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Nathaniel StPierre

2 years ago

We have brought 2 Exotic Sugar Gliddes here to be neutered... the doctor was very fast and efficient. Highly recommend this location to anyone who has exotic pets looking for a great vet.

Kristin Bryan

2 years ago

I brought my parrot in today for nail and beak care. Everyone was great and gave gentle and loving care.

J Stone

2 years ago

Great Vets, great staff and fair prices. As someone who's owned at least one dog my entire 59 year life I would say I've never had a better group to take care of them.


2 years ago

Knowledgeable and kind vet. Excellent pet care and honest! Dr. G saved our aging Maltese’s life by removing nearly-exploding tumors.

LollieGiggle (LollieGiggle)

2 years ago

I can't say enough about the vets at Grayson Valley or the staff. You guys are amazing and you treat us ALL like family. I don't trust anyone else with my fur babies. Dr. Grimmett and his staff is perfect.

Jenn LaRue

2 years ago

We've been using them for years. The Veterinarians and staff are always kind and friendly and answers all questions that we have with care and concern. Their prices are reasonable. Good general location. I rate them 5 stars.

Amber LaShea Geislinger

2 years ago

Between spring of 2020 and 2021, this year, Grayson Valley Pet Clinic saw four of our cats. A month ago, we moved from Trussville over an hour away. We safely moved our exclusively indoor cats. However, one of our cats was a feral mother cat a year ago. She’s adjusted well to inside life, but the move caused her autoimmune interstitial cystitis to flare up. We keep her medication on hand. Fortunately, we had just enough left. But my husband, concerned we’d run out, called Grayson Valley Pet Clinic and asked if they would refill her prescription. The woman who answered the phone assured him they would do so. He explained our situation – that we’d recently moved an hour away, and he’d be driving back to Trussville to pick up the prescription. He wanted to make sure they had enough time to refill it on a Saturday before they closed. The woman assured my husband they could and would. This was on an April weekend when north Alabama had tornado warnings in the three counties my husband drove. NOTE: The time frame was less than a year since Grimmett had seen our cat. The receptionist/tech who answered the phone acknowledged that our cat had been seen within a year and assured my husband that the prescription was still active. As my husband was getting off the Trussville interstate exit, the receptionist/tech woman calls me – my phone, not my husband’s with whom she’d previously spoken – to inform me that they won’t refill our cat’s medication because Grimmett changed his mind. Grayson Valley Pet Clinic waited until my husband drove all the way back to Trussville to call. They should have told us they couldn’t refill when my husband asked instead of promising that they would. Grimmett was aware that driving to their clinic would be at least a two hour round trip. The receptionist/tech claimed we’d have to bring our cat in to the clinic – they wanted us to bring our child in pain on a car ride to their clinic, which is an hour away, and the trip back home would’ve been another hour. That would have been over FOUR hours of driving total for my husband because they lied to him about the refill. Again, they tried to manipulate us into traveling with a cat in pain back to their clinic when if they had of been honest with us, we could have found a vet in our area that morning. Why didn’t they initially tell us they wouldn’t refill her prescription? Grayson Valley wasted precious time that we could have spent contacting an animal clinic closer to us. The area we moved doesn’t offer much in the way of weekend hours for animal clinics. We had just that morning. This is why we called Grayson Valley before driving back to Trussville. If they weren’t going to refill a prescription that was well within date of a year, they should have said so when we called. Why wait until my husband had drove to Trussville during tornado weather? I could tell that the woman was amused. She thought this was all quite funny. Grayson Valley Pet Clinic very intentionally did this to my family. What Grimmett and his staff did wasn’t just unprofessional and petty, it was evil. I’m a cat mother; I request x-rays and bloodwork that most people don’t. I have a file folder of my cats’ heath records. It’s obvious we’re better parents to our cats than humans are to their mini humans, which is why Grayson Valley was out to make more money off of us. It seems they did this to try to manipulate us – they wanted to keep our business despite the fact it’s illogical to travel that far to a veterinarian. I have the same condition as my cat. I have autoimmune interstitial cystitis; I have records going back to childhood. I know firsthand how painful I.C. is and how flare-ups crop up at the most inopportune times. This is an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. Interstitial cystitis feels like having a constant strep sore throat in your urethra. Realizing the pain of I.C. and how cruelly dismissive and petty Grayson Valley was with my cat’s pain, as well as my husband’s safety, you need to ask yourself if you want your family to be their next victim.

