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Ellis Smallwood

2 years ago

I live 20 minutes from them. They advertise they have TWO fully stocked trucks to respond 24/7 to your property. I called & asked them to come treat my 350 lbs Kunekune Pig which is our farm pet. They refused & told me to bring him to them in a dog carrier (can you imagine that picture). We called several friends to come over & we tried desperately to get him on a blanket / straps to lift him into my f250. Those efforts failed & our pig got super mad at us & basically got spun up to fight. I'm a big guy but a sick 350 to 400 lbs pig with tusks is nothing to play with. So I called them back & I BEGGED them to help him & again the lady refused & said if you get him here soon the doctor will treat him but if we wait much longer it will be 2pm since the Doctor will be gone to lunch until then, it was only approx 10am. My wife & daughter called them too but they were told they won't respond for a pig. My family pet, Big Daddy passed away during the early morning hours of the next day on the 11th which is my wife's birthday. Such a heartbreaking time for us & especially her & Little Daddy (our Juliana pig). Little Daddy & Big Daddy were best friends & Little Daddy has cried everyday since. My question to the Doctors there is do you take your Oath seriously or not & did you enjoy your lunch Monday 1-10-22 while my pet suffered. Don't advertise you have the best of everything including TWO emergency response trucks fully stocked for 24/7 call-outs if that's not what you do. So because you failed your Oath & did NOT help my family pet I will be telling everyone I know about it & from this point on I wouldn't recommend anyone to bring a gold fish to you. Don't blame the person answering the phone either because they were following your instructions. So I rate you as a negative ZERO.

Emily Holder

2 years ago

While hauling from TX to FL, 1 of my horses came up with Nephrosplenic Entrapment at 2am. This clinic was the ONLY one within an hour of where I was staying that would see me. The on call vet was incredible to us. They were thorough and and took great care of him. Got multiple calls daily giving me updates on him and the costumer services was the best i’ve ever come across. extremely reasonably priced for the care that he received. These ladies were God sent to me.

Janet Turner

2 years ago

I trusted this people to take care all my puppies. The owner was a liar. Just went to take my puppies for her yearly teeth cleaning. Over dose my baby. The other doctor came clean told us that they had a girl who was new and gave a dose for a bigger dog.the owner didn't even bothered to compensate for the lost of our baby. We are not done yet about losing our beloved puppy. So disappointed..

Andrew Carmona

2 years ago

have only been to this veterinarian's office a few times, but all have been positive. I haven't had to wait long, they uncovered an issue that a prior vet had not, and they have been very helpful.

John Henry

2 years ago

I would not do business with them again. I was taught if there isn't anything good to say then don't say nothing at all. So I'll just leave it at that.

Andrea Cooper

2 years ago

I am rarely one to leave reviews, but being in a client service driven industry and being an exceptional equestrian care giver... I feel it would be a disservice to others in my area to not voice the disappointment I have had with this veterinary experience. 1. Rescue mare with extreme dental issues, not adequately described or evaluated. I should have taken the mare to auburn as soon as the issue was discovered as this vet was not equipped to handle or properly diagnose the situation. Was told a bump (which was also x-rayed) was a bone change from hitting her face or some unknown event. However, this bump eventually abscessed and was proven to be a sign of severe nasal cavity infection which had gone un treated. I suggested this was my fear, based on clear common sense and was not given antibiotics or any referrals. I took the mare to Auburn where she was rehomed to the university due to the severity of this issue. I spent thousands of dollars with NWFAC "treating" this issue before taking it upon my self to go to Auburn. 2. This clinic is less than 40 minutes from the area of Florida I am located in. However, I can only make appointments for 1 specific day a month (Wednesday) and have zero control over timing. They will not work with your schedule and if you cannot accommodate them your horses simply do not get the care they need. 3. The last straw. I called months in advance to make appointment for my horses to have their falls shots, as well as x-rays needed for another. I was called and my appointment was confirmed the afternoon beforehand. I was then called again that evening and told if I wanted to keep my appointment I would have to pay $135 due to all other clients cancelling for the day. If I did not pay this I would not be able to have my horses seen until the next month. Typically the farm call fee is $35. So because other clients lack of reliability, I was to be punished and expected to pay an additional $100 or I could inconvenience myself with work and other responsibilities to haul my horses to them. I have never experienced such poor client service from a veterinary clinic. Let alone a clinic where I have consistently followed up, made appointments, paid my bills, and taken excellent care and attention to my horses. If this is how they think reputable and reliable clients should be treated there is nothing more I can say. Consider yourself warned.

