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Jessica Pennington

2 years ago

They saved my dog's life. Thank you.

Chris J. Dowdy

2 years ago

Fast, friendly, expert and exceptional service. Competitive to comparable pricing. Competent, cooperative and concerned staff.

Amy Jenkins Mitchell

2 years ago

Ive used Isbell for years, always professional, great staff, great vets, take great care of my furbabies

B. H.

2 years ago

First time here- Was greeted by woman at front desk. I asked about prices for grooming, nail cutting, ear & teeth cleaning. She was very polite & friendly! I had my dogs nails & ears done ( I had another appointment , not enough time to leave my dog for grooming) She was very gentle & kind to my dog. My dogs tail was wagging the whole time! I highly recommend you bring your pets here! I will definitely be going back!

Gabe Crane

2 years ago

Been with them for years couldn't think of using anyone else.

Gwen Flor

2 years ago

Iv been going here with my animals for 36 years. Dr. Isbell was great and now Dr. Garrett is. They care and are good at what they do. Thanks to all the staff there as well, who have been there for years and step up and take care of business. Love it here.

Richard Pruitt

2 years ago

My 11 almost 12 year old French Bulldog had surgery Tuesday. She had to go under anesthesia and 11 is old for a French Bulldog. The surgery went great and I'm very happy with the Doc and the staff.

Silena Donley

2 years ago

They are really great with animals. Really Sweet Staff

Cynthia Norton

2 years ago

Took good care of my best friend and it didn't put me under the poor house..ty Isbell

Debbie Miller

2 years ago

Always pleased with the care we receive. Candice was fantastic with our puppies.

Jeff Prickett

2 years ago

Staff. Very knowledgeable and frendly

Marie Suarez

2 years ago

I am no doctor but alot of the experience we had was off..I will respectfully not ever take my pets here for any reason...the front desk needs to learn how to respectfully communicate with customers.

Peyton & Stasha Weddington

2 years ago

Being around for as long as I've been alive which is a very long time okay and they have always treated my pets which are my babies as if they were their own I love this place and employees especially Miss Judy

S Draper

2 years ago

Fast and friendly ! There wasn't a long wait, even tho they had a few people in front of me. Staff at the desk were very helpful ! Prices very reasonable & affordable

Terry godwin

2 years ago

These people are very good with your pets

Samantha Bartlett

2 years ago

Been going for years and I couldn't ask for a better vet for my fur babies ????????????????.

Melissa Beatty

2 years ago

Dr very well experienced... Love her!!

Katie Taylor

2 years ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE! My mother brought our slightly elderly (NOT SICKLY) family dog here this morning 7/21/2021 for a routine tooth extraction. She was only supposed to have 3 teeth pulled and to be picked up at 3:30 pm. When our dog was picked up, the vet told us that they pulled 9 teeth instead of 3 teeth. Our poor dog was bleeding all over the place and they said it was normal and to watch her for blood clots because she could choke on them and that she should stop bleeding and heal up in the next day or so. She never stopped bleeding. My mother called the vet and they referred her to an emergency vet in Trussville, but there was no way for her to make it all the way there in time to save her. Only 5 hours after they picked her up from the vet, she died in my mother’s arms in the living room floor. DO NOT bring your pets here at all. If you love your pets, which we most certainly do, do not trust this place. They killed our sweet girl.

Haley Dennison

2 years ago

Best place to take your dog! All my dogs have been going here over 20 years

Dee Michelle

2 years ago

No complaints. Good place to get shots and neuter or spay. Prices are good... Not too high.

Amber Abney

2 years ago

They always have a full waiting room But the staff is always super helpful and nice and they have always takin great car of my dogs

Michelle Hicks

2 years ago

Second generation to use this clinic... always helpful, kind, and curtious.

Yvonne Anderson

2 years ago

My aunt and I arrived with a tiny white kitten that had been abandoned on our property 5 days ago. The kitten was in obvious distress and though we loved, fed, and kept warm and clean, it became clear that the kitten needed medical attention. The assistant was extremely helpful as was the Dr. We surrendered tiny Jamie in hopes he would survive. Jamie was a fighter. He is now, we pray, that he will heal, thrive, and bring much joy to a loving caring and nurturing home.

