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Rebecca Augustine

2 years ago

Kind and helpful veterinarians and staff. When a friend's dog was actually EAGER to visit them, that was recommendation enough!

Richard Schlinkert

2 years ago

Our family has been going to Nall Daniels for decades, but once Dr. Nall retired, the practice became a money mill. Poor care and ridiculously expensive, 50% higher than the vet I switched to just a couple miles away. Our 16 year old cat has an abscessed tooth, which Nall Daniels examined, but they somehow missed a tumor under the cat's tongue-pretty hard to miss if they REALLY did a thorough exam. They also no longer allow you to come back during the exam and I never met the vet who examined the cat-just got a phone call and a big bill. All Dr. Clark was interested in was pushing me into scheduling a teeth cleaning for another $400, even after I had already paid $150 for the pre-op blood work that was supposed to be part of the $400. They also prescribed an oral antibiotic, but didn't give the cat an anti-biotic injection which surprised our new vet. Do your wallet and your pet a favor and find another vet. I did.

Margaret Jeffords

2 years ago

We love Nall Daniel!!! We had been to other vets searching for help with our dogs ear infections. We tried every medicine and food trial that is out there but none were helping. Recently, Dr Clark called the dermatologist in Auburn and discussed our dogs situation to help try a new regimen. She spent her time, free of charge, to help our sweet girl instead of having us drive to Auburn and spend money for a consult. I really appreciate the effort and concern I feel like they have for our sweet Gracie. They are going above and beyond any other vet we have tried. I give them 5 stars and highly recommended them!

Beth Brown

2 years ago

Absolutely a great experience. Very caring staff. Dr. Clark was very reassuring. Spent time talking with me and answering questions. Staff was very interested in all their animals and their humans. Great place. Easy to find.

Menta Na

2 years ago

Clean, open, friendly staff. Good about letting you know what options you have in the case of harder decisions, like end of life care for your pet.

Adele Allison

2 years ago

Some of the most caring people in the world!


2 years ago

I would never trust anyone with my fur babies but Doctor Daniel's and his wonderful assistant Brandon they are the best.

Lizzy Carstensen

2 years ago

We were very impressed with Nall Daniels and with Dr. Clark in particular. They got us in right away and were very courteous. Our dog had to have a minor procedure done and everyone was great-from the receptionist to the tech to dr. Clark calling us with multiple updates. They were so kind and you can tell they really care! They were also very open about pricing upfront so we knew exactly what to expect.

Ryan Halcomb

3 years ago

My dog was referred here by my primary vet for a laparoscopic liver biopsy. The staff at Nall-Daniels was outstanding. They kept me updated on every step of the process and laid out a clear plan for the next steps. I was nervous at first taking my pet for a surgery at a place I have never been, but as soon as I started talking to the staff I knew my dog was in good hands. I would definitely recommend this place!

Quentin Collins

3 years ago

Always super friendly staff! Prices are comparable. Dr. Clark is awesome! Highly recommended.

Jennifer van Arcken

3 years ago

I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Emily Soto, who we totally credit for saving little Otter's life. After taking Otter to multiple vets when he was ill and not getting better, a friend recommended Nall Daniels. Dr. Soto accomplished emergency surgery on a Saturday that saved his life. She was very concerned not only as a vet but sincere concern for his well being. She provided very clear instructions on how to care for him during the critical days following surgery. She called and checked on him daily. He is doing great now! Thank you!

Erin Laney

3 years ago

Wonderful Dr and staff all the way around!

Douglas Beckham

3 years ago

My wife and I are new to the high powered world of the “working breed” of German Shepherds. We recently purchased one, Ramos, from Germany. After about 6 weeks here, he developed a case of bloat that could have killed him. With bloat, the stomach actually "flips over" and cuts the blood supply off to the stomach, causing a rapid distension, and death if not treated quickly. Fortunately, Ramos' stomach flipped back without emergency surgery. Not wanting to go through this again, we researched bloat and found the best “cure” for it is a laparoscopic assisted gastropexy. In this procedure the dog's stomach is sutured to the abdominal wall. The sutures eventually dissolve but the stomach is held permanently in place by an "adhesion" preventing recurrent "flipping". Many animal hospitals do not have a laparoscope or the skill to accomplish this procedure. Dr. Daniels was able to take care of this surgery and Ramos is 99% normal after five days. He has personally checked on Ramos 4 times on his own time since surgery. Everything about Drs. Daniels and Clark, and their clinic and team was strictly professional, yet courteous and friendly. We can't forget Cassidy, the glue and the center of their clinic. Exceptional personality and warmth! If you are looking for a superior team to take care of your special “family member”, consider Dr. Daniels and Clark at Nall Daniels Animal Hospital in Homewood. Not close enough for you? As Joe Biden would say, "Come on man!!" This is not about closeness!! It’s about quality !!!!!!!!! Douglas Beckham, D.M.D.

Carol Huntington

3 years ago

Absolutely excellent. My dogs agree too!

Della Garner

4 years ago

Amazing staff. Only place I'd go.

Lizzy Dee

4 years ago

They were so attentive and helpful. I got my cat groomed and a collar for her to wear when given medicine and they have kept up with us.

Nicole Harris

4 years ago

The staff was very nice and professional they gladly answered every little question i had

Rocky Redding

4 years ago

They are awesome people! I have been taking my Pookie dog there for about three years.

