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Reviews: Arf-Anage Dog Rescue (Maricopa)

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Jake Bivens

2 years ago

Arf-Anage was great to work with during the adoption process. They were transparent and helpful! We received a beautiful pup.

Laura Cavins

2 years ago

We got our pup from this rescue at one of their adoption events and so happy that we did. They were very friendly and helpful. Forever thankful to them for bringing our fur baby to us.

Tyteeka Reye

2 years ago

My relationship with Arf-Anage has been rewarding. They Found me the perfect little companion. The price was reasonable considering my pup had been neutered, chipped, groomed and had his shots. They will be my go to if I get another dog. I strongly recomend them.

stephen larson

2 years ago

Hoping to see the puppies tomorrow morning. Ausie heard dog mix.

Albert Cerf

2 years ago

The website is not very user friendly.

Sharon Smith

2 years ago

A group of volunteers passionate about saving lives. These are some of the sweet faces I fostered or transported this year. Who knows where they would be without the Arfanage. Things can be chaotic in the rescue world. Lots of moving parts with a goal to save as many lives as possible. I’ve adopted 2 dogs from them myself. Are things perfect? No but they are doing their best. I’ve seen reviews saying the dog they fostered wasn’t what they expected. Well, it probably wasn’t what any of us expected. ???? I mean if you think you can do it better, I dare you to try!

Callie Daly

2 years ago

We went to a Saturday pet adoption event and got to see all kinds of dogs. We ended up adopting our sweet puppy we named Nova. Volunteers and fosters were very helpful and answered all the questions we had! Adopt don't shop!

Belinda Balough

2 years ago

Amazing organization! The most caring, devoted people!

Richard Sunseri

2 years ago

Has been a good dog. Goes to door when he needs to go out. Sleeps on the foot of the bed all night

Dana Hoglind

3 years ago

I have started out adopting one dog, then another, and another, and then one more. Then I started fostering, which turned into volunteering, and now I am simply...ALL IN. My daughter are this together helping any way we can. This rescue is taking puppies and dogs and giving them a new lease on life. The mama dogs are given a safe place to have their pups, and then given a new lease on life. I have read some of the negative reviews and have a few comments speaking for myself and not as a representative of the rescue.. People need to understand that no one gets paid. Everyone is a volunteer. Nothing is ever done with the intent to hurt a dog. Sometimes things happen. The last thing anyone wants is for a dog to be sick. Some things are out of the rescue's control. The rescue is also growing and expanding, and there may be some growing pains along the way. All I know is that even prior to becoming a volunteer, we have always been treated with respect and honesty. Trust me, no one goes into rescue work because it's all sunshine and roses. It is a lot of hard work. Yeah the puppies are cute but that is such a very small part of rescue work. Just my two cents. Take it for what it is. No rescue is perfect. But I know the Arf-Anage strives for it.

Shelby Rowley

3 years ago

I got my sweet baby from this rescue and I’m thankful everyday for them. I also respect that when put in the position to, they will rescue a momma dog from inhumane living conditions.

Lori Watts

3 years ago

We adopted a puppy through this rescue....she is an amazing 8 month old cattle dog, border collie, Aussie and lab mix(according to the DNA amazon testing kit we did)....and we are so happy!

Lauren Dietz

3 years ago

Adopted a puppy in the spring. Was neutered right away at a very sketchy/dirty vet office with a bunch of other puppies. He was brought out after surgery covered in pee. Then, he was extremely sick and it was determined he had Parvo. Puppy was taken from my fiance and I on the spot to be with an emergency foster. Could barely get ahold of foster, but was told the puppy was doing better by the rescue center owner. Puppy died and no one called to tell me. I had to find out doing a daily check-in on his status. Very unprofessional and heartbreaking. Still haven't adopted a new puppy due to being afraid of something like this happening again.

Kristi Ogden

3 years ago

I got my dog from them in Nov. and it was such an easy process! Literally saw a pic of him, messaged them and I got to meet my baby and take him home the same day! They also most definitely did right by him. He had some irritation from the dust and dirt at the shelter so they gave him to a foster so he can feel better. Thank you so much for my baby, I love him so much. Will most def be coming back when my husband and I are ready for a 2nd dog!!

Josh Duncan

3 years ago

We have been fostering through Arf-Anage Dog Rescue for 6 months and as most rescues, I am extremely appreciative of the work that they do. I am constantly promoting the rescue as a great place to adopt or foster!!! The foster pups and adoptable pups don’t come from ideal situations usually and the organization works hard to find forever homes for all dogs of all ages and sizes, while ensuring shots, microchip and spay/neuter are covered in other adoption fees. Keep doing the right things!!!

Diane Spiegel

3 years ago

Very organized! Staff was very helpful with my questions.

