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Akilah Simon

2 years ago

I adopted a rabbit and bonded another rabbit. They truly care about the well-being of rabbits.

A ghashim

2 years ago

Awesome place to visit and adopt from. If you never seen the wide range of rabbits, definitely come in. There's rabbits the size of cats and small ones. Some have long hair, short hair, floppy ears and long stuck up ears. Rabbits are unlike any animal I've dealt with. It kind of exciting dealing with them, makes the heart race.

Morgan VN

2 years ago

Lady who answered the phone was rude. Pretty much said that we weren’t worthy of rescuing a bunny. “Kids lose interest in bunnies in 3 months” That was a very condescending remark. I had plan on rescuing a bunny for therapeutic reasons for my daughter very disappointed.

Marie John

2 years ago

Rude staff. I’ve been here on multiple occasions and the blonde woman at the front desk has never been kind. Never any kind of greeting, and condescending remarks regarding the care I provide my bunny, even going so far to raise her tone at me about the length of my bunnies nails. I know I had areas to learn about when it comes to proper care of a rabbit, and in that time I have done so. But there is always a way things can be said. I understand they are passionate about rabbits and they want the owners to take the utmost care of them, as they should. However, when you speak to others with a condescending tone it only incites fear. Now I take my buns to their vet for their nails which costs about double the price, but atleast I know I will be treated with respect, not like I don’t have an ounce of intelligence or even humanity. Today I came in to buy hay, (keep in mind i have other ways to get hay with are not a 30 minute one way drive away from my house) and once again no greeting and being referred to as “that woman”. I only come here so that the money I spend will be put towards the bunnies they have there, rather than giving my money to a over priced pet store. But at this point, I would rather donate from afar and get my supplies elsewhere if that means I will be spoken to like a human being rather than an ignorant child.

Wren the Witch

2 years ago

GHRS helps so many bunnies in need, and their care is top of the line. Staff truly cares about the bunnies and are passionate about what they do. I buy all my supplies from their Hop Shop and it is well worth it, thank you so much GHRS for introducing me to my two precious babies.

tatia a

2 years ago

I adopted my son (lol) from them. The adoption process was great and the staff was very helpful. They are very well knowledgeable on bunny care. HOWEVER, after I adopted my bun, few months later I realized that he would enjoy his little bunny life more if he had a bunny friend. So I tried to adopt another rabbit but they wouldn't let me unless I left my bun at their shelter for 3 days so they could bond them. I told them that I could do it myself but they did not budge. I get it, bunnies are very mistreated pets and they want to go to great lengths to make sure that we don't hurt them (and I appreciate that to a certain extent) but why would I want to take my rabbit BACK to the shelter for THREE days? The bonding process is already stressful as it is, him going back to the shelter would with bunch of strangers would scare the little guy so much. I ended up going to Tennessee to adopt from a rabbit shelter there. I hope they know that there are other people who can learn how to bond bunnies, they aren't the only ones. I love the bunny we adopted from TN but I think I want to adopt a third one LOL and I know I can't go here... which is why I'm giving them 3/5 instead of a 5/5.


2 years ago

Love this place. So helpful, offers the best advice and so gentle w/ our Smokey. He absolutely loves his mani/pedi and other spa services received recently.


2 years ago

Adopted a beautiful bond pair of rabbits and the staff was amazing!

Ms.Southern Bell

2 years ago

They are so informative every time i take my rabbit for a nail clipping

Melissa Pierce

2 years ago

Love it there I love the environment and volunteers especially Jennifer

Monica Kuhlman

2 years ago

This place is a God send! Please consider donating if you're able. They do so much for our sweet bunny friends!

April Porter

2 years ago

The lady who was grooming my Belle was so rude!!!!

jennifer Maguire

2 years ago

It's a shame what's missing from this place is good customer service... some of the rudest most snobby people I've ever met in my life!! I will never bring my rabbit there again!!

lulu Magoo

2 years ago

We unfortunately did not have a great experience. My boyfriend and I drove 50 minutes to get to this place to only receive a not so great experience. I’ve been reading the reviews and they are all glowing and great but we did not get that same experience. We walked into the lobby with our new baby bun and was never acknowledged. The lady with blonde hair sitting behind the counter was being very talkative and laughing to another customer and never greeted us. We stood there for about 5 minutes just waited to be greeted. The associate even walked passed us a couple of times and still no warm welcome. As soon as we were finally helped we were immediately approached with question after question. The associates responses and demeanor were very condescending and judgmental. She made us feel uncomfortable and judged and incompetent of taking care of our baby bun who is very well taken care of-spoiled at that and happy and healthy. I received her from a very reputable farm called Wimberly farm who takes excellent care of their rabbits. Anyway, we came in for nail clipping services becasue I spoke with an associate a week prior and asked if our 6 week old bun can get nail clippings because we are too scared to do it ourselves and potentially cause harm and was told that’s totally fine. We didn’t want to clip ourselves so we decided to bring Luna to the rabbit society. We felt rushed and like we were an inconvenience to the lady who helped us. My baby bun I’m sure was terrified and I didn’t even get to hold her to make her feel safe. The associate was even saying “stop moving” to our bun as she was clipping her nails. I was absolutely appalled given their reputation. My bun also has two claws that were cut slightly too short and she has a little blood on her fur around the paw which I will be taking pictures of as soon as I get home. I don’t think I will be visiting back here again. I’m very dissatisfied and it left a bad taste in our mouth.