Jody Poe

5 years ago

Nall Daniels Animal Hospital is great! My little dog "Molly" was so well cared for there right up until the very end. She had to be euthanized on December 22nd, and everyone at Nall Daniels was so sweet through all of this. After Molly died, I got the sweetest cards from Dr. Daniels and Dr. Dunaway as well as from other staff. They even had a beautiful plant delivered to my home in memory of Molly. Molly always got excellent medical care at Nall Daniels, and they will definitely be my vets for my new little rescue dog that I adopted. I highly recommend Nall Daniels Animal Hospital.

April L. Butler

5 years ago

Great service and techs that seem passionate about the animals, our pup seemed happy to go and not anxious when we picked up, as she has at other facilities. Although they are a bit pricier than others, it is worth it for piece of mind.

Corin Thompson

5 years ago

Nall Daniels has always been good to us. I've always been wary of local vets because they all have terrible reviews and it makes a lot of places look sketch. They have been willing and able to give us quotes for treatments so that we can make the best decisions for our cats based on our income. Our cat Bubbles was diagnosed with bone cancer. The vet did everything she could to get the right diagnosis and give us as many options as available. They could not treat her there but she offered info for treatment elsewhere. We really felt that everything had been done that could be done. I definitely recommend this place 100%

Emma Pacey

5 years ago

When I adopted my dog, the one thing the previous owner recommended is for us to take him to this office since he had been bringing him here his whole life and they "knew him really well". The first time I took him for his annual shots and a check up I asked about the small lumps on his body and they said it was nothing. 6 months ago I took him to this office to get a check up because we had some concerns. After paying hundreds of dollars for tests and x-rays, they assured me that there was nothing usual going on with my dog. This week he started getting very sick, and after a trip to a different vet, we found out he had cancer and it was very prolonged and caused other problems like anemia, kidney failure and lesions on his lungs. This kind of progression doesn't happen in 6 months. It happens over years. He had been coming here for years and they never once said anything about the cancer that was all over my dog's body and covering his organs. At this point, he was in too much pain, couldn't eat or drink, and could hardly breathe. The new vet and I decided it was best to put him down so he wouldn't be hurting anymore. After years of coming to the same office they never said anything remotely close to cancer. There is nothing I can do for my dog anymore, but there is still something you can do for your's. DO NOT bring your animals to this office. There is no way a cancer this severe goes unnoticed for so long with an office that provides quality care. Find somewhere to take your pets that won't treat them like they treated my dog. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Jean Lindquist

5 years ago

The service I received at Nall-Daniel Pet Hospital far exceeded my expectations! Nall-Daniel’s provides a variety of veterinary services including well pet check ups, grooming, surgery, and prescriptions. We went there for our yearly check …

Tom Atkins

5 years ago

In the year or so I’ve used Nall-Daniels I found them to be competent veterinarians, but based on exam costs I had begun to wonder if their prices were high. So when it was time to have my pug spayed, I decided to get quotes from two of the highest rated vets in Homewood. The prices I was quoted by them were very close to each other... $250 and $260. I then called Nall-Daniels for a quote. I was very surprised to hear an amazing price of $823. When they heard me gasp over the phone they quickly added that this was a worse case estimate. I quickly thanked them for the estimate and moved my vet account for my 3 dogs to one of the two highly rated vets that gave me more reasonable estimates. I wondered later what was included in a worst case scenario! A Heart transplant?


5 years ago

My little doggie got scratched in her eye by one of our cats. When I got home her eye was puffy and irritated. I immediately too her to Nall Daniels Animal Hospital. There was a major down pour of rain as I pulled in. As I walked in I was …

Susan mcgriff

5 years ago

The girls in front are so sweet.. I use Dr Daniels is a very good person,surgeon..

wendy roberts

6 years ago

I rated this place 5 stars at first. They did surgery on my daughter's dog. He ended up dead. They kept telling her he was OK over the phone. She called THREE times. They had 3 chances to say bring him in.

Robert Levy

6 years ago

Best vets and most caring

Lorraine Donald

6 years ago

The dog referred to by Ms. Phillips was a dog that was given up to Adopt A Golden Birmingham with a sense of urgency. Upon arrival to the clinic the dog had to be carried in and was recumbent the whole time and clearly in medical distress. The blood panel showed that the dog was in end stage renal failure and to complicate matters was Heart Worm positive. The medical team at Nall Daniels immediately relayed to Adopt A Golden Bham their findings and indicated that the dog was indeed suffering. It was their medical opinion that the dog should be euthanized. Neither Adopt A Golden Birmingham nor Nall Daniels Animal Hospital medical team take these decisions lightly. We are in the business of rescuing and saving dogs. Not making this decision and watching the dog suffer was simply not an option, as much as it devastates all of us involved to terminate the life of any of our dogs. We have the utmost respect for Dr. Daniels and his medical team and are proud to be associated with their clinic and the "above the call of duty care" they give to all the rescue dogs that they have treated for us and will continue to treat. We are all saddened by this. Lorraine Donald Founder, Adopt A Golden Birmingham

Kirk Atkinson

6 years ago

I've had four dogs cared for at Nall Daniels - they do an amazing job. Very friendly and knowledgeable techs, the vets keep our dogs in peak health and boarding is very convenient and economical.

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