Junelle Herron

2 years ago

Grayson Valley Pet Clinic is the best.

Alicia Owen

3 years ago

Was not helpful at all was going to let my dog just die they turned him away and he had an emergency they said because they were to busy

Taura Lawson

3 years ago

They understand my puppy was young still learning

Charles Speakman

3 years ago

Great,friendly place they're real nice and they care for your pets


3 years ago

best vet i've ever been to. wonderful treatment, great staff, and not too expensive. helped out our parakeet very well


3 years ago

I can say nothing but great things about this veterinarian clinic! My regular vet was unable to see us and referred us to Grayson Valley. Even though they were completely booked, they worked us in. They went above and beyond to help our precious parakeet. They are an extremely kind and professional team! I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a place to take their fur babies!

Jennifer Jones

3 years ago

I love them for my fur babies. ????

John Phillips

3 years ago

Great place to take your pet for overall health, grooming and boarding.

Joshua Blanchard

3 years ago

Fully honest with transparent pricing. All staff and vets are extremely caring. Fair prices for medications.

Kimily Hall

3 years ago

Best clinic. Had patience with my 15 year old dog that is very scared at vet. He also was groomed there and he looks like a new dog. Prices are very reasonable also.

Melanie Moody

3 years ago

They are great with my animals and always very friendly and know what they are doing. They go out of there way to really help you out.

Micheal Dennison

3 years ago

The doctors here are some of the best I have ever dealt with. Everyone is super friendly and have seen our numerous pets for 10 years now. They have always went above and beyond.

Rene Thompson

3 years ago

Very loving to the animals and very informative to me about what they were doing and why. Very clean.


3 years ago

We adore everyone at Grayson Valley ???? They have been taking great care of our babies (5) for years and even if we move to another area we will come back to see Dr. Grimmett. They are capable of handling large breeds anesthesia btw.

Susan Hill

4 years ago

I can't say enough good about Dr Grimmett, Dr. Robinson and their amazing staff! Each animal (and they also treat exotics) is treated with compassion and patience. They are knowledgeable and thorough, we have had many unique issues with our rescues over the years and the root of the problem has always been discovered and treated. I love their hospitable atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Steve Foster

4 years ago

Continues to go down hill. I don't like my wife to go there alone anymore. Shoplifters don't even try to disguise they are stealing them blind. Need security guard.

Julie Morris

4 years ago

Best place for routine care for sure! I've never had more than a 5 minute wait. Its clean and smells clean. My dog doesnt even notice hes getting shots they do such a good job and give him so many treats! They love on him and he thinks it's the best day. The prices are reasonable too!! So glad to have found this place!! Thank you Dustin!!

Ingrid Parris

4 years ago

I can always get an appointment..the doctors are great...I've had wonderful service...

Danny Kendall

4 years ago

Everyone is so nice. They take good care of your pet.They really care. I'm very pleased.

Christy Foster

4 years ago

Dr. Carl Grimmett is such a kind and professional veterinarian. He calls you personally if there is any issue at all with your pet. My baby, a Yorkie had to be boarded over last weekend. She was not upset or nervous when I picked her up. Mainly because of Dr. Grimmett’s care and most especially his wonderful staff who really do treat your pets as their own. Thank you Grayson Valley Pet Clinic and Dr. Carl Grimmett.


4 years ago

Love taking my cats here very friendly and helpful.

Regina Stephens

5 years ago

Liked the staff and Sassy was not scared of them. I will be back again!


5 years ago

My avian vet retired aways back and I was not comfortable going back to the clinic I always brought my Caique, Canoli to anymore. Heard good things about this place and was happy to know they had an avian vet. Canoli had his beak and claws trimmed there quickly and efficiently. Love the staff and doctor. They were very professional and compassionate....he was the first Caique they ever had there. Lots of questions about him ....great place. I'm going back next month for his wellness check up.

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