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Andrea Patron

2 years ago

Friendly personable professional quality service

Lisa Torres

2 years ago

Stay away from Fair Oaks Veterinary Hospital!!! I stopped buy today to buy some heart guard for my dog and make an appointment for my other dog. Something that has always been easy in the past. The receptionist was so rude to me, shrugging her shoulders and rolling her eyes, and talking down to me. Very unprofessional! I will be taking my 3 dogs elsewhere. I'm shocked that she is allowed to treat paying customers this way.Sorry I clearly bothered her..it won't happen again!!!

Consuelo Brown

2 years ago

I have a senior dog (Deuce). He stopped eating and drinking, and teeth was bad. Michelle and Joy the receptionist was so helpful and got him right in that day. Dr. Holland noticed that he noticed one large testicle and sent us home with medicine within a week he was not holding the food down and his testicle had enlarged. Dr Holland did an emergency surgery and neutered and removed his bad teeth and kept him for 2 days to make sure that he was good. I brought back home a new dog. Dr Holland saved my baby and the staff kept me informed and eased my mind. I HIGHLY recommend Fair Oats to anybody that loves their animals. Thank you Fair Oats.I love all of you.

Kyra Crawford

2 years ago

I can not explain how much I greatly appreciate Fair Oaks Veterinary Hospital. Starting with my first call, Michelle allowed me to bring my dog in to be seen for an emergency appointment. When I got there they greeted me and my dog and I was taken to a room immediately. Dr. Holland came in and right away we figured out what was wrong with my puppy. Thank god he went when he did because he had to go into emergency surgery to save his life. And that is exactly what they did, they saved my dogs life. They took such good care of my puppy and I can’t explain how much it means to me to see how much they all cared for my puppy as much as I do. From the front desk staff, doctors, and everyone else who works here THANK YOU!!!!

Amanda Harris

2 years ago

Dr Holland is rude and money hungry she told me my dog needed surgery and would cost 937 after I got second opinion turn out it was an incect bite I would not recommend this place at all

Jesika Lancaster

2 years ago

Customer service is beyond rude they lie an hang up on you.if I could give zero stars I would.its a shame how the treat worried pet owners. They need a new staff with compassion none is given in that office. Truly sad....

Rosie Servin

2 years ago

I am not one to typically write reviews. However, this place really needs to consider replacing some of their staff. A week ago I called to make an appointment to take my dogs for a visit, the woman I spoke to over the phone was rude and she was very dismissive with every question I asked, it seemed as she was trying to get me off the phone. Although she wasn't very pleasant, I scheduled my appointment for Wednesday, 3/31 at 3pm, I figured this woman just had a bad day. Unfortunately, I am not be able to make the appointment and I had to call this afternoon to see if I could come in later that same day, but once again I found myself dealing with another person with a worse attitude. As soon as she picked up the phone I explained what I need it and very rudely she told me that I did not have an appointment for the day I mentioned and that the appointment I had was for 3/24 for one dog and 3/31 for my other dog which is definitely not how I would schedule my appointment since I have a 7 month old baby and my time is very limited. When I asked why my appointment got split, her response was "I don't know ma'am, are you keeping this appointment or not?" Her tone was extremely rude and I almost hung up the phone but instead I told her to cancel my appointment and before I could say anything else, she hung up the phone on me (guess I should've done it first LOL). I have been in customer service for over 10 years and I would never speak to a client that way. Do yourself a favor, if you're looking for a good and friendly environment to take your fur babies, do not go to this place, their staff will make it a very stressful visit, specially if your babies are already nervous about going to the vet.

Anon (Curlfriend101)

2 years ago

Ever since my dog came here she does nothing but itch non stop. They basically force you to a flea treatment which is ridiculously overpriced. And now she won’t stop itching!! Great! Also the quote I was given was a lot more than what I ended up paying. I was recommended here and I’ll never go back again.

Abigail Smith

2 years ago

Dr. Teresa Holland (sp?), is a no nonsense vet with a loving and careful group of support staff (Michelle, Joy, Sam, et al). My SO and I have always wanted a vet that loved our pets more than us... they do.

