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2 years ago

This place is horrible nasty green water for fish it’s stinky they very clearly don’t take care of any of their animals there were so many dead fish and fish missing fins

Ms Axtion

2 years ago

The crew was very nice & welcoming but the store was nasty & stink. Just because animals live here doesn't mean it should be FILTHY & not maintained ..From the outside to every nook CLEAN UP & I MEAN DEEP CLEAN ????. I dont like to give bad reviews when ppl are so nice but it's not the ppl the biz is selling it's the animals & these animals living conditions is a struggle , & the environment not being properly maintained

Bethany Glenn

2 years ago

Wonderful store, kind employees. Best advice on any animal!

Wes Watkins

2 years ago

I've been coming here since I was a kid. This place is a gem. Lot's of character and beautiful animals. The parrots and tortoise have been there for a long time.

Veronica Ochoa

2 years ago

Absolutely love this store, I’ve purchased many pets from them. Blue beard on the other had is a pain in the neck. He is not the owner yet speaks to customers with such attitude. Cage full of feeder rats at the store but wouldn’t sell 1 to me because I didn’t purchase a snake from his personal breeding batch a while back. He said all of the rats were sold to him because his snakes at home have to eat! Anytime I come by he tells me no feeders in stock. Yet when I go and he is not there, I’m always able to purchase. Try to go when he’s not there.


2 years ago

I love this store. Great people and help you in anyway possible

Amber Fielding

2 years ago

Very cluttered, and prices were high, but they had some different things you don't see elsewhere. It was definitely worth stopping to check out on our way through town.

J “Nick” D

2 years ago

Most disgusting pet store I've ever been in EVER! They sell alligators! WHY? The employees all look and act like they're on heavy drugs. Will never return don't recommend it to anyone and wouldn't let my kids visit here..

Sara Raymond

2 years ago

Loved the laid back environment! Had a nice variety of fish and some really interesting animals! Loved the talking birds and the tortoise that roams free, the 130lb snake was a sweetheart too

Rex Hartley

2 years ago

Very nice place for exotic pets, and very friendly owner answers all your questions regarding pets

Pascal Meadors

2 years ago

Been going here for a few years now. From toys to pets they have a unique selection. The service is always friendly and helpful.

Mickie James

2 years ago

People there were nice and attentive, for the most part. This store was filthy, the stench was overbaring. I literally covered my nose the entire time. There were more reptiles not for sale than for. More empty cages than full. This is not a pet store one would think of.


2 years ago

Okay so first things first. SOME of the animals seemed to be healthy here, but a good majority of them were not. The fish had HORRIBLE water, and some were even floating around dead in their tanks. Most of the rats and mice were in GLASS CAGES. If you don't know, glass cages are horrible for rats, because it doesn't allow proper airflow, which makes the animals sick. I should know, I have 5 rats, 2 of them from here. They came home sick, and we are doing everything we can for them. Other rodents only had one or two in their cages, (which were small cages), and were practically CRYING to be let out. I also didn't see many water bottles for them, or anything for them to do in the cage. The birds, oh the poor birds. They looked heartbroken and dirty. Only a few of them were active and talkative, but they sounded more like screams of help than playful chirps. They're reptiles are so crammed into their cages, and look so sick and dirty, I feel so bad for them. Please, get this place shut down NOW! It's not a good place whatsoever. Will never be going back.

danielle beard

2 years ago

I was purchasing a hedgechog they are very informative very kind people .I was a little concerned about how small the building was but other than that amazing?

Billy G

2 years ago

Fish abuse!!! Worst care of animals I've ever seen in a shop.

Cherri Farley

2 years ago

It was the worst pet store I've ever seen in my entire life and it smells awful ???? ???? the animals are screaming for help


2 years ago

Always, I really enjoy visiting Ed's. It's the friendliest pet store I have ever been to and such a nice collection of reptiles, birds, spiders and fish. Always a pleasure!

Paul mcanally

2 years ago

They have some cool pets. Little pricey though.

Toni Powell

2 years ago

Bad deal !! 5 fish all dead ... should have known better took the kiddos to get fishes got them home safe bought all this food. For them to die 24 hrs later if that .... wont be back should have left when the nasty smell hit me at the door. Guess the fish not used to living in a good condition with no dead plants and gunky


2 years ago

The place is dirty and smells bad.dont waste your money on sick pets from them super expensive for fish that did not survive 24hours they take in other people sick pets and sell them too unexpected customers!beware bad business I hate I paid 40 bucks on4fish and there all died

Cayson J

2 years ago

It's amazing I love the place, I got a turtle ????????

Christopher Horton

2 years ago

They have every critter you can think of.

MArk Thompson

2 years ago

This place is not worth the travel to try to get fish nasty store. I would not recommend going here.

Kyle Casterline

2 years ago

I got my pet ball python at Ed’s. I now come in here once a week to get her rats and to look around. Ed’s has extremely nice people working there. Seth and Angie are the best! They fairly price their animals and are always willing to help you out as much as they can. I highly recommend Ed’s Pet world to anyone looking for a great reptile shop or a great pet store.

Audrey Morris

2 years ago

I love Ed's Pet World! The people that work in there are very nice,they don't let you buy what you don't need.Thank You All So Much ????.

Dexter Godbolt Sr.

2 years ago

Great experience for me and my Son❤❤

Annabri Brown

2 years ago

Amazing pet store for all!! Ask for Angie, she is the best. Every animal you can imagine is there with knowledgeable employees/owners that most importantly CARE about the animals! Great prices too! You will not be disappointed ????

Cherokee Copeland

2 years ago

It was horrible the fish tanks were nasty al of them i inquired about a bird they had they could not tell me if it was male or female the name of it if it was vetted only it was expensive. Never will go back

David Fox

2 years ago

A nice well rounded hometown pet store. From snakes to birds to fish, quite the selection.


2 years ago

Seriously horrible. I don’t know how they’re still business. I got an iguana from there a few years ago that was so sick and had mites and gangrene. Despite mine and the vets best effort to keep it alive, it died way before it’s time. I went the other day to see if anything changed considering they have the best selection in the area, and the cages are filthy... You can’t even see what’s in most of the aquatic tanks because they glass is covered in a layer of grime. It’s about 100 degrees in there constantly, and animal cages are basically just piled in there right on top of each other. I can’t believe people are allowed to treat animals like this.

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