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Sarah Brooks

2 years ago

Kelsey is amazing! She really taught our 3-4 month old puppy important life skills! She taught me too! I would not know what to do without her experience and encouragement. She is so patient, energetic, and loving. I highly recommend her to everyone with puppies!!

Abby Carter

2 years ago

I had the pleasure of doing 5 in-home sessions with Kelsey! Kelsey was so down to earth, so knowledgable, and gave wonderful suggestions. My Ruby is a handful, but Kelsey gave tons of advice and we worked on behavioral traits as well as needed tricks for learning puppies (drop it, come, settle, etc). Kelsey was also very good about adjusting the schedule if something came up for me. I highly recommend Pawsitive Practice! I still have work to do and upkeep with my puppy, but Kelsey really helped me kickstart everything! Thank you!

Abby Hess

2 years ago

Working with Kaitlyn to tame our beasts was wonderful. She is an abundance of knowledge and skills that have helped our dogs so much. In a time when we felt hopeless, she saved the day. Mona and Winston will forever love Ms. Kaitlyn. I would recommend her services time and time again!

Ericka Fulghum

2 years ago

Can’t say enough good things. Lisa has been amazing with our 2yr old German Shepherd. She’s made to work with dogs and highly recommend.

Ken luther

2 years ago

Kaitlyn was great with my two dogs. They are now model citizens!

Michael Jicha

2 years ago

I recently brought a siberian husky puppy into my family. Kelsey came and did wonders for us on training her in just 6 short weeks. She is very attentive to all needs and will work with you to accommodate all situations. I highly recommend using kelsey and look forward to using her on any or all help that may be needed.

Ross Westbrook

2 years ago

Kelsey was great. Upbeat and professional. Did a great job with Otto.

Darby Kennedy

2 years ago

Working with Lisa was absolutely wonderful. She is an amazing professional who truly gets not only how to train dogs but how to work with the humans who bring the dogs. We all learned so much, and our 10 month old poodle is incredibly well-behaved. She helped us over some hurdles in terms of his behavior, and we have a much better handle on how to work with him now. Lisa gave us confidence to be able to work with our dog long-term.

Erin Welker

2 years ago

Lisa helped us with our OCD/anxious schnauzer. Guillermo was barking obsessively at every little thing, even us when we'd move unexpectedly. We never got to the point where we considered rehoming him but life was not pleasant. After 5 visits with Lisa, his behavior has greatly improved and we get to enjoy him to the fullest without the frustration of unwanted behavior. Lisa also helped us with training both dogs to properly greet guests and get out from underfoot. We will definitely call on her again if the need arises.

Ryan Beesley

2 years ago

April did a great job boosting our training for our 6 month old catahoula! She has a lot of great trips that were praised based and effective. Are friends and family have noticed a huge improvement with our dog and we are so thankful for that!

Vannesa Bermudez

2 years ago

Working with Kelsey these last couple of weeks has been awesome. She does a a great job in guiding you on how to train your dog. She is very knowledgeable and has tons of tips and tricks to help you succeed. Thank you for your help!

Jubilee Hsieh

2 years ago

Lisa worked with our 6 month old puppy, and I could not be more pleased. Our puppy, Koko, was overly excitable, anxious, and not great at leaving people food / objects alone. She also had horrible leash manners. Lisa was entirely positive with our sweet puppy, which I really appreciated. She also helped us prepare for the arrival of our new baby girl by teaching our puppy how to walk beside a stroller. What I appreciated most about Lisa was that she gave us strategies to continue working with our dog and didn't just focus on fixing certain behaviors.

