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coby williamson

2 years ago

Staff was very helpful and although we thought we'd be disappointed and not find one, one of the newer cats that was a stray was the perfect one for my stepfather who missed having a cat. This one likes being held or sitting on laps, so will be good to keep him company.

Katie Desjarlais

2 years ago

Went to AAC at 10am Saturday October 16, 2021 in hopes of finding a new cat to adopt. However, as soon as I stepped inside there was a note on the door saying the kennel was closed inside. Walked around the front desk to see the other animals in front and every single animal said not available for adoption. What’s the point!!! It was very disappointing.

Tanya Ostler-Liston

2 years ago

Their are really help to help find your pet.

Natisha Frazier

2 years ago

The only reason I give this place 4 stars is cause there's so many fur-babies there & at $27 each to adopt any cat, dog or rabbit you'd think all the kennels would be empty but they're so over full. I was so sad seeing so few volunteers or employees interacting with them. I luckily was broke when I went in there the other day otherwise I'd own 3 new kitties. Hint hint: go get yourself a lifetime of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR $27.00!!! INCLUDES ANIMAL, VACS, CHIP AND NEUTER/SPAY!!!

Karl Mittelstadt

2 years ago

Great people doing a hard job ... got my dog back & we are happy

Cynthia Street

2 years ago

I had to go in and renew my dog's license. The gal that helped me out was very friendly and knowledgeable. I've already adopted 2 dog's from animal control. My first pasted away. As soon as my last one does I'm going to adopt again.

Carrie Aleshire

2 years ago

I wish I could give zero to reflect their effort on keeping my neighborhood safe. I cannot get ahold of anyone about a very dangerous dog in my neighborhood. My dog has already been attacked and the report was made in June. I cannot get through to the officer I have been assigned. No email responses, they called me once and I didn't get it. So yes, an effort was made once. I keep getting told "he's out in the field." I'm so glad that that "field" is safe, but my dog and I and our neighborhood are not. I was willing to wait and have patience. But after three months with only one failed correspondence I have to assume complete incompetence.


2 years ago

Got there around 6:25 with my young child. They refused to show us the animals. Their clock was about 8 minutes fast. I asked them to please consider letting us visit them but they cited being short on techs and still refused. Disappointing experience.

Alaskan Outlaw

2 years ago

Everytime I call for anything like a welfare check of an animal, or anything related to neglect or excessive barking, I’m left wondering why I even bother. These guys don’t seem to care at all, and don’t try to help resolve anything. I’m left speechless at the cold responses to my most recent call. I called in to let them know of a wiener dog that was visibly exhausted and whining. This dog and it’s owner was in a long line of other big dogs and their owners. They all seemed fine, but this small wiener dog was obviously thirsty, and or needed a break. I went out to offer water, and the owner brushed it off saying “oh he’s okay” while just continuing to walk away. The person in dispatch just gave me the “well without an address we can’t do anything” and then continued, “well we also only have one officer in the field right now.” As if this response is valid, like does the safety not matter? I could’ve followed em, got the address if needed. The person just insisted that their other person was responding to something else. This to me is terrible and they shouldn’t call themselves “animal control officers” if they aren’t gonna control bad owners or even check in on a safety concern for an animal. Isn’t neglect illegal? Can’t they not get help from the municipality for this? No officer backup? They could at least do that right? This whole situation has me very disappointed in animal control as a whole. I’ve not had good interactions with them, and maybe that’s me, but I don’t think so.


2 years ago

Surrendering my two cats was heartbreaking, but the staff here were quick, and professional. I left leaving hopeful for my cats and know that outside of a loving home, this was the best place to be.

RWBY Darksector

2 years ago

i called about a stray cat that has lumps and really skinny and looks sick and the employee was just lippy and smacky and said to call pet emergency and pet emergency said to call animal care and control

Shannon Buterin

2 years ago

It was frustrating that I had filled out an online application, that was not found. Once found, that technically had been rejected because we had "no" to the spay or neuter part. However the staff had not read the explanation that we were searching for an animal that was already "fixed". We ended up having a different staff assist us. She was amazing and supportive. The adoption was completed.

Shary Fia'ai

2 years ago

Super helpful from the moment we got there. Someone met us at the door, walked us in and helped us out right there. We were in and out in 5 minutes. We were so heartbroken surrendering our kitty but the women were so patient and allowed us to say goodbye before taking our sweet Gary in. We've been actively checking the website to see if he would get adopted -- we were so afraid no one would want a cat with asthma. We found out he was adopted over the weekend of 5/8 and 5/9! So happy for him and we pray he loves his new family/home. We can't wait to go back in the future for a new kitty (our dog) to add to our family. Thank you so much to the 2 women who helped us, you never rushed us and never made us feel our kitty wouldn’t be taken care of. We appreciate all you do and my husband and I will be by someday to donate some kitty food!

