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Alex Gale

2 years ago

My pup and I loved the staff, the facility was super-clean, and everything was explained clearly and completely. 10/10 would recommend!

deborah Cleveland

2 years ago

Boarded our aniy there twice and each time was quoted a totat differt price that what we paid . Horrible customer service

Gerald Taft

2 years ago

Awful experience today. We were not advised of their one person per pet policy when we made our appointment and were refused entry when we arrived. My wife and are disabled seniors and depend on each other for mobility, hearing and memory. The rude clerk who would not let us in said she would get someone else to hear our problem but no one showed up. We left and will not be back to VCA Alpine.

Karenina B

2 years ago

Very helpful and friendly staff, Dr Owen was very knowledgeable, kind,caring and informative. My dog kitsune was very sick when I brought him in and thanks to their care he is feeling much better. They explained their pet care plan which makes some of the services more affordable with monthly payments.

Kelly Tait

2 years ago

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Tara Reese. It was near closing time last Saturday, and Dr. Reese spent extra time talking me through an emergency with my daughter's dog (the dog was experiencing a severe allergic reaction at a remote location in Denali). Dr. Reese saved the day and the dog! She is highly competent, caring, and straightforward--I couldn't ask for more. The staff members were also friendly and helpful. So grateful to Dr. Reese and everyone at VCA Alpine Animal Hospital!

Maytal Slattery

2 years ago

My older male cat was having problems with his eye. We weren't sure if the issue was minor or serious, and all the vets in town were completely booked out except for VCA Alpine. I'm giving them an extra star simply due to the fact that we were able to make an appointment within a week, when no other clinic could see him. The day of his appointment, my husband got a call from the woman at the front desk demanding that he send over all of our cat's paperwork. He asked to bring the paperwork in person, since it was only a few hours prior to the appointment time. The woman scoffed at him and said no, all paperwork needed to be sent over ASAP. She then started asking questions about when our cat's last vaccines were, so my husband informed her he would need a minute to look through the paperwork and check. She immediately cut him off and told him to just bring the paperwork in person. While this was happening, we heard some staff members in the background mocking our cat's name. We arrived a few minutes early and called to check in, only to be told by the same woman that "You're really early, you know," and we had to wait. Nobody had informed us appointments would still be curbside. They took our cat back late, and told us to email our $25 first visit coupon to the office email while our cat was with the vet. The vet then called to say that our cat has a scratch on his eye. It would be $150 for just the antibiotic drops and an updated rabies vaccine, or $230 for debridement of the wound, antibiotic drops, and the vaccine. We went with the cheaper option. When they brought my cat out, my husband asked them if they had given him his first round of antibiotics. The tech said, "No, he's too mean." They also did not give back any of our paperwork until we asked them where it was. When we received our bill, we noticed the $25 coupon had not been applied. They claimed they never received the email. After my husband sent them a screenshot of the email in his Sent folder, they told us we could use the coupon at our NEXT visit. It's been about a week and my cat's eye is still in poor condition. I'm never coming back here and am now debating whether I should file a formal complaint with a more official venue.

Sonja Mills

2 years ago

I took my dog in for health certificate and rabies vaccine, having fully diicussed with them his history and situation. He is a village rescue that had never been off the island and was not used to being inside or around people, etc.. They still chose to proceed without using a muzzle and he bit the tech. Because he had never been off island, which is extremely remote with mo services, he had never been vaccinated, thus he now had to undergo 10 days of quarantine at animal control. Because we were simply en route and not from Anchorage, I had no place to stay and was forced to continue on and return 10 days later to retrieve my poor dog. The clinic offered ZERO assistance in this traumatic and extremely costly fiasco which could have been avoided had they simply used good professional judgement and muzzled a nervous, unvaccinated, village rescue dog.U Unfortunately, due to covid protocol, I was not present during the examination or I would have isaid something. Anyway, they were just unprofessional as well as showed a lack of good judgement. This would make me very reluctant to trust their judgement in handling anything of a more serious or involved nature.

Adam Jensen

3 years ago

VCA is great! They got my pup in right away and Dr. Owens has very thorough follow up after our visits. You can tell they are passionate about animal care.