Sarah Bowers

2 years ago

Lisa was amazing with our 6-year old rescue who came to us displaying anxiety, some fear aggression, and limited basic training. The main problem areas we wanted to address were: lunging and snarling at cars or people that passed us on walks and also growling/snapping at new visitors that would come to the house. We signed up for a 5-session package. After a couple sessions, Lisa advised us to speak with our vet to find a medication to help calm her anxiety. I'm so glad we did! When we combined the medication along with Lisa's training techniques we have been able to achieve a much happier, responsive, calm, and self confident dog. As a trainer, Lisa is patient and effusively positive. She's all about the love and treats. She was very knowledgeable and always explained the reasoning behind the various techniques and how to effectively employ them. I liked that we were able to train both at her facility and in our own home depending on the skills we had to work on.

Nikki Verna

2 years ago

I can't speak highly enough of Lisa! She has been tremendously helpful as we integrate our new puppy into the household. She has so much knowledge to help us manage and teach our puppy acceptable behavior. Lisa is very invested in our success and both of our dogs love their time with her.

Julie Turner

2 years ago

We had a great experience working with Lisa. Her technique is positive reinforcement for the owner and the dog and she is really able to pinpoint lessons for our specific needs. We came out of 5 lessons with much happier and calmer dogs and we have several techniques in our back pocket to use when challenging behaviors pop up. Highly recommended.

Dorsie B

2 years ago

Lisa did a great job in training our dog.. AND my husband and me! We first came to her with concerns regarding our dog barking and acting overly protective of our baby. We liked Lisa's "pawsitive" approach and her techniques worked well with our large, rescue dog. My husband and I learned the skills we needed to continue with the training outside of her sessions. I appreciated that Lisa was very realistic and down to earth with us and our pup. We highly recommend her!

Dan Gresham

2 years ago

A friend recommended Lisa to us for help with general anxiety and anxiety-triggered defensive aggression issues we were having with our rescue lab mix, Jett. We don't know how long Jett was living alone and abandoned before being saved by Atlanta Lab Rescue and placed in his forever home with us. Lisa's work with us definitely reflected the name of her business. Jett was always eager and happy to go for his lessons and responded very favorably. Lisa was also very patient in teaching us how to better understand and work with Jett to improve his anxiety and overall behavior. HIghly recommended!

Audrey Woelper

2 years ago

We added a new puppy to our family in late March. We have two young kids, 5 and 3, and I wanted to make sure our new pup got started on the right foot. We did the puppy package which was 5 weekly hour long sessions, we started one week after our pup arrived. Thanks to Lisa he is literally the best puppy I have ever had. She showed me how to get my dog to WANT to do the right thing. The teenage puppy stage is coming up soon and if I run into any issues I know exactly who I will call.

Carol Aikens

2 years ago

Lisa Matthews is amazing! We told her the things we wanted to work on and she immediately jumped into action. She worked with Molly, (and myself and my husband) to accomplish exactly what we asked. She is knowledgeable, professional and a joy to work with. We have finished three training sessions and are incredibly pleased. We will be doing more sessions with her. Thank you Lisa!!

Rinnie Larsen

3 years ago

Big thank you for Tyler. He just has a way with my beautiful girl Ash. I figured Ash's attention span was as good as mine, having the hardest time training her but with his help, I see where she can go and where to take her ????

Ansley Husack

3 years ago

Lisa honestly changed our lives with the work she put in with our anxious rescue dog. We had to separate the dog from the kids because she was so hyper active and we believed we just couldn’t train her. Lisa gently and professionally taught me how to listen and understand my dog. She’s a real life dog whisperer. Our girl loves her and she has lifelong fans in all of us. We are able to enjoy our dog so much more and our pup can enjoy her life more now too. Worth every single penny.

Rachel Stevens

3 years ago

We purchased a training package of 5 lessons. At each lesson we were asked what challenges we had/ were having and each lesson would then be tailored to our specific needs/concerns. We liked that it was specific to our dog and not just a generic this is what we will do for lesson #2. Lisa was extremely helpful helping us navigate the new season of welcoming a puppy into our home and what would be needed as he grows through the various stages. We would definitely recommend.