Teresa Cuthbert

2 years ago

These places really need to up the communication. The city is now fully open. I show up to look hoping to find a dog but it’s appointment only. I guess it’s a good thing that they don’t have such a strong need for pet adoption

Tina Kahele

3 years ago

Excellent people providing excellent care for some unfortunate animals that had maybe an introduction with some not so nurturing humans. Yes some animals are a bit more wild than others, and there are some animals that just aren't fit for families (or even domestication at all, ie ferrel cats etc) but most of them just need a good home to APPROPRIATE humans. Huskies and malamutes and many others, especially younger dogs absolutely need to be ran at least an hour a day if not more. Many need companion animals as they are pack animals and simply won't get the socialisation that they need in a single pet home (think caesar Milan's show). I know they have a taxing difficult job that many of us could never do. Seeing so many animals come through uncared for, untrusting, lacking basic socializing, and in turn some of them having to be put down. They are unsung heroes that get met with a lot of upset humans (and animals) and handle it all in stride. So next time you have to deal with them, at the "pound" or in your neighborhood, keep I mind they don't do this job because they don't like nuisance animals, it's because they are some of the few that might just love a nuisance animal ENOUGH to deal with.. everyday. We need these humans. For our animals in crisis. I'm proud enough to share it . Thank you Anchorage ACC. We appreciate all that you do. Here's some thanks.. for a sometimes thankless job. <3<3<3

Justin Knott

3 years ago

They are super helpful everybody there is very nice.

Stephen Blankenship

3 years ago

The staff patiently and in a kindly fashion explained an emotionally difficult process with great care and sensitivity. I was bowled over.

Clair Dalton

3 years ago

With sincere regret Animal Control was called for an unrestrained dog which has a history of aggression towards people and especially other animals. While the dog is labeled the "problem" dog, the real problem is the irresponsible owners letting it run loose, but the dog will probably pay with its life. Animal Control was very responsive and the effort is appreciated. Great Northern Guns 4425 Wright Street.

Delbert Small

3 years ago

Animal abuse shelter y'all need to stop having the dogs bark outside from 8 am till 4 pm.


3 years ago

When adopting an animal, don't expect to be refunded for the spay/neuter fee, even with paperwork from the vet recommending waiting until your animal is a certain age. Spoke with two people to try to resolve issue,each person referred me to the other. No resolution, but that's ok, I would still go with vet recommendation and not spay too early.

Harry Hank

3 years ago

Hello, so my eldest dog Angel got away from me last night. And some good samaritan picked her up and took her to animal control. Thank you Dawn and all of you , for taking care of her. And thank the person who picked her up. So thank you for your help...

Jackie Willis

3 years ago

New COVID restrictions require having an appointment for adoptions...other services still available. You will need to call to get in as front door is locked.

Jimmy Robson

3 years ago

Don’t bother to call them for about any loose aggressive animals. I was bit by a German Shepard, and someone showed up 6 hours later “to search the area” for the dog. Another time there was an aggressive dog in the middle of our street, and they showed up over a day later. What is the point of this organization? If you’re seriously injured by an aggressive dog call APD, otherwise forget about it.

Lilyan Pearle

3 years ago

Julie was absolutely amazing! She called us several times and left a message when our Lucy got lost in the snow while we were out of town! That is certainly customer service!

Panda Berr (73)

3 years ago

One staff sounded a little irratated while on the phone and gave little info on specification on adoptions/surrender. Got put on hold for a few mins till i hung up and called again. Got intouch with someone else and had a better interaction, other than that everything bout them is good to a point given a certain degree.

Randall George

3 years ago

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Thanks for the pet food.

Sarah Daugherty

3 years ago

This place is awesome. They reached out to me after seeing my online pictures of my missing cat ???? so glad to have him home

Shelly Elena

3 years ago

Very nice respectful people. ????????????

Tracy Blythe

3 years ago

Animal control has an animal food bank available 2 public in their lobby...they've had dog & puppy food, cat & kitten food, cat litter, wet food 4 both cats & dogs, today they had a water bottle & rabbit food out also...bunch of bags of greenies treats in a tote with the food...sometimes therez clothes, leashes, bedding etc...its a very helpful commodity 4 those who've been devastated by the coronavirus...please stay safe one & ALL...wear ur masks 4 ur safety as well as others, & please stay home if ya can...we need 2 be as safe as possible in this trying & uncertain "new normal"...God bless all & have a great day...

Alex Keel

4 years ago

This place told me my dog would be adopted and in a good place. After paying $25 I took my dog down in a dungeon to his “kennel”. I was curious before I left to ask what happens when my dog doesn’t get adopted. They said it’s ok we will put him down. My dog is 7 months old. That’s not what I was promised when I called them. This place is a disgrace. Do not bring your animal here

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