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Marshann Donahue

2 years ago

Born to Run has been a valuable member of our extended family for over 12 years. Kim & her staff are professionals committed to the care & safety of all the animals in their care. As a “hover mother,” I trust the entire staff with our fur babies. Over the years we have depended on the BTR staff for boarding, feeding, grooming, administering medications, & keeping our girls happy. They have never let us down. Our dogs come home happy & played out. I appreciate the peace of mind I have whenever I leave my dogs in their care. Our community needs more businesses like Born to Run.

Linda Palermo

2 years ago

First time for my 2 fur babies and they loved it! We were able to watch them thru a window and they were having a blast. Got to take a tour of the facility and were impressed Employees are caring and friendly.

Gary Lechuga

3 years ago

My dog loves it here. Not cooped up in a pen. Can run for several hours at a time. Great staff & hands on owner.

Chris Luttjohann

3 years ago

You know you've found the right place when you pup can't wait to get through their door with excitement. Couple that with an amazing staff that works really hard and truly care for all the animals and you can't go wrong. I wholeheartedly recommend Born to Run for people who love their pets.

Brody Michael

3 years ago

Great people, love giving them my business

Brandee Baird

3 years ago

Really cute and they have friendly staff.

Alfred Cavagnaro

4 years ago

Born to run is amazing I dont use there bording services for my pet but to get my dogs nutrisource dog food! People are very friendly

anthony kulasa

5 years ago

Great place to take my Vizsla. He runs, and plays all day except for nap time from 11:30-1:30. My dog is 2 and has a lot of energy to burn off.

susan paxton

5 years ago

My dog loves his friends at BTR. The staff is the best.

Penny Rogers

5 years ago

I have been taking my baby boxer here for several months. Always had a great experience. Except the owner Kim. Kinda weird. And recently had incidents that further underscored this thinking. I had an emergency. my child was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. I had to rush to Boston to see my son. Since my dog had boarded there already she was familiar with the environment. I explained to them what happened and they agreed to take her. Well, I had people here monitoring the situation and picking up and returning my dog so she could have time at home as well as in boarding. I was paid up until I dropped her, and figured I was in constant communication with them and would pay as soon as I returned. it was a total of 4 days and two days. The whole time I am in Boston they are ringing up my phone concerned about payment. Mind you I had already spent over a thousand dollars in previous doggy daycare with them. So obviously I can pay. I told them I would call them back to pay for the initial two days. Because i wasn't sure how long I would be gone. I paid in full. Then I start noticing my credit card being charged without permission. Three more times. I found this out because my bank contacted me, asking how I could be charging in Boston and in Gilbert at the same time. I said I wasn't? So I contacted Kim and she explained that they had simply decided to charge my card. Aren't you supposed to get permission from someone when you use their credit card? Again very weird. We talked about it and I moved on. Then I get a message from Kim late at night on text while I am still in Boston, telling me that she has taken my dog to the vet, not for any emergency, but because i had expressed a concern before I left that she may have ticks on her property. One came home on my child's leg, and one was seen on my other dog, after he met up with my puppy when she got home from Born to Run. So Kim literally took my dog in her car with no permission at all given, drove to the vet for a non emergency matter, had blood drawn from my pet without any consent from me as there was no medical emergency and ran a tick panel to "prove" to me that she did not have ticks. It was a bizarre and strange and illegal move. Who does that? The only permission I gave was for my dog to be taken to a vet only in the event of an emergency. But Kim's ego wanted to prove me wrong. I work in medicine, and this is completely improper and illegal. I came back from my trip and then Kim notifies the day I return while my child is still in the hospital, that my puppy can no longer come there, that she doesn't think its the right "fit". Seriously? You had no problem running that credit card without permission or taking my dog unnecessarily to the vet? I don't think I'm the person with the problems here Kimmy. I would no longer recommend this company due to Kim's bizarre and completely inappropriate behavior. The reason she has ticks, is that she literally spends no money on the upkeep of this faciity. It is a hot mess.A dump. Filthy dirty, unkempt, inside and out. The road to get in is ridiculous, and they put zero back into the company for facilities maintenance. Obviously I loved the care by the caregivers there. Becky was amazing. But sometimes owners are completely disconnected from anything other than their own agenda. This is the case here. Avoid if you would not want your dog taken without your knowledge or consent to the vet, for no reason or your credit card charged without permission. These are both HUGE no no's. Seriously unlawful behavior. Just my own personal opinion based upon my experiences here in total. Everyone else there was kind and loving to my pet. But Kim as the owner who personally screened my dog for two hours before she could come there, is really crossing the line in her behaviors.