Richard Cotton

2 years ago

All of the staff here are exceptional. They took very good care of our pet.

Frank Posey

2 years ago

Extremely nice Vet. Doctor and professional

Earlene Russell

2 years ago

We found the business to be very efficient, organized and all of the staff was very friendly. Definitely worth going to .

Sandy Johnson

2 years ago

Exceptional staff and awesome doctor!

M.Cheri McCann

3 years ago

Nice vet. Only item is she's one of those people so concentrated on the job she can come across as rude or indifferent to some. Compared to other vets I've worked with she's not as up on educating her clients as she could be. Overall I like her but I mention the other so others are understanding of her and give her a fair shake .

Lisa Preston

3 years ago

Always responsive and truly cares about the animals that they treat. Thorough exams and informative.

Jackie Torgerson

3 years ago

Went here for a first option just to have another vet say something different than this place. I will NEVER be back here. I will be getting a partial refund or full refund or I am going to the vet board.

Margaret Mahan

3 years ago

I knew where this place was, I just wasn't sure about the cut through. Made it easy since I was pulling a trailer.

Cheyenne Berrian

3 years ago

Northwest Florida Animal Clinic is the BEST veterinary clinic around! They take care of my horse and let me know what she needs in the near future. There has been a few times I forgot to mention something that I needed to get done when I scheduled an appointment and they were able to work me in their busy schedule to get it done that same day. Little to no wait time! They move swiftly at their job and get it done right all at the same time! These vets are a blessing to my horse and I. I would recommend them to anybody!

John Lamb

3 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable, quick diagnosis and treatment. My horse is doing much better. Thanks.

Patty Spurlock

3 years ago

The people there are very nice n friendly to all kinds of animals. Also prices are pretty reasonable too.

Christina Carrera-Collins

3 years ago

Dr. Thompson is the bomb!!! Everyone was super nice and helpful very knowledgeable about horses and they did everything the way I would have wanted it to be. I would give 6 stars if there would be an option for it.

Yvonne Lee

3 years ago

Very knowledgeable staff, very friendly and helpful

Kelley Dougherty

3 years ago

The staff was very helpful and patient answering my many questions. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. My two fur babies have found their new forever veterinarian clinic. The prices were reasonably priced. I have already been recommending this clinic to my family and friends.

Rena Fuqua

3 years ago

Excellent drs and staff... Very helpful and compassionate... They take time for you and your concerns.. . Highly recommend.

Patricia Stefani

3 years ago

After sixteen years I was faced with the decision of whether it was time for me to say goodbye to my wire haired dachshund. I have to say that Dr Thompson, an amazing veterinarian and her staff were absolutely the most sensitive and caring people I have had the privilege to meet. They had no idea who I was. I was brand new to them but you would have thought that Starr had been her patient for all of those 16 years. Dr Thompson explained everything to me and was there the entire time. Her staff is phenomenal and guided me through all the “paperwork” and helped me make decisions throughout. I have to say that once my grieving has calmed and I am ready to be a pet parent again Dr Thompson will be right there from the start. Thank you!!!

Mary Hunter

3 years ago

Rude staff, took my dog elsewhere.

Towana Henry

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my animals to Dr. Thompson for nearly 5 years now. She is great, she speaks in layman terms and truly cares about her animals. And the animals love West Florida veterinarian clinic to!!

Shelley Clark

3 years ago

Great experience for my 3 goats and lilly my boxer. Just relocated from north Georgia and am very pleased with the care they received

Tonya Delfo

3 years ago

She great with my horses but knowledgeable about xxl dogs. She did a great job on my English mastiffs gastropexy & neuter. So nice to now have my horses and dogs with the same vet that I can trust

Tesia Lucas

3 years ago

Very friendly the hole staff was very loving and careing for your animals def will ner take my dog anywhere else!!!

Steven Martin

3 years ago

Absolutely great staff and Vet. Would recommend to anyone willing to drive out to them.

Debra Fall

3 years ago

I take my horses to NW Florida Animal Clinic for their care. Love the Doctors and Staff. Always helpful and courteous.

danny smith

3 years ago

This is a vet that cares. They are outstanding. We are so glad that we started taking our dogs here. They take the time to explain everything that needs to be done, may need to be done in the future, and how to take care of issues before they arise.

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