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Chris Smith

2 years ago

Good Vet, but the new drive thru only system is unbearable. 30 minute wait minimum. Have hopped out of line numerous times and just gotten my dog’s medicine elsewhere.

anna sims

2 years ago

I have used them for years, and have been very happy. Recently, though they have denied services, stating the Dr. who handled these situations, no longer worked there. I was asked if I would like to speak with another veterinarian, and the employee used his name. It was the same Dr who handled the same incident last time. I thought that veterinarian had left? I was very confused, as I sat in the parking lot already, a 30 minute drive with a bleeding animal, who had been treated there a little over a month before, with no issues. I finally was told, they would just kill her, and that is all they could do. Why were they able to assist before, but now it was not a possibility. I only got the one explanation, which made no sense, since the Dr they spoke of, who handled these situations, was indeed in the office that day, during my attempted visit. Everyone needs to get their ducks, or shall I say chickens, in a row. I have now lost faith in this facility, in their actual compassion for animals, and their goal to have satisfied customers. They will be losing customers if things continue how they have been going lately. I tried to help her at home, but she died. I am so upset with the change I am seeing at this facility, and honestly have been researching new places to take my pets.

Z Batt

2 years ago

The vets are very kind, but the parking lot is chaotic, the wait times are extreme (over 30 minutes for the techs to come pick up my dog), and the fact that I can’t come inside to be with my dog -who gets anxiety during vet visits- only allows me to give this place at a max of 3 stars.

Mark Attaway

2 years ago

We have several dogs and they treat each one as if they are king's

Shirley Hudson

2 years ago

Very professional and very sweet knowledgeable personnel

brenda bailey

2 years ago

Best place to take your pets for health care.

Teresa Harris

2 years ago

Was able to get my sick pet straight in. Dr. Called and spoke to me right away.

Suzanne Jobe

2 years ago

Always great service! Greeted with a smile everytime!

Mick McGrath

2 years ago

Great folks. Just a bit busy.

Joe Cansler

2 years ago

Great vet, they do a great job with our animals while also being fair with their prices.

Dr. W. Stacey Boutwell

2 years ago

They've given great care to our pets for the last ten years! Love the drive-thru dropoff and pickup.

Becky Townsend

2 years ago

We had an amazing experience! Highly recommend Dr. Fuller and his staff!

Annette Meyers- Whitfield

2 years ago

Great place to bring your pup

Allea Grimes

2 years ago

They always take great care of my Kimber

Cadarius Anderson

2 years ago

Went in this morning at 7am for a routine progesterone test and I WAS THE 1ST TO ARRIVE. The vet calls me with the results of the test so the wait time should be minimum. The entire process took 1 hour and 15mins and I had to go inside or I would have sat longer! Once inside they could not find my dogs! I spend a lot of money with these people and they are good but the responsiveness is horrible. I was walking around asking people have they seen my dog. Bottom line they will forget about you if they get busy which is very unprofessional in my opinion!

Laura Watts Durbin

2 years ago

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was our first visit to Hope Animal Clinic for an emergency. We called desperate for a vet to help our 8 year old mixed breed rescue dog who was bleeding. Hope Animal Clinic had several vets and an emergency appointment available. We gratefully drove an hour to Bessemer. Dr. Sam and the staff were fabulous. It turned out our dog, Sally, had an unusual condition related to being spayed years ago. She stayed in the pet hospital 5 days. We got daily updates and were encouraged to call as often as we wanted. When we picked Sally up, we left with all the necessary meds, clear instructions and good discharge/follow up plans. We have 4 dogs and see a local vet for typical care. However, he doesn't do surgery . We will be visiting Dr. Sam and Hope Animal Clinic when the 2 younger Danes are ready for spay and gastroplexy. Thank you Hope Animal Clinic for your kind care and our healthy Sally!

Taylor Montgomery

2 years ago

The wait is always so long. They need to hire more staff. They are nice enough but it takes several hours to do anything at this vet, unacceptable

Annabel Yarber

2 years ago

I brought my puppy in Saturday thinking he had parvo. He did not have parvo but in fact needed emergency surgery to remove part of a squeaky toy he ingested that caused a major blockage in his stomach. I did not have $1k+ to have this done for my dog. I was hysterical and did not know what to do as this could have been fatal if the surgery was not done. The doctor asked what I could put down and is giving me time to pay the remainder. In other words I’m here to say this place was literally life saving. Thanks to the veterinarian(s) and amazing staff. I am pleased to say I will be back for any other needs.