Michelle Helling

5 years ago

After knowing how loving this place was towards dogs I called to set up an appointment for a doggie day care try out. The first woman I spoke with was wonderful. She explained the process, gathering all the information, and excitedly told me that they would find the perfect “match” for my dog based on her energy level. I then received a call two days before my trial explaining to me that they don’t accept “runners” and I was very perplexed. The literal name of this place is “Born to Run”. I questioned why and she then stated due to my dogs breed (she’s a whippet mix) she has tight skin and would get hurt. I told her she’s a mix and doesn’t have the characteristically tight skin she mentioned, she then interrupted me and went on for 3-5 minutes about tight skin in dogs. I wasn’t trying to argue with her, simply state because she’s a mix she doesn’t have that. After I mentioned this again she then circled back to my dog being a runner. I questioned this and she asked if my dog has ever gotten the zoomies, to which I replied yes, and she stated that my dog would be considered a runner and they just can’t take that kind of dog there. I was shocked and confused. I asked for my money back which she refunded. My review is to simply state that if your policy is to only accept dogs with little to no energy you should state so on your initial phone call, your website, somewhere. Heck. Even change your name. Because I sure think a place called “Born to Run” would love the high energy breeds. To me it felt like this was an attempt to come up with any particular way to not accept my paying business, which I gladly took elsewhere.

L.L. M

5 years ago

Tons of outdoor space for dogs to run and play. Lots of trees and even a doggy tree house. The employees even know all the dogs by name and take great pride in their responsibilities with the pets. Awesome selection of foods to purchase. Definitely recommend Bor To Run to Moms and Dads of furry kids.

Glenn Wolbaum

5 years ago

Awesome place to get dog food

Chris Garcia

6 years ago

We've been taking our dog here for about 10 years, and we've been completely satisfied. More importantly, our dog loves it here. He can't wait to go inside when we drop him off, and then he's exhausted when we pick him up from playing all day.

David Thomas

6 years ago

Love this place. Our previous Golden came here and so do our our current pups. They are always excited when they get here and tired when they leave! Emphasize outdoor play. Staff is great.

Jock Russell

6 years ago

Great staff and dog hospitality!

Carla Gleason

6 years ago

We won't take our dogs anywhere else. Here they have plenty of room to run and play.


7 years ago

We took our dog here as a trial one time. After getting the tour we this place was not for us and our dog few reasons. While the owner was nice later on, when she first walked it she greeted us with a quick hi and nothing more. If this was my business I would go out of my way to make patrons feel welcome. They do not separate big and little dogs which is another issue. Our dog is little. Finally the biggest problem. My wife was sneezing the whole time we were there. This only happens when there is an excess build up dust and hair from not being cleaned. The room where they kennel the animals smelled terrible. I got an instant headache when I walked in. There is no way I would want my dog staying in that room. I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Kellie E

7 years ago

We have been using Born To Run for over 9 years since our move to Gilbert. Our dogs get excited to go there, the staff is nice, and the prices are reasonable. The building looks a bit dated, but our dogs have always been well cared for so that makes up for it. They have even called us when our boxer has refused to eat after two days, that communication is appreciated. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is that their rigid (and a bit overkill) vaccination policy can make it difficult to board on short notice. Some vaccines are required yearly and require a strict waiting period afterward in order to board. Otherwise we have been pleased with Born To Run and have recommended the facility to others.


8 years ago

We have sent our dog here for years for boarding and day care. Unlike a lot of other dog daycares, these dogs stay outside and play a lot together outside. They stay active. My dog loves this place! Each dog is carefully evaluated at first. My dog has never had an injury or other issue with any other dogs. If you board here, ensure your dog is crate trained. Highly recommend and the staff is very nice!

Aaron Kurneta

9 years ago

Similar to another user, they declined my mixed breed dog because the 'do not accept anything with ANY pit bull mix'. Evidently i will have to find another 'destination for my dogs fun' .. any my money.

R Jacobs

9 years ago

Please ignore the other 2 reviews of Born to Run. I understand it's unfair to Pits I really do! I personally love them, and think they are sweeties, but to a lot of others all they see are vicious hounds. Anyways... Born to Run as AMAZING! Kim is a DOLL! We found Born to Run when we moved to Gilbert awhile back and we needed an outlet for our Lab, and we brought her in and well we fell in love with this place, and so did Kaylee (the lab)! I felt like they genuinely cared about my dogs, and loved them too! Give them a shot you won't regret it!

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