Misty Cucchiara

2 years ago

We adopted our bunny almost 1 year ago from GHRS. I love the dedication that Jennifer and her crew have to these rabbits. These bunnies are loved and well taken care of by very knowledgeable people. They made sure we were also knowledgeable about our Bun before adopting.

Nikki Peebles

2 years ago

I have let them keep my guinea pigs several times. They even went out and rescued two of my pigs off Kennesaw Mountain. Obviously there is 3 sides to the story but the bashing needs to stop. They have done so much good for our fur babies.

Olivia Bynum

2 years ago

We got our two of our three bunnies from GHRS years ago, can't believe I'm only writing this now. Our girls had been abandoned as babies in the woods with no food, water, or shelter. One of them actually came to us missing a piece of her ear and nose. They were both scared and defensive when we got them home. After almost 4 years, they're now carefree bunnies who run up to us expecting snuggles and pets. We feel so grateful that GHRS made it possible for us to take them home. The people who work/volunteer here are doing amazing work for these animals. Often it goes without recognition or thanks. There is not a lot of knowledge amongst the general public about how to properly care for domesticated rabbits, which makes the work they do all the more important. Thank you guys for everything.

Rhonda Lawrence

2 years ago

An incredible organization that works tirelessly for the lives of buns not only through boots on the ground work work work but through education. Rescue is hard and they knock it out of the park every single day!

Corinna Richards

3 years ago

Incredibly kind and knowledgeable staff, clean and well-run shelter, and well-stocked store. They were really nice about the fact that my husband and I know absolutely nothing about rabbits and answered all our questions. Courtney (the assistant manager) gave us the run-down on all the adoptable rabbits and tips on which ones she thought would be a good fit for first time owners, plus helped us pick out supplies. Thanks for all your help! Our new bunny is doing really well so far.

Martha Boyle

3 years ago

Loving, caring experts in happiness and health for bunnies!

Matthew Schultz

3 years ago

I was given two bunnies when I knew nothing about them. Ghrs society has taken my calls about once a month for six months. I never adopted from them or gave them a dime, they just helped me. The staff has always been kind, patient and knowledgeable. I just visited and the store is great with the best selection of hay I've found. My bunnies have better lives because of y'all!!! Thank you so much!! Matt, Juicy and Dougie

Venerable Hyrophant

3 years ago

Interesting place with a friendly staff.

Ellie Wade

3 years ago

My rabbit Clover (of 7 years) passed recently. Just devastated and so is her bunny companion... I was truly hoping to ADOPT a new friend but the process to adopt at this facility appears VERY tedious. Apartment facilities approval?? REALLY? Why on earth would that matter? It's all redundant and gives folks a reason NOT to adopt in my opinion. Who wants more paperwork than necessary? no one...The breeders don't require all this nonsense but at the same time...I want to ADOPT to help a bunny in need. Is there a way to go about this any easier? Good grief. Already sad and stressed enough about losing her!

Felicia Burnett

3 years ago

Jennifer is AMAZING!!! Had to re-home my rabbit & she assured me that he would go to a great home!!! This organization is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

Tamika Coggins

3 years ago

All of the animals seemed to be well cared for and the employees are very friendly. Will definitely be coming back if needed to!

Olivia Freeman

3 years ago

I first took my bunny to Georgia House Rabbit Society in 2018 for a trim, but unfortunately left feeling sad due to 1 employees negativity - HOWEVER, today I took my bunny back for a trim and felt completely overwhelmed with happiness! My experience today was amazing and the current staff did an awesome job! Thank you for being so positive during these hard times, I’ll be sure to pass on a good word :)

Precious grant

3 years ago

This place is awesome..I love the fact that they are saving little bunnies from being killed.

Sakina Pantlitz

3 years ago

I love ❤️ this place omg ???? it’s great ???? love????????????????????❤️❤️????????????????????????????

Taylor McElroy

3 years ago

My fiance and I wanted to get a bunny friend for my first rabbit, Theo, about 6 months ago. We took the bunny 101 class and they kept Theo for about a week to find the perfect match for him! Raven is Theo's best friend and we absolutely adore her! She's a sassy girl who loves pets. They were very thorough with their class and how to properly care for buns, and they truly do love and care for all of those babies who are still waiting for their forever homes. I will never get another rabbit from anywhere else again!

William Going

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful volunteers who give their souls to help hurt, abandoned, or otherwise adoptable bunnies. Please consider a donation to help them continue their amazing work. Rabbits are the third most abandoned pet (they live around 10 years so please don't give them for Easter pets if you are not committed to their care. Please don't abandon them because they can't survive in the wild once domesticated)

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