Rebecca Vallery

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog Bailey for 2 years to Dr. Holland, and recently acquired a new dog Tandy. Let me tell you, Dr. Holland is by far the best and her staff is very compassionate and cares for animals. They will always give you a quote up front in writing before any procedures take place and let you ask questions BEFORE ANYTHING IS DONE. It leaves you in the captain seat to make a decision as to what you can do and want to do for your pet. I have absolutely loved having Dr. Holland and her staff as part of my family. The vet does have grooming, and other services. The prices are reasonable, Any time I have ever had and questions about Bailey, all I did was ask, and I am glad to have my new fur baby as part of the Fair Oaks Family. Thank you Dr. Holland and Fair Oaks Staff for caring for my fur babies.


3 years ago

Doctor Holland is the best with my animals. Definitely would recommend this vet to anyone.

Jake Startin

3 years ago

Dr.Holland is a very rude and ill-mannered person her staff is awesome and totally deserves to be treated better they do not get paid enough for how she treats them and she’s always trying up sell products I wouldn’t work there if it was the last job on earth let alone bring my loved pet there

Demetrius Alexander

3 years ago

Dr Holland was very rude and after getting a second opinion on my dog's eye she was completely wrong about everything she was telling me, they were charging me a lot of money for meds that were making his eye worse, the other vet gave me some 5$ eyedrops and his eye healed immediately. She also was tryna get me to have this expensive surgery to have his eye removed!5$drops ppl,and he was completely healed, I definitely would NOT recommend this place to anyone!!!

Daniel Savage

3 years ago

I found myself in a serious dilemma on a rainy Saturday morning; my dog was in stage 4 kidney failure when I realized all my attempts to beat the deadly disease or even bring short term relief was of no progress. I sadly came to terms that it was time to let go and say goodbye to my fur- CHILD. My primary vet provided me with 4 days of fluids and a host of medications to get through until he returned from an out of state trip. I started frantically calling around to local vets, Cobb Emergency being one of them (outrageous people) explaining that I didn't have much money left after spending over $1500 on hospitalization along with take home medication/fluids. I expressed in desperation the need to relieve my dog of any further suffering by having her humanely euthanized. Feeling hopeless while driving down Austell rd, I noticed a small vet on the side of the road named " Fair Oaks Veterinary Hospital", I thought to myself , "its going to be the same thing like every other hospital I've reached out to," figuring I had nothing to lose, I called. Michelle answered my call and listened to me so attentively, soaking in every detail almost like how a sponge soaks in water. She asked important questions, showed genuine concern. I felt like I was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. She didn't leave me in limbo; refusing to hang up or call me back, she briefly placed me on hold to get answers and ultimately spoke on my behalf ( a complete stranger to her) to the Dr. and hospital staff allowing me to come in for immediate assistance. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Michelle at my vehicle and assisted into the front door with my girl. Michelle quickly guided me into a private room bypassing the lobby and front desk/check in. She moved with precision in getting some basic information and getting me checked in. As I was sitting in the room waiting for "what's next", Sam and Kat came in the room. I believe both ladies were technicians, both were very knowledgeable and informative. I actually thought one of the two must have been the doctor. They were kind. They were understanding. They were sympathetic and sensitive to my situation. At some point Sam advised that the doctor would be in shortly to see me. In a matter of 2 to 3 minutes the doctor was knocking at the door. Dr. Edwards (an angle in disguise) came in and not only consoled me, but she began assessing my dogs condition. I thought the doctor was going to come in with a needle and quickly put my dog down without question or hesitation, considering I was already not paying for the euthanasia. However, that certainly was not the case . Dr. Edwards started to do a full examination of my dog trying to determine if there was any other solution other than to put my girl down. She was patient. She thought things through. She asked more questions. She genuinely wanted a happier outcome for me and my dog. She finally gave me her much needed opinion on what she felt was within the best interest of my dog. Once I agreed with proceeding with the euthanasia, Dr. Edwards explained the entire process in full detail and what to expect. She even went so far to allow me to play some background music ( to comfort me and my dog) while she proceeded with the euthanasia. I held my girl tightly, embracing her as Dr. Edwards spoke gently to her as she simultaneously administered the last act of kindness. My girl peacefully fell asleep in my arms pain free. Thank you Dr. Edwards, Ms. Sam, Ms, Kat, and Ms Michelle!! You women are heaven-sent. What you did for me and Envy will forever be in my heart. I will never forget you ladies. I want to thank you all again for your unmatched compassion and support in one of the most difficult times in my life. I want to thank you all on behalf of Envy for holding her with such delicacy and providing a level of comfort to her that made her transition gracefully and peacefully. Thank you. :-)