Nancy McLeroy

2 years ago

Very nice and friendly staff

Jacob walden

3 years ago

I wouldn't trust them to give my dog a bath, much less treat a sick puppy!

SoutherPride 13

3 years ago

They dont care about the animals. They treat them very poorly. Even if the animal is severely sick and needs taken care of nobody will stay to make sure they are hydrated, fed and properly taken care of. When 5 o'clock hits everybody leaves no matter the circumstances!

Shanna Wetzel

3 years ago

Love dr Garrett. Great prices compared to other vets

Kristi Ball

3 years ago

I call 3 times. All 3 times i was put on hold no one ever came back to phone and i never got my question. I was on hold for 10 min each time.

Brodys mx !

3 years ago

I was very happy with Dr isbell he was very good with Charlie. Very understanding i think we will be back.

Terry Gwin

3 years ago

We found & rescued a young stray cat & took him for shots & a check-up. He was skin & bones & near death when we found him two weeks before. I was told he was 7-8 months old, still growing & otherwise in good health. We scheduled for him to be fixed two weeks after that. During that time we noticed he was urinating more than normal. So we opted for pre-surgery blood work, where they would test him for serious problems before surgery & call to inform us if there were any major problems. That way we could decide how to proceed if there were to be any major health expenses in the future. We got no call. When I returned to pick him up, the person at the desk told me he had diabetes. She told me the doctor wasn't in & to return later for instruction. When I returned I still did not get to see the doctor. Another person at the desk told me he had diabetes again & that he needed insulin, one unit twice a day. That's it, no instructions on how to administer shots, no instruction on diet or care. They didn't even offer syringes, I had to ask about buying them. The insulin bottle cost $115. I had to return him every few days for blood sugar tests at $12 each. I went for his blood sugar tests at least four times. Every time I left, the cat had a huge blood streak down his leg & always acted very traumatized. Every time I went, I was told to go up more on the insulin by the person at the desk. I never did see or speak to the doctor about the diabetes. But after the last test I was told we now had to buy special prescription food too. Because supposedly his blood sugar was over 400. I asked if I could adjust his diet with our own cat food first to see how that worked. The person at the desk said it wouldn't work. I then mentioned how I thought he may have gotten diabetes from the trauma of nearly starving to death. She said that's impossible because it only occurs two ways, 1) you feed them to much regular cat food until they get fat & that triggers diabetes, or 2) They are born with it. I said "he must have been born with it." To which she bluntly replied "he would already be dead." So I asked how did he get it then? He was skin & bones & 7 months old when we found him. Then she started arguing with me as though I had the cat long enough to have over fed him to the point of being fat & that gave him diabetes. But I'd only had him a month when he was diagnosed. In fact she acted as though he was currently a fat cat but he only weighed about 4.5lbs & was tiny at the time. Suddenly I realized they had no idea what they were doing! I refused the diabetic cat food & left. I took the cat to Mark's Animal Hospital where they tested his blood sugar at 99. They also told me he was closer to 1-3 years old. They said a diabetic cat's blood sugar is good when averaging around 200, & that 99 was on the low end for a diabetic cat. We were told to reduce the insulin & given instructions on care & diet without the need for prescription food. After adjusting the diet with our own cat food, the next visit his blood sugar was 54. The doctor was shocked & had us reduce the insulin much more. The doctor also agreed that the trauma of starvation may have played a part in his diabetes & that the shock of aggressive blood sugar tests could have contributed to higher numbers. So apparently we were about to kill our cat with an insulin overdose if we had put him on prescription diabetic cat food & continued to increase his insulin. Because Isbell Animal Clinic had him in shock every time they were taking his blood sugar tests. The lesson here is, you get what you pay for. They may be cheap at Isbell but the care is super cheap & horrible. Plus they will add any extra charge they can find for as many problems as they can create. Don't take your pet here for anything except maybe shots. They don't care about your pet's health & they don't care if they kill your pet to get paid.

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