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April Thornton

2 years ago

Had no idea where to take a bearded dragon, found them in an online search. Making an appointment was quick, hardly any wait time, and was in and out before we knew it. Had our girl on the road to recovery in jo time.

The Monday Channel

2 years ago

Great vet, willing to see my African Serval

Crystal Queen

2 years ago

If I could leave a zero I would! I was a first time client with my 2.5 yo old guinea pig that was having dental issues, he had quit eating on his own and I was feeding him. I took him in and was told he had overgrown teeth and needed them trimmed. I set it up at a cost of almost $500 and when I picked him up I asked if he was eating on his own and the vet tech said, "I think so." He was not eating on his own and would not, I called them at least 2-3 times a week asking about a follow up or if I could just run him by and let her take a 2 minute look into his mouth. I was told there were no issues and I would need to set up another appt and pay for it. I could not afford to pay for another visit after the teeth trim and he never eat again. He died today skin and bones three weeks after his procedure and I feel like they did not do their job. I am heartbroken and would never recommend them to anyone.

Tayla Taft

2 years ago

The treated my leopard gecko with great care and seemed genuinely concerned about his well-being.

Taylor Eyler

2 years ago

The Veterinarian and Vet Assistant here are so kind. They are one of the only places in the surrounding area who care for reptiles and I will be bringing my snake here from now on!!

Skye Love

2 years ago

Ive really enjoyed going to see West over the years she is an amazing vet and seems to really care about all her animals and patients, however over the last couple years pricing has gone up in certain areas double or even triple. I called today about bringing my lizards in for a fecal check and the check used to cost 15$ today i was told it would be 60$ for each lizard. Assuming they do need deworming it now costs me 365$ for my 2 lizards to be dewormed. That's 2 weeks of my income and sadly I just cant afford

Tamara Hecker

2 years ago

Took my sugar gliders here and they were very good to them. Were treated nicely, they answered all our questions, and we were happy with the treatment plan they gave.


2 years ago

Everyone there was really nice and they have great prices.

Gina Danca

2 years ago

Do NOT bring your pet here. I recently boarded my bird here for 5 days after reading about how this clinic boasts being an “ALL ANIMALS” clinic particularly regarding exotic animals, however there is a blatant lack of knowledge regarding exotics. I am APPALLED at what I found when I picked up my baby. Birds need regular fresh chop (chopped up vegetables basically) to maintain a healthy diet and promote good health. This is something I prepared for my bird the same day I dropped her off. I have been making her this chop since I got her two years ago and have never had any problems. Now with common sense and realistically any knowledge of proper handling of food you know that fresh vegetables will spoil after being cut up and left out for a few hours. When I dropped off my bird I told the clinic my instructions on how to care for her and provided all materials needed. I explicitly said her food and water needed to be changed daily including her pellets and chop. I even included extra bowls for the chop and measured our the chop into daily baggies to make it easier. When I picked up my girl I immediately noticed a putrid smell coming from her cage and noticed her chop looked absolutely disgusting. Upon getting home I investigated further and was HORRIFIED with my discovery. There were worms and larva INSIDE my girls chop bowl meaning her chop had not been changed for I don’t know how long. She was returned to my care with more fresh chop food than she should have had left indicating she was not given fresh chop daily per my instructions. I have left chop in her bowl for several hours before with no problems, no smell and DEFINITELY no bugs. I immediately called the clinic where the vet tech admitted the food had been sitting the past weekend as my bird “wasn’t eating well. “ Now the vet tech was apologetic and referred me to speak with Dr. West. This is where my true problem lies. Dr. West did not ONCE apologize for the lack of care my baby received or the condition of her cage upon pick up. She blamed me for not being clear about the need to change her fresh food daily when I dropped her off which could not be more untrue. She indicated my girl’s cage was near her office and she “didn’t notice” any problems with her and this is clear because of the state of her cage my girl went unnoticed in the office. Dr. West made it clear she did not care about this problem and went so far as to blame it on the food I brought in. Which I mentioned I prepared the same day I dropped her off at the clinic in the same manner I have been for the past two years. DO NOT bring your pet here especially for boarding. They will not be cared for the way you hope and may even be neglected as my girl was these past few days.