3 years ago

I have only good things to say about VCA Alpine. Not only can you get your pet in for an appointment in a timely manner, but I always feel like we are so well taken care of. I can personally vouch for Dr. Owens and well as for Dr. Clement. Both have provided exceptional care. Dr. Owens was phenomenal today and answered all of my questions. I felt that I was not rushed at all and was very well-respected as a client. Athena looked very happy after her appointment today, and I was as well. Thank you for such quality care. Natalia

Rebecca “Becky” Wilson

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly. Doctor was great at going over everything, made me feel like she wasn't rushing through the exam, and cared about my pet.


3 years ago

So this is what it feels like to talk with a friendly and organized front desk, get appointments in reasonable time, love not only your vet but their support staff, and have clear written instructions to refer to when you get home. I also LOVE the VCA APP. VCA Alpine has been my vet clinic for almost a year and we highly recommend them!


3 years ago

Dr. Rees was rude and showed very little interest in me or my dog; Having to almost a week just for a call back regarding an x-ray even though they had it the first day and then 'forgot' to ask about his current condition. I'd like to blame it on covid but the service was beyond unacceptable as even the techs are incompetent FORGETTING us in the parking lot, MISLABELING my dogs meds, and RUDE! go anywhere else, literally. I would pay double the price to go to any competent 24hr clinic before returning here!

Amanda Vanderbilt

3 years ago

The girls that were working weren't very friendly. When I walked, one of the girls with short hair was walking by and I said hi and she just gave me a dirty look. The other one with long dark hair just seems annoyed. When my husband was in there a few weeks ago, no one even acknowledged him until he said something. Very rude, need to work on their customer service skills.

Azalia Isenhart

3 years ago

I went here for my kitty never been here befor. They were very nice and accommodating friendly the staff member that came out to get my Prince boy was tiny but mighty. She handle him like a pro! He had an appt. He didn't have to wait hrs to be seen. The vet very helpful with diet suggestions cause although my kitty has lost weight that needed to come off he still needed to lose more. They are very nice there. Good with not perscribing something unless it is absolutely necessary.

Steve Ives

3 years ago

Always competent and pet oriented.

Cayla Armatti (readlistendream)

3 years ago

They took my card number and put purchase by the door.

Elvira Morozova

3 years ago

Always helpful and understanding. I feel comfortable to have my baby dog treated here.

Gary Drew

3 years ago

They have been great helping our older dog through an eye injury during the covid pandemic.

Jenita West

3 years ago

My dog has seizures. He is epileptic and is on medication for it. He ended up breaking through his medication and having a seizure. I first called a different hospital (the hospital that his previous owners had taken him to) and they said to monitor him over the night and then in the morning make a doctors appointment. I had a very close friend recommend me to go see the VCA Hospital so I called and they were able to squeeze me in that day. When I got to the VCA Hospital all of the workers were very nice and took their time to talk to me and and take my boy inside (covid I had to stay in my car, completely understandable) and they answered my questions very well. When Dr. Reese was able to she gave me a call. I was so nervous and worried about my dog, but she really took her time and explained epilepsy and what he goes through and she was very informative. She took the time to answer my questions and talk me through everything and was so helpful!! I felt so much better after talking with her and felt much more comfortable going forward and trying to help my pup in the best way. They were so sweet with my boy and had great customer service and showed great respect. I personally recommend going to this place very much!!

Kathy MacLeod

3 years ago

They take care of my son

Marlene Mack

3 years ago

Our sweet little Charlie had his first procedure and the nurse that helped us was outstanding. She was very attentive and full of information As was the vet. Would highly recommend purchasing the puppy wellness plan -worth it.

Ronald Watkins

3 years ago

We have used Alpine since 1994.

samantha schroer

3 years ago

We take both our fogs here. The vets and staff are helpful and nice. And have fee sample of dog food. Our dogs love it.

