing your happy, healthy little 15-pound Poodle/Pekingese mix bundle of love into the care of this “pet resort”, only to be notified less than 20 hours later by an emergency vet hospital that he is severely injured, having been bitten in the face, with his eye irreparably ripped out, by a 53-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix. How could this have happened?? The last 4 months have been a pure nightmare, with my pup requiring several surgeries and 24/7 around the clock care. He has endured excruciating pain and confusion, and I have endured many sleepless nights with him wailing in pain and having nightmares. What is even more appalling are the lies I was told and the sheer lack of accountability on the part of Melissa Meyer and Boulder Falls Pet Resort. In the 2 weeks prior to placing my pup in their care, I toured their facility 2 separate times. Both times I was shown 3 areas that they use to let the dogs outside….. one small area for tiny dogs; one small area for dogs requiring individual play only; and one area which is the large, main outside play area. I was told that all dogs are required to have their behavior assessed before being boarded at their facility or allowed into the large, main outside play area, so I scheduled him a 3 hour stay for this assessment. Upon picking him up, I was told that he did great, and their own notes indicated he is “good with smalls”. Since he was too big to be with the tiny dogs, and didn’t require individual play, I was assured that he would only be in the large, main play area and grouped with other dogs that are similar in size and temperament. This is obviously NOT what happened. Upon meeting with Melissa Meyer at the facility a week after this incident, I was told that my pup was not in the large, main outside area as I had been assured, but rather had been put in the small area for dogs requiring individual play. And not only was he not alone, he had been placed in this small space with the 53-pound dog and 3 other smalls! When questioning Melissa how they could have allowed this to happen, she responded in a whiny voice, “Well, not all big dogs can be around other big dogs”. HUH? I was shocked and disgusted by her lack of concern and blatant disregard for my dog’s safety. I filed a claim against their insurance company, and most of my pup’s medical costs have been covered. However, Melissa Meyer and the other owners of Boulder Falls Pet Resort have refused to take responsibility and reimburse me for the money I am out of pocket due to this vacation that was cut short after 8 hours of arrival (flights, hotel, transportation), or for my son’s emergency time off work to deal with this before I could get home. Nor have they provided any compensation for the months of pain and suffering on my part and my pup’s part.

Madonna Fritz

4 years ago

Excellent place to have your own groomed. Kenneling is an experience your pet will enjoy immensely.

Martin Wik

4 years ago

Great care and boarding of family pets

Michelle Fischer

4 years ago

I live right next door to petsmart which I thought was the cheapest when it came to doggie day camp. Turns out petsmart is more expensive AND they don’t have outdoor play like boulder falls does! The boarding is also cheaper AND includes the outdoor play time unlike petsmart! It’s been great for my girl!! Update: I have been taking my dog ever since I posted AND love it even more. The owners are very family oriented and actually care about their customers and pets. When my dog became sick and I had to cancel my appointment they genuinely cared about her. They called back to check on her! Such a great place.


4 years ago

This is where we always leave our pups. They love it and we are comforted knowing they are safe and having fun

Robert Simpson

4 years ago

The only place for my baby. Safe and clean. They will be treated like family.

Ty Godyn

4 years ago

I wanted to recommend this place and the staff that watches your dog in the back is very nice plus the yard they have is large so my dog I know has fun but the front house staff is very shady. First bad experience was between 9/29-10/1 when my gf and I boarded our dogs here. I’ve come here before w/dog for daycare and thought this place would be great for boarding but when we picked up almost all the food we gave him was still there (we measured it before and after and hey gave our dogs 2 cups of food in a 3 day period ☹️). When we asked the girl working these days (she was there when we dropped them off and picked them up) just blamed the staff in the back and said she would never let that happen. Also they charge more if you don’t pickup your dog by noon which is fair but she never said this nor does website and just blamed the other girl that I talked to the phone saying she makes a lot of mistakes. My gf said when we left that is was weird how the front house person blamed everyone but thought she was never in the wrong for anything. She said I’m never going back there because it seemed shady but I wanted this place to still work I so I came with my dog a couple more times. 2nd bad experience 12/18 I got a quote for my dog for a bath, brush and blow dry for $37 and added teeth cleaning when I walked it for $5 more (I also had a free day of daycare through the Fivestars app they partner with) when I went to pick up it ended up being $10 more because of dogs weight (34.1 mini Aussie mix) which I questioned because I thought it was weird/rude to not let me know in advance and just decided at the end of the day when I picked up my dog to say hey you owe us $10 actually (Also $47 is a rip off for a 34lb dog for this, plus trimming little spots cost extra too). I believe it was the owner of this place that was telling me this and while explaining all this she said “you’re lucky because we now have a professional groomer and the last month our back house staff was doing all the baths for full price.” So basically anyone that came here in November paid full price for baths that was being done not by a groomer and the owner joked that the back house staff isn’t that good at baths. The front house staff is very shady and thinks they know it all and constant blame every mistake on the back house people or you as the customer when in reality they should be more aware of what’s going on where they WORK by checking in on things and should stick to the quotes they tell customers originally instead of just saying that you owe them more money when you go to pick up your pet. I feel bad for the staff that play and take care of your dogs because the front house people always bad mouth them to the customers which is why I won’t be coming back anymore.


4 years ago

My Lab stayed for a week, and came home happy and tired. The staff figured out that she liked to retrieve and obviously wore her out. I will use this facility again.

Jason Roberts

5 years ago

Very friendly staff , would rather they keep there fee at 13$ then raise to 15$ for a half day.

Brent Harmes

5 years ago

Needed spur of moment boarding for animals while costing, vehicle was being serviced at near by NIRVC. Great, professional, caring staff.

Michael Stevens

6 years ago

Or Aussie loves it here. Play time is his favorite. The staff are fantastic with the animals.

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