Nate&Dana Rohulich

3 years ago

Lisa and her team are amazing. We rescued our sweet girl at 11 months old and she was filled with anxiety. We called Lisa for a training package and saw immediate results. We were able to focus on priority areas first, then move on to other training areas. We have learned so much about our dog, how to read her body language and train her in a positive way. She is responding very well to the "pawsitive" approach and her anxiety lessens ever day. You definitely have to put the work in, but it becomes a great bonding time for us and our pup.

Luci Nellums

3 years ago

My husband and I adopted a 2 year old lab mix from the humane society and needed help with our super energetic dog! Our work with Amy S. has been life changing! We have learned so much and have seen tremendous improvements. We would highly recommend Amy and plan to continue working with her!

Leandra Wilder

3 years ago

Lisa was amazing!! I have seen such an improvement in the way my dog and I interact and how much more my pup listens to me. Lisa gave me such great tips on how to manage her behavior while keeping it a positive experience for my pup. We had such a fantastic experience and highly recommend her services!!

Kristin Popp

3 years ago

Lisa is an amazing trainer. We have had 10 private lessons with her and our dog Stella and Stella has completely transformed into a well behaved dog. She has a great property where you can train on and she also comes to your house. Would definitely recommend her for any behavioral issues.

Krista Williams

3 years ago

I recommend Lisa Matthews and Pawsitive Practice to anyone in need of dog training! As a lifelong dog lover myself, I’ve never needed training for any of my dogs before. So when I came to Lisa with my 2 year old lab Bailey who was having anxiety and related behavior issues, I was feeling defeated and like I had failed as a dog mom. Lisa helped train both Bailey and my husband and I, not to mention she helped build our confidence too! I was originally attracted to Pawsitive Practice because of the positive reinforcement, rather than negative used by many other trainers in the area. I stayed with the practice because of the exceptional results, the no pressure buying situation, and the amazing service that Lisa provided. Bailey responded immediately to Lisa’s training, and she amazed me each session with how quickly she would learn each new exercise. Bailey is a completely different dog now, and every goal I had hoped to achieve when we started training has been surpassed. Thank you Lisa for all of your help! If you’re on the fence about training with Pawsitive Practice, do yourself a favor and go for it! There is no better value for your money, and I can’t recommend it enough!

Katharina McCawley (Pretty Cake Machine)

3 years ago

We bought a 5 session package with Tyler for our 4 month old rescue puppy, and it's one of the best investments we made with our dog. Tyler helped us with some puppy obedience basics, but mostly he taught us methods to keep our puppy calmer on leash and inside around our cats. My puppy has been prone to getting sick and I could not manage administering things like eye drops without the methods Tyler taught us. The most important thing is that we were given a framework that helps us handle things as they pop up, and also to work on stuff like frustrated greeting that can't be fixed in a session or two. People say it a lot, but it's really more about training the humans on how to train the dog. It has been so immensely helpful to have Tyler's feedback on what we might be missing in terms of our timing, demeanor and general training skills. Thank you from Bear Claw and me! We will definitely be back for more sessions.

Allie Johnson

3 years ago

Lisa is truly amazing. After we noticed some behavioral issues and aggressive tendencies in our 5-month-old puppy we called Lisa and asked to schedule some training. She took the time to get to know my husband and me and our 2 dogs, then gave an overview of her philosophy and rates before we even signed up. We chose a 3-session package to start. After the first session we already saw results, and after the 3rd session, we were blown away with how well our puppy was doing. Lisa helped our puppy get over her fear of the cars and she now hops in without issue. Most importantly, Lisa helped us train our dogs together so they can coexist. She also offered to help answer questions between sessions, as she said we’re her clients for more than just the sessions. Lisa’s response time, customer service, patience, and knowledge is impeccable. She was meant to work with dogs. We are grateful for her and the services she has provided. I can’t recommend her enough!

Dawn Gentry

3 years ago

Lisa has been outstanding in helping us to understand my dogs newly acquired fear to fireworks. She was informative as to what meds/natural chews would be best to calm him mentally and not just immobilize him physically. We also worked on …

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