Sarah Daugherty

3 years ago

Very friendly and smart people

Shelby Landfair

3 years ago

This appointment was for an international health certificate as we are moving to Texas. When booking over the phone, the staff was very friendly. When we arrived for our appointment I called the number listed on the door. The receptionist answered and said a technician would be out shortly. When she came out she said she'd take my dog (no explanation as to why or introduction). No one ever explained that pet owners could not be in the building with their dog (warning for pet parents of nervous nellies). I told the technician that I preferred to stay with my dog and that part of the appointment should be a conversation between the owner and the vet. The technician came out and said the vet was willing to see my dog in the parking lot. The vet (Dr. Rees as I found out later, because not a single person introduced themselves) came out and the first thing she said was "this is not common practice for our covid guidelines. You would have gotten a phone call for a discussion afterwards". I explained to her that pet parents deserve to be informed if they are not allowed to be in the building with their pet and that no one explained the process at any point to me. She did a brief exam on my dog and was curt the entire time. Because my vaccine records were missing the manufacturer, my dog needed a new rabies vaccine to have his certificate signed. I asked the technician if it would be a 3 year or 1 year vaccine. I was told 3 year. His vet certificate says he got the 1 year....A new technician (I assume as no one ever introduced themselves) came out and gave my dog the vaccine. I then had to call in to pay my bill, which is when I found out the price of everything. Overall the staff did not seem to be on the same page, was curt, and did not show much kindness or care for their patients or pet owners. Unless this is your only option, I recommend finding care elsewhere. I gave two stars because the necessary things were provided in the end.

MBP Paine

4 years ago

I was recommended by a friend. The vet came in and got eye level with my puppy. The front deck help was very nice. The hospital smelt very fresh. I will pass on VCA's name to others. Thank you.

Rodney Evans

4 years ago

These guys are owned by a national conglomerate that sets their prices WAY high, like 2 to 3 times higher than local vets. Save your self some money, and support local businesses. Don't go here.

Morgan MacConaugha

4 years ago

Dr.s Rees & Clements are the most caring veterinarians I've ever encountered. They go above and beyond and then the extra mile to boot.

Rosemarie Nikkels

4 years ago

The staff is the best. They always took great care of my pets. Mary the groomer is both kind and does a wonderful job.

Maria Steele

4 years ago

I have taken all of my pets to VCA Alpine Animal Hospital since I was a child and have never had a problem with their service until recently. I recently accompanied a relative of mine to an appointment because she claimed the staff was bullying her about her dog's weight and she was intimidated to go alone. As a long time customer, I was sure she was being overly sensitive, but upon arrival the technician repeatedly and passive aggressively mentioned that the dog was overweight (which is true) and that it was such a shame that such a young dog was over weight (also true). The technician would not stop dwelling on the dog's weight even though it was not the reason for the vet visit (vaccination and nail clipping) and I finally had to tell her that "this has been a nice conversation about something we already know but it is time to move on." At this point the technician seemed surprised and started offering advice about how to prevent the dog from over-eating before leaving to get the veterinarian. I could excuse this, because I know canine obesity is a problem and the technician had the dog's best interests at heart, but I could not excuse what happened next. When the veterinarian came in, the first thing she said, after a casual greeting was, "I'm going to say something and it is going to sound a little harsh, but you are killing [dog's name]." As a long time customer, I could not believe my ears. The lack of tact was appalling and shameful, especially since the dog in question has no other health problems beyond being overweight and the vet had done no examination at that point. I immeadiately said something and the veterinarian apologized profusely. I even think the apology was sincere, but then the veterinarian promised to flag the dog's file so that the issue of obesity wouldn't be mentioned again? It was a serious enough issue to bring up repeatedly, but they are willing to gloss it over in the future to avoid having an uncomfortable conversation about it? Canine obesity is a serious issue, but there is a tactful, productive, and empathetic way to approach such topics that was severely lacking in this case. My relative refuses to go back there ever again and I can no longer recommend VCA Alpine Animal Hospital in good conscience to anyone whose animal might be struggling with weight. Additionally, my own dog was present at the appointment and they had completely mismanaged his vaccination records, though they did give us some useful guidance about how to treat a cut on his toe. I really liked this veterinarian. I even recommended her to a friend recently. I'm so disappointed to be writing a review like this one. Ultimately, this used to be a top-notch practice and I can only hope that the veterinarian will honor her promise to modify her behavior after this incident so it can be again.

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