Christina Dale

3 years ago

I took my guinea pig in earlier today for Dr. Holland to look her over and I am so glad I did. Dr. Holland is kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable in the field of veterinary medicine. The staff is also really nice and helpful as well. After my guinea pig was diagnosed with pneumonia, I needed a second opinion about her treatment and chose Dr. Holland. They really give you lots of great information about your animals and their care to give them the best and richest lives possible. They really take up time with you, ask you questions, get to know you and your pet, and they overall really put my mind at ease about my sweet piggie. I highly recommend Dr. Holland and her staff! Thank you all!

Chantelle Eittreim

4 years ago

I have been bringing my Jessie here for years- Dr Holland is WONDERFUL! Also, there is a new vet tech, Allison, who I want to praise for her calm demeanor, and wonderful personality. She handled my very anxious dog with love and ❤ care.

Christie Coker

4 years ago

The techs are very sweet and personable. The vet is knowledgable but doesn't give you that warm fuzzy feeling initially..she's good though. Wait time is a little long but I understand it's because she's giving the time and care needed for each individual pet which I appreciate. I would definitely recommend

David Bennett

4 years ago

I take my dogs to Fair Oaks. When one of them was bitten by another, Dr. Holland was immediately available for me to bring her in for sutures. Recently, another was vomiting and refusing to eat, after diagnostics, it was determined that he …

Jennifer Kemerer

4 years ago

I absolutely love everyone at this vet hospital - the front desk is very sweet, the techs are so good with my rabbit and Dr. Holland is just fantastic. Their care for the animals they see is very obvious and is exactly what I look for in a vet. I found Dr. Holland to be very informative and both she and the tech provided some education on rabbit care that I needed and I'm very thankful for it! Would definitely recommend!

Mark Rowbottom

4 years ago

I have been bringing my cat here for years. Always a good experience. Staff are always nice and take very good care the animals.

Rick Crain

4 years ago

Dr. Holland is the BEST option for rabbit care in the Atlanta area, period. I have been coming to Doc for over 3 years but recently my 8 year old baby girl Minka had a nipple infection which quickly escalated into blood being in her litter …

Vanessa Pereira

4 years ago

I was wondering if the rude and condescending attitude from Dr. Holland was just targeted to me. I read the reviews and seems like the problem is more with her. She is always trying to sell me more products than I need and makes it …

Lamont Johnson

5 years ago

If you care for your pet, stay away. Dr Holland does not know how to deal with people and has a huge attitude problem, downright rude. Also trying to up sell her products that you don’t need

Alaine Johnson

5 years ago

I've been taking my many rescue kitties to Fair Oaks Vet Clinic for 15 years. Dr. Holland is the best animal doctor I've found! Highly competent & so compassionate, I am extremely pleased with the quality of care. Reasonable pricing. The only time I've had to wait a lengthy time to see her, was when she was busy treating an urgent case where a dog was hit by a car. So of course I understood the wait. All other times we've been seen pretty promptly. We're thrilled to have her as our vet!

Bree Karlsen

5 years ago

Amazing groomer and boarding open Sunday for picking up my furr baby. Great educated employees and Dr. Holland is so caring

Diana C

5 years ago

a little expensive, but they provide high quality care for my cats. Dr. Holland and Dr. Edwards are so helpful and smart. …

Joel Glazer

5 years ago

Dr Holland after making us wait an hour took advantage by charging us for a second heart worm test when she knew our dog just had one done. After leaving I realized this was the second time in a recent period of being tested for that. When confronted she did not want to make things right in any way. Not again!

Jules Bar

5 years ago

Dr. Holland is great with pets, BUT she is very rude with her customers and with her employees... She also does try to up-sell products and services you may not need. Every time we go, it's at least a 45 minute wait... so, if you have no other options, I guess, it's a good place.

Lauren Schramm

5 years ago

I have been to many vets and Dr. Holland is the best one by far! She looks after all four of my rabbits. One bun was extremely sick her whole life. Two other vets just said they didn't know what was wrong with her but not Dr. Holland. She …

Michelle Dawson

5 years ago

The staff there are great Dr Holland really cares about the animals

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