Gregg Danielson

2 years ago

A high level of veterinarian care!

Johnny Slay

2 years ago

Best in our area, extremely professional and kind.

Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson

2 years ago

Great care and convenient for per owners!

Laurie Bowden

2 years ago

Hope Animal Clinic is amazing. After a horrific experience with an emergency vet I brought Toby to his vet when they opened. He has been here for 2 days and my tota bill was 1/3 of the cost they wanted to treat my baby. Dr Beck and Dr Fuller were amazing with Toby and myself. I am so relieved that Toby is coming home to me today.

Melissa Phillips

2 years ago

Love Dr. Fuller and Staff. This clinic is the best and had gone above and beyond for our Fur babies.

Nicholas Childress

2 years ago

My experience with boarding my dog was not good at all. First, and foremost the drop off and pickup is in a drive thru like that took nearly an hour to do. He was left from Wednesday through Monday since the location is closed on Sunday. When I returned to pickup my dog it seemed as though he was neglected. His paws were yellow with urine, and there was feces dried up around his rectum as though it had been there for days. He has never had his paws and rectum area look like that with anyone I have left him with. I called Hope to voice my concern, and was told that they take pets out twice a day and that the manager would be notified. However, I haven’t heard from the manager regarding my concerns. The sad part is now, he feels like it’s okay to potty inside at home. He was fully trained prior to me dropping him off at Hope Animal Clinic. Now, it’s almost as though I have to potty train him all over again. For the cost, ridiculous wait time, and to now potty train again this is unacceptable in my opinion.

Prince Homebuilders inc

2 years ago

Ok place to board just figure 1/2 day for drop off and pickup BUT.... I will say Always get a second opinion before having surgery! My two year old dog had a hurt leg and Dr Fuller examined him and said IT WAS A TORN A.C.L. He said he had to have surgery and that he sees this all the time. They had him down for surgery the following week. I had a nagging feeling about all this and decided to take him to a specialist off Action Rd before the surgery to get a second opinion and the vet found NO TORN A.C.L.!! Just a sore leg to give him a few days and he should be fine. Well that's all it was!!.....his sore leg was fine in a week and has never had any issues since and my baby is now 14 years old! ..........Also at a later time my dog had a tumor that needed removed and surgery was Scheduled. My dog could not eat or drink anything after midnight and was to be there early to have his surgery and that we could pick him up in the afternoon. I dropped him off early and called to check on him around 4 o clock that evening and WAS SHOCKED THAT HE HAD NOT HAD SURGERY YET BECAUSE THEY HAPPENED TO BE BUSY WITH OTHER EMERGENCIES THAT DAY!! THIS WAS A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT And I WAS TOLD HE WOULD STILL HAVE SURGERY BUT IT WAS GOING TO BE LATER THAT EVENING AFTER A VERY BUSY DAY.....I DON'T THINK SO!! NOT TO MENTIONED MY BABY HADN'T ATE OR DRINK SINCE MIDNIGHT AND HAS SIT THERE AT THE VET ALL DAY!! I TOLD THEM FORGET THE SURGERY AND I IMMEDIATELY WENT AND PICKED MY BABY UP!! THEY APOLOGIZED BUT THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR THIS SORRY.....

Tara Webb

2 years ago

Love Dr. Fuller & staff! They take such good care of all my children (pets).

Zac Tidwell

2 years ago

Overcharged me 100 dollars due to excessive greed and add-ons. When questioned on how this total was accelerated they basically said to pay up or they would hold my dog hostage until I could find the money. This same surgery was quoted for 220 at 2 other vet offices. These people are pure garbage and should be avoided at all costs if you value morality and honesty. Thanks for ruining my month after already being stressed over cancer.

David B Ellard

2 years ago

Very quick response. This is the best place to take your pet. Always have room and time to check out you pet.

Robert Rose

2 years ago

This is a great place to take your pet they do a great job and very professional

Jerry Agricola

2 years ago

It's excellent place to bring your pets. Staff was friendly

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