2 years ago

Took my dog Luna there to get her shots and get spayed. They were very informative on the procedure and very reassuring that Luna would be taken care of over night. Would recommend this place to everyone with a pet that needs taking care of and needing any treatment.

Ashley Partin

2 years ago

Helped me with my pythons that gotten internal worms from their food. Very sweet and knowledgeable. However one of the tech did drop the hatchling.......

Anna Arrington

2 years ago

Highly recommend this vet to anyone in the area! Started coming to them with my kitten in January and would not change a thing. They are very transparent with cost verifying with me the price before they move forward with any decision or procedure. My cat has intense & confusing (to everyone) allergies but the entire staff has offered loving advice every step of the way.

Jacquwon Bellamy

2 years ago

They are Great with My ESP Snake Ghost and I'm gonna tell you if u need any vet care help this is the place to go

Courtney Culbertson

2 years ago

They saved my chickens life!

Autumn Garrett

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable! Really helps me out with my ferrets XD

Stephanie Ramos

3 years ago

Dr Kim is great with all animals. I know my rabbit is in good hands when he's in her care.

Gerri McDaniel

3 years ago

Very knowledgeable. Took a baby chameleon in but it was too late. She didn't make it. Was new for a chameleon and didn't realize I needed to take it to get for worming.

Kirah Watson

3 years ago

The only vet that takes care of my ferrets. It's worth the 1hr drive

Jada Nix

3 years ago

None of the employees or the vet were wearing masks.

Blue Butterfly

3 years ago

Dr. West was very knowledgeable and friendly. I brought in 2 birds it was our first time there we'll definitely be back.

kelvin ligon

3 years ago

It's very quick don't take long.

TheDog. Coach

3 years ago

Dr. West does very nice work.

Kaseama Ashbourne

3 years ago

I typically am not the customer or client to leave a review and but this has been the rudest, unprofessional animal clinic I have ever encountered. My first visit and LAST was on 2/28/20 for annual visit for my dog. The doctor walked in the room didn’t introduce herself the first thing she says is I heard your dog has been itching (because that is what I told the technician initially) she then proceed to hold his arm to get blood for his heart worm test. Initially thought that maybe she was in a rush and that I what was the cause of the rude bedside manner but I see now it wasn’t. Towards the end of the appointment I asked to get a prescription filled for Trazadone ( medication for my dogs anxiety) and she began to tell me how she couldn’t prescribe the medication and I asked her why not since he has gotten it from another animal clinic for several months. She then had to call my previous clinic to make sure they prescribed the medication like I was lying about it. I told myself that it was the worse visit and she would never get my business again . Fast forward to today. I placed a order on 1800 pet meds for flea, tick and heartworm medication last week and hadn’t got a confirmation email. So I called 1800 Per meds and they said the medication was declined by the Vet clinic. I then called All creatures and asked them why flea and tick medication was decline and the rude reciptionist proceeded to tell me that they don’t fill mediations through online pharmacies. But yet didn’t have the courtesy to call and tell me that they wouldn’t fill the medication I had to find out on the back end after placing the order and it being decline. This establishment has been the most unprofessional animal hospital I have ever encountered. I shared my story to help someone in the future.DO NOT USE All creatures animal clinic.

Jessica Webb

3 years ago

They staff and Doctor was very nice and helpful. They took good care of my Bunny

Holly Morris

3 years ago

The receptionist and vet both make you feel really welcomed and treat your fur babies with tenderness and love. My little buddy is running around happy and healthy again.

Elizabeth Emery

3 years ago

So willing to fit me in. Treated my dog with understanding and only changed me for what I needed.

Brady Keesee

3 years ago

Dr. West and her team are what a vet should be - genuine, professional, and caring. Out of the several vets in the area I have seen All Creatures was a step above the rest with incomparable service.

Aaron Stephens

3 years ago

They got us in on a Saturday and really helpful, thanks!

Benjamin Johns

3 years ago

Best vet out there. Dr. West is fantastic

Dillon Bush (EPICGEARS91)

3 years ago

I have a little mini pig and these people saved his life! He wasn't eating, sleeping all day, and come to find out he had worms and they found something else which was causing him to be sick. My visit took a matter of 30 minutes! The pricing is amazing and within a day Waddles was eating and being super active! I am so grateful for you guys!

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