Desiree Harris

3 years ago

If I could give -5 stars I would. This organization should not be operational. They literally can't manage to provide fosters with the correct puppies that they provided pictures of. When picking up puppies from the vet, we expected 2 6 week old pitty pups and received 2 very different 14 week old lab pups. The pups were great and not at all the issue, but how do you ask people to foster and not even know what dogs you're sending where?! Puppies come with nothing... no collar, leash, puppy pads, and so on... even though they state they provide everything in their contract. When we picked up the puppies they had just been neutered and the vet informed us that they needed cones which were not included. The rescue mentioned nothing about having cones, nor did they offer to supply them. The vet told us we needed them so we paid and Cathy refused to reimburse because it wasn't pre-approved. Commutation with the owner, Cathy is a joke. When she was advised that one of the pups had kennel cough,, there was no concern that it would affect the other dogs in the house and recommended honey and coconut oil until we pressed for meds. It has been stated before that they do not get their pups proper vet care. When we decided to no longer work with the organization and requested them to pick up the pups, the person sent was beyond rude. It is important to note that we were considering being the forever home for the pups, but after all of the hassle, refused to financially contribute $700 to this shady organization. This organization will give you a bad taste for fostering. Steer clear.

allison taylor

3 years ago

Thank you to the volunteers of this animal loving, life saving rescue. My two dogs adopted 4 years apart were obviously loved and taken care of before I adopted them. The events have lots of loving healthy dogs looking for responsible owners to make them a new best friend... Simple, responsible, clean and organized! I will continue to direct people to this rescue as long as they are able to keep going! Thank you to all the fosters! Thank you for all you do!

Sylvia Howard

3 years ago

I cant recommend Arf-anage Dog Rescue enough! and I have , several friends and clients have adopted from there because of my recommendation. They provide a wonderful service that I whole heartedly stand behind. They care deeply for the animals they rescue , they are selfless and affordable .Your new friend comes vaccinated, spayed or neutered and chipped! We adopted our baby there and couldn't be happier. The dogs are clean and well cared for. I am proud to donate to them regularly. THANK YOU Arf - Anage for Saving our furry four legged friends one puppy at a time.

Shelli Thompson

3 years ago

I have had a wonderful experience fostering through Arf. I will definitely foster again with them!!!

Nancy Robb

3 years ago

The shelter look nice how they showed off the dogs

Ms. Loofie

3 years ago

Me ad my family foster from here we have 2 fosters fails from this company. The overall company is great and the prices are very affordable.

Miranda Ware

3 years ago

One star is too much for this rescue. They deserve far less. When I went to pick my puppy up, she had scabs on her legs. When I asked about the scabs they minimized the condition and said that she either had mange or ringworm and it wasn’t a big deal. In researching the condition and speaking to an ER vet, the condition presented to be more serious than the rescue stated. I advised the owner of the rescue of my findings and she said that I should not consult with Dr. Google. After speaking to them regarding a treatment plan, the puppy went back to the rescue until she was fully healed. Two week after this incident, she was finally ready to come home. Three weeks later, I took her to a vet, independent of the rescue, as the rescue has no integrity. The vet advised me the puppy had Giardia, that she could have only contracted it from being with other infected dogs, in public areas, or from possible water supply. The rescue has since contacted me, advising me a fecal test was done, and no one has record of this and their vet called me because they don’t have records of her being fixed; their vet then told me they had contacted the rescue who reported they had no idea if she had been fixed or not. Stay away from this place. The dog should never have been turned over if it was sick. They lack integrity and professionalism, which is why I will never do business with them again.

Lena Koop

3 years ago

I originally adopted my first 2 dogs from Arf-Anage Dog Rescue in 2017 and have added an additional 4 more to my puppy pack through Arf-Anage, the adoption process was very easy and thorough and incl all of their vetting and microchips. Since adopting Milo and Lucinda in 2017 I have also been a foster and volunteer for this amazing organization. They are an absolute pleasure to adopt from and volunteer with. Communication is always amazing and they really care so much about the animals and do everything they can to save as many as then can. I have always felt appreciated for my volunteer efforts no matter how small the task. Everyone is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Gabe Wick

3 years ago

I got a dog here and it look like all he dogs where so well cared for!

Dominique Ostrowski

3 years ago

Not quite sure what happened but we were about to adopt a dog and visits were to be scheduled to see how this dog would get along with our dog nobody called and when I called to find out my number has been blocked? I am very puzzled, we didn't want to adopt a dog brought by a foster parent but the care taker La showed other dogs and it could have worked out with a Great Pyrénée dog but apparently not.

craig Nicholson

3 years ago

Not located where address was they disappeared

C Roth

3 years ago

We adopted our dog from here. We were very impressed with the care and follow up they give to adopters. The dogs are very much loved and we would definitely adopt from here again.


3 years ago

Listen and read the reviews, One star is way too much for this rescue, they were very unprofessional and the volunteers and founder had an attitude the whole time while talking to us, we were trying to help foster a littler of pupoies until less than 24 hours later they started showing signs of not being healthy unlike what the rescue had claimed, not to mention when we went to give the puppies back to the founder she gave us the finger and cussed us out, they have no respect for the fosters or adopters and i would strongly advise not to adopt or foster for them because they are not truthful and act like you are being an inconvenience to their life.

Alissa Jones

3 years ago

Very amazing place! I volunteered back in December and all of the people and dogs are so sweet! The volunteer workers are amazing and hardworking and take very good care of these dogs! If you're going to adopt, you can always find a forever friend at the Arfanage. I would love to volunteer again and I will very soon ! This place is amazing!!!

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Arf-Anage Dog Rescue, Arizona, Maricopa

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